PSO2 Live Broadcast 2 And 1 Million Arks Campaign


This morning on PSO2 Station; Sakai, Ichitaro Ai, Atsuko Enomoto, and Haruko Momoi played through the Ruins area which will be arriving later this year.

This area features some new darkers, like Cyclonehda サイクロネーダ who wields a morning star and its counterpart, Cuclonahda キュクロナーダ who wields a club. At the end of the quest, they fought against the boss Zeshreida.



Zeshreida could be described as a Gamera, resembling an alligator/turtle with a star on its back. One of its common attacks is to stomp the player stunning them. It will even fall on top of the player and shoot red darker energy balls from holes in its back.

During the special attack (where even the music changes) it spins around on its belly hurling energy balls everywhere while jetting across the screen. This boss is weak to lightning and light and Dagacha (Fish Darkers) spawn around it.

Other tidbits from this show include:

  • Subclass (CO) unlocks from level 20.
  • The update is around 250Mbs.
  • PSVita Ver. is free to download too.
  • To clear Mr. Umblla's trial, he must hit someone.
  • Zeshreida's boss music can be heard in the Call of Mortality trailer.
  • Offline PSO2 Event: Arks Party (10/20/2012)

This event features teams of 4 who compete in the ruins area against the boss Zeshreida. There will be 32 players and 100 spectators. It will be held at Space Create Takadanobaba BIG BOX in Tokyo.

Don't forget, tonight's maintenance adds the subclass update!


1 Million Arks: Thanks!

On October 1st, the 1 millionth account was created. To thank everyone who supported the game, Sega is holding several campaigns where you can win prizes and items.

1 Million Arks Campaign

  • Luxury Prizes with 100 Winners
  • In-game Presents
  • Screenshot Contest
  • And other various campaigns

The campaign runs from 10/17/ ~ 11/7/2012.

Luxurious Prizes

100 people will be randomly chosen to receive prizes if they login during the campaign period.

  • ALIENWARE M14x laptop (2 Winners)
  • Phantasy Star Series 25th Anniversary Sympathy: Concert Tickets (10 Winners)
  • "1 million IDs" Original T Shirt (30 Winners)
  • Poster signed by the Development Team (20 Winners)
  • Phantasy Star Series 25th Anniversary Sound Collection (38 Winners)


In-Game Presents

Those who login to PSO2 during the Campaign Period will receive these prizes:

  • FUN Login Bonus (Free: Daily +100 FUN) (Premium: Daily +200 FUN)
  • 3 Boost Items: EXP + 50% / Rare Drop Boost + 50% / Meseta + 50%

This campaign in particular starts 10/24 ~ 11/7/2012. The details about this campaign will be posted in the future.


Screenshot Contest

A contest titled, "Arks Museum [Attack]" has players submitting screenshots of photon arts, technics, or normal attacks, etc. The details will be provided at a special site later on. The winners will receive the room item 感謝のメダル (Gold) Medal of Gratitude!


Various other campaigns

During October 17th, through November 7th, there will be a special campaign site detailing the various campaigns players can participate in. The details about these campaigns will be posted on October 17th, 2012.


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