PSO2JP: Subclasses Arrive October 10th, 2012

The Call of Mortality Update

The Subclass System plans to arrive on October 10th, 2012! You can choose a subclass when you clear a specific client order. Once attached, your subclass' technics, skills, and photon arts are available for use. Let's check out a sample of the different combinations you can try.


Hunter + Techer

With this combination, you can use technics. You can assist yourself in battle by casting shifta and deband.


Force + Hunter

With this combination, you can roundup enemies.  Use "Warcry" to attract enemies towards you while casting AoE Technics.


Fighter + Gunner

With this combination, you can chain with striking weapons. You can take advantage of the chain system by utilizing the Double Saber's gear.


Gunner + Ranger

With this combination, use Weak Bullet and Chain Trigger together and aim for maximum damage!


All Class Weapons?

If you use Hunter + Ranger, you can use an all-class enabled assault rifle (bouquet rifle) to apply weak bullet to your target. You can then switch to a striking weapon and attack its weak point directly.


Level 50 and Very Hard Mode

So far the the cap has been at level 40, but with this update, by completing a specific client order, you can now reach to level 50. Very Hard difficulty quests will be added. As the name implies, you'll have fight against formidable opponents.


Within this difficulty you'll also see different colored "rare bosses." These are much stronger than normal bosses. You can even acquire items that drop exclusively from them.


Mr. Umblla

A new interrupt event will be added to the game, but this one is kind of different. What on earth is this strange mysterious creature known as Mr. Umblla? If he's satisfied, a special reward is in store, but if you make him angry…




New Weapons, PAs, Technics

With this update, new and popular weapons from the Phantasy Star series will be added to the game. Ten star rare weapons will finally make their grand debut. We can also enjoy the various combinations the subclass system provides for us with brand new all-class weapons. New PAs and New Technics are coming too!


ベルクヴェルガー Berkverger (Wired Lance)


ディッグピラー Digg Pillar (Partisan)


マジカルウォンド Magical Wand


マダムノアマガサ Madame Umbrella (Sword)


ヴァーダービット Vardha Beat (Talis)


State of the Arks Address

The update on October 10th, 2012 will add several tweaks to the way the game's economy runs. These are outlined below.

Problem 1: Party Rooms that stay up for an extremely long time:

Some players discover random maps where the layout is efficient in such a way where they continue to play it for long periods of time (even in the case of several days). Doing so hinders the "charm" of random maps, and falls into the trap of monotonous gameplay. You lose the opportunity for a once in a lifetime chance in meeting other players. It creates a problem by widening the differences between long time players and newcomers.

Proposed Solution:

  • After the room is created and four hours have passed, enemies and interrupt events will no longer respawn. 
  • This applies to Multiparty areas, and some single party areas.
  • New parties will be blocked from joining a particular room mid-way if 3 hours and 30 minutes have passed.

Problem #2: Getting Rare Items in Player Shops:

Players feel the enjoyment and accomplishment of finding rare items is lost since currently, rare items do not have any restrictions (aside from being bound to owner).  Players focus on buying expensive rare weapons in player shops rather than finding one in the field. It becomes a high priority to quickly gain lots of meseta by going around and around in a specific field and selling those drops to an NPC. They buy the rare item, the price rises, and inflation occurs.

Proposed Solution:

  • Lower the amount of meseta you would earn from selling items to NPCs.

Again, the selling price for weapons and units to NPCs will decrease. To compensate for that, you can sell 1 star weapons at a higher price so that new players won't feel too hurt by this system.

  • Weapon drops 7 star (or higher)  will have 25% ~ 45% elemental attribute attached.
  • Special weapons when decided by the Tekker will have 25% to 50%. elemental attribute attached. 
  • The meseta value rare enemies and boss enemies drop will increase.

In the future (or in some other update), the amount of meseta needed to grind weapons will decrease.

Problem #3: The Game's Economy:

Since the selling price is currently too high when selling to NPCs, it tends to create inflation. If it continues to stay in its current form, there's concern that the average price for items in Player Shops will steadily rise. The economy would become harsh for new and returning players. Meseta's value will decrease and the joys of acquiring it is lost.

Proposed Solution:

  • 10 star or higher weapons/units and Lv. 11 or higher disks will not be tradeable, 
  • You can not trade nor sell these items in your player shop either.
  • This applies only to the items that are introduced on or after the 10.10.2012 update, and will not affect the items that were released before then.
  • This will not affect any future weapons 9 star and below, or disks level 10 or below.

Regarding Exploits on the Field

They have confirmed cases of exploits where players would move at an abnormal speed and defeat a wide range of enemies all at once. They have taken steps to ban the accounts but ask you use the wicked user form to report them. They ask you do not contact nor cooperate with them. They are building a detection system, and based on the results of that and your reports, they can ban the accounts.


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