PSO2 Live Broadcast #32 Recap

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Post Livestream Updates

  • Added more videos.
  • Added examples of PA Customizations.
  • Added PSO costumes.
  • Added PSO2es Update.
  • Added PSO2 ARKS Café (Read PSO Anniv. Project 5 and 6)
  • Added Arks Festival 2015.
  • Added Blazblue character.
  • Cleaned up more text.
  • Adding more slides as we speak.


Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

Say こめたろう in chat sometime between now through June 24th's Maintenance to receive these wonderful items:

  • Nyau Mask
  • Tanaba Tatree

 These items will be distributed at a later date.



EQ Poll June 14

Broadcast Emergency Quest Boost

  • A Boisterous White Day 3 (6/14 22:00 JST)
  • Annihilator's Apparition (6/14 23:00 JST)



Arks Soccer Lobby

Early July Update

  • Introducing the Arks Ball.
  • Not a soccer lobby… but soccer IN the lobby.
  • The score resets after 10 points are earned.


Dark Falz Elder Loser

Early July Update

  • Face Dark Falz Elder and Loser in consecutive battles.
  • Acquire new ★13 weapons.



Early July Update

  • Suzuhito Yasudo designed NPCs will appear in the game.
    • Edomachi Kurara
    • Kizika
    • Nix
  • Get their Weapon Camos from the AC Scratch.
  • You can obtain their partner cards as well.


Virtual On Lobby

July Update

  • Virtual ON Collaboration
  • Brand new statues will appear in the lobby.
  • 1P ~ 4P Color Variations
  • New Head Parts
  • Weapon Camos too
  • Evo Device / Temjin


Eccentric Party pic

July Update

  • Eccentric Party AC Scratch
    • Featuring Suzuhito Yasuda designed costumes and weapon camos.
    • GH430, Myzr Delta, and Angelan costumes.


PSO1 Team Room

July Update

  • Pioneer 2 Team room


3rd Anniv Quest 2

July Update

  • An all star quest on Corrupted Naberius.
  • Fight ultimate enemies even on normal difficulty.
  • Get camos of popular weapons in different color variations with WEAPONS badges.


Gal Gryphon Battle

July Update

  • Gal Gryphon, a popular boss from PSOep2, is even more violent in PSO2!


July Update

  • ★12 weapons and ★11 units can be sold in My Shop
  • You can obtain [★12 weapon passes] and [★11 unit passes] from the Recycle Shop.
  • Purchasing ★12 weapons makes them bind to owner.
  • You can obtain a maximum of three ★12 Weapon passes through Title Rewards.





Summer Lobby Update

Late July Update

  • Summer Lobby with a water slide.
  • Summer Nyau, Summer 2015 Xie, and Summer Bingo.


Interface Improvements July

Late July Update (Interface Improvements)

  • Easy to follow instructions for PSO2es linking.
  • Setup friends list comments.
  • See which quests your friends are playing, and how many party members they have.
  • PC and Vita will now have separate TA Rankings.
  • Remove owner bindings on Weapons and Units. (★12 do not qualify.)


Game Play Improv July

Late July Update

  • More Jump Pads in the Shopping Lobby.
  • Added Harkotan's rare boss in the Parallel Area.
  • Changed the location you teleport to in the Shopping Lobby. (When teleporting from My Room, Team Room, etc.)
  • Save backup data drives for Timed Abilities.



SP Auto Action

Late July Update

  • Mag Level: 200
  • Four new kinds of special Auto Actions added.


Mikagura School Suite Scratch

 Late July Update

  • Mikagura School Suite AC Scratch
  • New Swimsuits and Dance Festival outfits.


PA Customizations June Update

New Crafting Update

  • PA Customization
    • Charge up Kazan Nadeshiko for more power
    • Charge up Slide Upper for more hits.
    • Spin longer while moving around with Twister Fall
    • Blast enemies at a wider range with Divine Launcher
    • Attack with faster speed with Cerberus Dance


Beach Wars 3

Late July Update

  • Beach Wars 3
  • Gain a bonus effect when playing in a swimsuit.
  • Huey and Katori appear with new weapons.
  • Even the Gal Gryphon can appear!


 EP3 Climax July

Late July Update

  • Ep 3 Chapter 5 and 6!
  • Head towards Kuronia



Late July Update

  • ARKS Dance Festival
  • We're Arks + (Live Broadcast's Original Song) Rare Drop KOI Koi
  • Pose and Dance by matching the rhythm.



PSO2 Arks Cafe

PSO2 Arks Café

  • PSO 15th Anniversary Project (Part 6)
  • PSO2 and Sweets Paradise collaboration.
  • The ARKS Café will launch July 17th ~ September 30th.


Sweets Paradise Collab

PSO2 Arks Café

  • Order from the Collaboration Menu to receive a random present!
    • Arkumami Suit
    • Cook Turner (Dbl Saber Camo)
    • Illustrative Mat and Poster
    • SPF Pastry Apron for boys and girls.



Blazblue and Guilty Gear Xrd

August Collaborations

  • Blazblue Costumes, Hairstyles, Weapon Camos, Voice Tickets, and Stage BGM!!
    • Ragna
    • Jin
    • Noel
    • Mu
    • Izayoi
    • Arriving Early August
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Costumes, Hairstyles, Weapon Camos, Voice Tickets, and Stage BGM!!
    • Sol
    • Ky
    • May
    • Millia
    • Elphelt
    • Arriving Late August


Arks Festival 2015

ARKS Festival 2015! (August 16th)

  • Those who attend the ARKS Festival will receive PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirts (M/F) and an Evo. Device / Dreamcast.



 PSO2 Character Song CD 2

August Merchandise

  • PSO2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~ II
  • Songs from Afin, Matoi, Huey+Klariskrays, and more!
  • On Sale: August 26th. (Pre-Sales: 8/16 at the Arks Festival)
  • Bonuses include a lobby action, a mat, and voice tickets for Matoi, Klariskrays, and more!


PSO2es June Update

PSO2es June Update

  • June 10th's Update allowed Non-Premium users to purchase items from Player Shops. All that is required are [Rappy Medals] or [PSO2es My Shop Passes].
  • The results of the Chip General Elections will be posted on the 17th. The top 10 and secret chip divisions will be featured in a Scratch in July!


Yasuda Suzuhito chips

PSO2es Future Updates

  • Shining Resonance chips.
  • Suzuhito Yasuda chips.
  • New PA/Tech Booster chips.



Road Map 2015

Episode 3 Roadmap

  • Summer
    • New Live System update
    • New Field
    • Fighting Game Collaboration Scratch
    • Story Quest 5 and 6
    • Mag Level 200
    • PA Customizations
  •  Summer ~  Autumn
    • New Challenge Quest
    • Seasonal Nyau
    • Seasonal EQ
    • Fighting Game Collab Scratch
    • RPG Collab Scratch
  • Autumn ~
    • New Story Qu…
    • New Dark Fa…
    • New 12 Player…
    • New Collab Scra…
    • Emergency Q…


PSO1 Outfits

PSO 15th Anniversary Project (Part 5)

  • Trade in [Ragol Memories] to receive PSO related items. 
    • Item Exchanges among players are forbidden.
  • The first costumes to be released are the "Humar Repca" and "Hunewearl Repca."
  • Section ID stickers and Mags will also be available too.
  • Ragol Memories can be obtained as promotional items from paid events or AC campaigns, etc.
    • (For example, the PSO2 Arks Cafe)



~ Early August ~

~ New Bosses ~
Guar Zigmorde & Codotta Edetta 


40 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #32 Recap”

  1. New Story Quna
    New Dark Fantasy
    New 12 player lobby event
    New collab Scrabble myroom game
    Emergency quiz

    1. chances are that is not dark fantasy but a new dark falz but I could be wrong.

    1. I won't stop spending AC until I get the Noel Costume in either blue or red!!

      Aaaand I think I need to buy a 32 GB memcard for PSO2 Vita…

  2. GUILTY GEAR XRD??? Take my AC money Sega just take my money. My cast ranger is currently modeled after GG's husbando crazed Robot Ranger Elphelt 😀

  3. So, am I reading this right and there's no mention of the PSO1 outfits still? Or is how late I've stayed up making me miss it like the fool I clearly am?

    1. They showed them off along with Pioneer II, but I don't think they made any specific mention of them (it was during a video, though, not a panel)

    2. I have good news friend, all the costumes are getting added, there's a video where you can see that they show a teaser for all the other costumes, rejoice!!!!! the first costume to be added will be humar, next up will be ramar and ramarl and i'm willing to bet my ass on that

  4. *get to unbind items that became bound
    *but not 12*s
    *and 12*s will bind on purchase

    sega is a pro at screwing things up one way or another, I swear. then again…
    *12star recolors
    *but they're just camos
    and too bad they'll probably never make camos out of lower rarity items. talnarda plz. at any rate, they succeeded in robbing me of motivation to play that quest. the underleveled UQ mobs certainly won't drop anything you'd actually hunt them for, and I am not nostalgiagoggled about pso1 so galgryphon is of zero concern. especially since it'll be cropping up in beachwars mk3 anyway.
    likewise, zero love for the revival of pso1's ugly as sin outfits. somewhat worse than the quest since I'll actually have to see people wearing them.

    when are they going to remember that there are lots of fans of the classic PS games and try catering to their nostalgia? the legacy of {phantasy star} didn't begin with pso1, sakai.

    saving me a lot of money on scratch stuff, tho. the only new scratch stuff they showed that particularly interested me were the big sword camo and the rod camo with the new batch of v-on stuff; because zomg :sword:, and finally a decently tech-y rod camo instead of a joke weapon, flower, or art deco. I can redirect the money towards other things.

    those tumblrinas who were crying for male costumes should be pleased with getting ragna/jin/ky/sol's stuff, tho.
    on the other hand, I'm somewhat taken aback that those sample designs were actually the finalized stuff for the creator collabo. they're so very bad… and not even in the "so bad it's great" way. n' I say it again: are people absolutely certain that's the devil survivor guy? those girls' chests aren't anti-gravity enough to convince me it's the same designer.

    PA customize looks like there'll be some interesting changes coming. hopefully it'll shake up the meta a bit and annoy the theorycrafters. /gg

    katori's new weapon looks dumb. for a stupid/lazy desu wa monster like her I guess that's fitting. I think that's… huey's genesis weapon there? good to see him put the blasted thing to use again. plot says it's not all that great anymore anyway.

    hope those level200 mag actions aren't hard-linked to the mag type you have; it'd be annoying to be stuck with the wrong one on my main thanks to having had the type shift incorrectly at 95.

    new area, plot progression… GIMME. *grabbyhands*

    1. Were they saying that all currently bound 12* weapons will continue to be bound when the update hits and that the only sellable 12*s will be those that have never been used or upgraded?

    2. Nobody cares about your opinion.

      What you think does not matter.

      Keep thinking you're special.

    3. Well, a part of PSO2's existence is to appeal to fans of the original PSO. There are a lot of shout outs to the original tetraology, but the original Phantasy Star Online was an extremely popular and influential game for its time. Being the codifier for the "console MMO" has something to do with that.

      I do agree that the PSO outfits really clash, though. I never grew up with them, but they look really off juxtaposed with the whole "modern anime" style PSO2 is going for.

    4. I was thinking about that "everything should be a camo" mentality for a while and came to a conclusion that the ideal solution would be having one default weapon attached to the player forever. Absolutely every other weapon model in the game would be a just a skin you put on The Weapon. There is no inherent connection of weapon properties to its outlook, so there is benefit in any weapon having its own look at this rate. We're ultimately going to this conclusion through the series, one of the following games in the series will end up being like that, alongside with an ability able to adjust the color, size and position of the model.

    5. Well sorry buddy but I cant wait to try on that ramar costume I always loved, you can go ahead and put on your ridiculous school uniforms for all I care

    6. if you just want to wear a urinal, there's one available at character creation. but if you want to pay extra for a second one I guess that's your perogative; far be it from me to tell people how to spend their money in meatspace.
      also, I'm not sakai, I have no desire for the dozens of shitty school uniforms he keeps pushing into the game. the designers have come up with some pretty stylish scifi-flavored outfits in the past, nothing to say they can't keep doing so… aside from things like sakai's forcing his fetish on the game.

      I dunno 'bout "everything should be a camo", but there's certainly some stuff that's worth continuing to see, but you never do because the closest to relevant it can be is through crafting and that's intentionally kept inferior anyway. though I suppose from the tone of your post you're being butthurt that PSO2 isn't PSO1 with shinier paint. the PSO1 model where non-basic attacks were restricted to a handfull of specific weapons was not a good one, though. it's one thing to do stuff like building techs into non-tech using weapons, but that method back in the day was horribly clunky and dull.

      I don't see many big "shoutouts" to the old games, honestly. some term reuse, the existance of rappies, an annoying enemy who's a parody of a party member from the first game, and a weapon from pso1 that's patterned on PSIV's questionable boxart. how about some costumes, some camos, or even -gasp- some music reused either directly or remixed into new tunes.
      hell, even "TrickTrack" would be a step in the right direction, since it's a mishmash of music from the classic series. contrast the various LOOK THIS WAS IN PSO1 stuff all over, and the latter part of this update bloc which seems to be 80% or so crafted to play on PSO1 players' nostalgia.

    7. Hahahaha listen dude, the main reason this game had so many people playing it was because if PSO1, no. not because of the anime collabs, and no, not because of the hot girls with short skirts. "combat system was dull and clunky", it was but only because it was fitting to the game and added a challenge to dodging enemy hordes, something you dont see very much in PSO2, where you just destroy everything with one attack. all of the costumes atm in pso2 suck besides the basic ones you start with.

      just let it go though if you dont like the pso1 costumes dont buy them, I dont like anything people wear in the game and you dont see me getting angry about it. It was about time for us guys to get some good sci fi costumes.

    8. "I dont like anything people wear in the game"

      butbutbut… muh rappy fursuit ;_;

  5. I'll be honest here and say that lately these updates have been really lacking in quality. The only thing that actually caught my attention was the Arc System Works collab, but even that is only something minor.

  6. The "★12 weapons and ★11 units can be sold in My Shop" and "You can obtain [★12 weapon passes] and [★11 unit passes] from the Recycle Shop." stuff will be premium features or freemiums can do it aswell?

  7. I completely forgot about the live broadcast. I also forgot to Timeshift on Nico. Anyone know if there's anywhere else I can watch the full broadcast?

  8. I wonder, if that 6 GB patch we downloaded this month has some of the things mentioned here already included.

    I'll skip the concert event, cause it's just a cheap "Project Diva" thing.
    I look forward to the Cake Festival and the BlazBlue Collab.
    I love cake – until it's a lie. I am not even angry.

    1. dwah..? what does project diva have to do with anything here? that's derpy stuff from the livestream people, not a use of the miku license.

    2. SEGA also develops and publishes Project DIVA. I think it has something to do with the little icon resembling the life gauge from F and F 2nd.

    3. I also realize I may have completely missed the point of your statement and I apologize in advance.

  9. …by the by.
    first the article said "cook kuna". now it match's sega's xtreem kool letterz.

    but the camo's name would be "cook turner", because that's a タ(ta), not a third ク(ku). whoopsies!

  10. Yukianesa for everyone! New minigames are appreciated of course. I like the touch with the mini-rhythm game.

  11. Also, does anyone have a translation on the non-katakana part of Huey and Claris Claes's duet song name? The kanji is way too tiny to make out.

  12. super early maint, eh? i hope they address the nasty lag issue we've been having lately. it caused some (admittedly hilarious) problems on my 1st phase magatsu and doomed my 2nd phase magatsu fight– people were probably scared off from the several-seconds-long lag spikes.

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