PSO2 Live Broadcast #32 Recap

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Post Livestream Updates

  • Added more videos.
  • Added examples of PA Customizations.
  • Added PSO costumes.
  • Added PSO2es Update.
  • Added PSO2 ARKS Café (Read PSO Anniv. Project 5 and 6)
  • Added Arks Festival 2015.
  • Added Blazblue character.
  • Cleaned up more text.
  • Adding more slides as we speak.


Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

Say こめたろう in chat sometime between now through June 24th's Maintenance to receive these wonderful items:

  • Nyau Mask
  • Tanaba Tatree

 These items will be distributed at a later date.



EQ Poll June 14

Broadcast Emergency Quest Boost

  • A Boisterous White Day 3 (6/14 22:00 JST)
  • Annihilator's Apparition (6/14 23:00 JST)



Arks Soccer Lobby

Early July Update

  • Introducing the Arks Ball.
  • Not a soccer lobby… but soccer IN the lobby.
  • The score resets after 10 points are earned.


Dark Falz Elder Loser

Early July Update

  • Face Dark Falz Elder and Loser in consecutive battles.
  • Acquire new ★13 weapons.



Early July Update

  • Suzuhito Yasudo designed NPCs will appear in the game.
    • Edomachi Kurara
    • Kizika
    • Nix
  • Get their Weapon Camos from the AC Scratch.
  • You can obtain their partner cards as well.


Virtual On Lobby

July Update

  • Virtual ON Collaboration
  • Brand new statues will appear in the lobby.
  • 1P ~ 4P Color Variations
  • New Head Parts
  • Weapon Camos too
  • Evo Device / Temjin


Eccentric Party pic

July Update

  • Eccentric Party AC Scratch
    • Featuring Suzuhito Yasuda designed costumes and weapon camos.
    • GH430, Myzr Delta, and Angelan costumes.


PSO1 Team Room

July Update

  • Pioneer 2 Team room


3rd Anniv Quest 2

July Update

  • An all star quest on Corrupted Naberius.
  • Fight ultimate enemies even on normal difficulty.
  • Get camos of popular weapons in different color variations with WEAPONS badges.


Gal Gryphon Battle

July Update

  • Gal Gryphon, a popular boss from PSOep2, is even more violent in PSO2!


July Update

  • ★12 weapons and ★11 units can be sold in My Shop
  • You can obtain [★12 weapon passes] and [★11 unit passes] from the Recycle Shop.
  • Purchasing ★12 weapons makes them bind to owner.
  • You can obtain a maximum of three ★12 Weapon passes through Title Rewards.





Summer Lobby Update

Late July Update

  • Summer Lobby with a water slide.
  • Summer Nyau, Summer 2015 Xie, and Summer Bingo.


Interface Improvements July

Late July Update (Interface Improvements)

  • Easy to follow instructions for PSO2es linking.
  • Setup friends list comments.
  • See which quests your friends are playing, and how many party members they have.
  • PC and Vita will now have separate TA Rankings.
  • Remove owner bindings on Weapons and Units. (★12 do not qualify.)


Game Play Improv July

Late July Update

  • More Jump Pads in the Shopping Lobby.
  • Added Harkotan's rare boss in the Parallel Area.
  • Changed the location you teleport to in the Shopping Lobby. (When teleporting from My Room, Team Room, etc.)
  • Save backup data drives for Timed Abilities.



SP Auto Action

Late July Update

  • Mag Level: 200
  • Four new kinds of special Auto Actions added.


Mikagura School Suite Scratch

 Late July Update

  • Mikagura School Suite AC Scratch
  • New Swimsuits and Dance Festival outfits.


PA Customizations June Update

New Crafting Update

  • PA Customization
    • Charge up Kazan Nadeshiko for more power
    • Charge up Slide Upper for more hits.
    • Spin longer while moving around with Twister Fall
    • Blast enemies at a wider range with Divine Launcher
    • Attack with faster speed with Cerberus Dance


Beach Wars 3

Late July Update

  • Beach Wars 3
  • Gain a bonus effect when playing in a swimsuit.
  • Huey and Katori appear with new weapons.
  • Even the Gal Gryphon can appear!


 EP3 Climax July

Late July Update

  • Ep 3 Chapter 5 and 6!
  • Head towards Kuronia



Late July Update

  • ARKS Dance Festival
  • We're Arks + (Live Broadcast's Original Song) Rare Drop KOI Koi
  • Pose and Dance by matching the rhythm.



PSO2 Arks Cafe

PSO2 Arks Café

  • PSO 15th Anniversary Project (Part 6)
  • PSO2 and Sweets Paradise collaboration.
  • The ARKS Café will launch July 17th ~ September 30th.


Sweets Paradise Collab

PSO2 Arks Café

  • Order from the Collaboration Menu to receive a random present!
    • Arkumami Suit
    • Cook Turner (Dbl Saber Camo)
    • Illustrative Mat and Poster
    • SPF Pastry Apron for boys and girls.



Blazblue and Guilty Gear Xrd

August Collaborations

  • Blazblue Costumes, Hairstyles, Weapon Camos, Voice Tickets, and Stage BGM!!
    • Ragna
    • Jin
    • Noel
    • Mu
    • Izayoi
    • Arriving Early August
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Costumes, Hairstyles, Weapon Camos, Voice Tickets, and Stage BGM!!
    • Sol
    • Ky
    • May
    • Millia
    • Elphelt
    • Arriving Late August


Arks Festival 2015

ARKS Festival 2015! (August 16th)

  • Those who attend the ARKS Festival will receive PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirts (M/F) and an Evo. Device / Dreamcast.



 PSO2 Character Song CD 2

August Merchandise

  • PSO2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~ II
  • Songs from Afin, Matoi, Huey+Klariskrays, and more!
  • On Sale: August 26th. (Pre-Sales: 8/16 at the Arks Festival)
  • Bonuses include a lobby action, a mat, and voice tickets for Matoi, Klariskrays, and more!


PSO2es June Update

PSO2es June Update

  • June 10th's Update allowed Non-Premium users to purchase items from Player Shops. All that is required are [Rappy Medals] or [PSO2es My Shop Passes].
  • The results of the Chip General Elections will be posted on the 17th. The top 10 and secret chip divisions will be featured in a Scratch in July!


Yasuda Suzuhito chips

PSO2es Future Updates

  • Shining Resonance chips.
  • Suzuhito Yasuda chips.
  • New PA/Tech Booster chips.



Road Map 2015

Episode 3 Roadmap

  • Summer
    • New Live System update
    • New Field
    • Fighting Game Collaboration Scratch
    • Story Quest 5 and 6
    • Mag Level 200
    • PA Customizations
  •  Summer ~  Autumn
    • New Challenge Quest
    • Seasonal Nyau
    • Seasonal EQ
    • Fighting Game Collab Scratch
    • RPG Collab Scratch
  • Autumn ~
    • New Story Qu…
    • New Dark Fa…
    • New 12 Player…
    • New Collab Scra…
    • Emergency Q…


PSO1 Outfits

PSO 15th Anniversary Project (Part 5)

  • Trade in [Ragol Memories] to receive PSO related items. 
    • Item Exchanges among players are forbidden.
  • The first costumes to be released are the "Humar Repca" and "Hunewearl Repca."
  • Section ID stickers and Mags will also be available too.
  • Ragol Memories can be obtained as promotional items from paid events or AC campaigns, etc.
    • (For example, the PSO2 Arks Cafe)



~ Early August ~

~ New Bosses ~
Guar Zigmorde & Codotta Edetta 


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