PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance (6/17/2015)

Today's maintenance will begin at a much earlier time.

June 17th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 6/17/2015 @ 1:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 6/16/2015 @ 12:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

Maintenance Contents

  • Server Reinforcements

Unavailable Services

  • PSO2/PSO2es Official Site (2:30 ~ 7:00 JST)
  • PSO2 (PC) Update Service (2:30 ~ 7:00 JST)
  • Registration Services (2:30 ~ 11:00 JST)
  • Arks Cash Payment Services (2:00 ~ 11:00 JST)

Maintenance information can be found at the official Twitter account.

"Ragol Memory" Acquirement Procedures

Players can acquire "Ragol Memories" through the following methods:

  • By participating in an upcoming AC Scratch Campaign
  • By ordering from the PSO2 Arks Café
  • By participating in the PSO2 Net Café
  • By touring Okinawa with the Phantasy Star Crew
  • By other methods not yet announced.

Until the other methods are revealed, this leaves foreigners with only one method of acquiring the PSO1 costumes.

3rd Anniversary Exchange Shop

Last week players sent feedback over how excessive the prices were in obtaining ★13 weapons from the 3rd Anniversary Exchange Shop. In response to this, Sega has decided to allow players to trade in a set amount of Silver Badges for 1 Gold Badge. During the live broadcast, the pricing schematics were revealed to be 7 Silver for 1 Gold, and they plan to implement this sometime in June.

Useful Links


3rd Anniversary Exchange Shop

  • Players can now trade in 7 Silver WEAPONS Badges to get 1 Gold WEAPONS Badge.
  • The following information has been added to the descriptions of booster items.
    • 3周年記念ドーナッツ: +50% Triboost [5 Mins]
    • 3周年記念ワッフル: +100 S/R/T-ATK [5 Mins]
    • 3周年記念マカロン: +200 HP [5 Mins]
    • 3周年記念チュロス: +10 PP [5 Mins]
  • No changes have been made to their effects, only their descriptions have changed.
  • Added the promo videos of [Prisma Illya 2wei Hertz] and [Maximum Attack: Video Part 2] to the large monitors.

Emergency Quest Schedule

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


Sonic's Birthday 2015

Sonic Birthday 2015

Players who give the correct responses in the Sonic Quiz will receive some wonderful prizes.

Campaign Period

  • June 18th @ 0:00 ~ June 23rd @ 23:59

Sonic Quiz

  • Players will have until 23:59 on the appointed day to answer questions tweeted out by the official PSO2 Twitter account. If they answer the question correctly, they'll receive the prize listed in the schedule below.
  • Questions will also be delivered through in-game announcements, providing players an alternative way of seeing the quiz.

Acceptable Responses

For example, if the answer to the question is Sonic:

Acceptable Responses
ソニック Responses must be written in Full-Width Katakana


Unacceptable Responses
そにっく Hiragana responses are unacceptable.
ソニック Half-width Katakana responses are unacceptable
Sonic English responses are unacceptable.
ソ ニック Punctuation marks, spaces, or symbols breaking up the response are unacceptable.

Prize Qualifications

Questions must be answered correctly using the in-game chat to qualify.

Sonic Quiz Presents Proposed Answer
6/18 @ 0:00~23:59 Triboost 100 +100% Tribooster ハリネズミ
6/19 @ 0:00~23:59 Sega logo light small Sega Logo Light メガドライブ
6/20 @ 0:00~23:59 EXP 100 +100% EXP Booster
6/21 @ 0:00~23:59 Sonic Mask Sonic Mask
6/22 @ 0:00~23:59 250 Rare Drop +250% Rare Drop Booster
6/23 @ 0:00~23:59 Free Salon Pass Free Salon Pass

Prize Distribution Date

  • Mid-July 2015




28 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance (6/17/2015)”

    1. Don't say he's being mean immediately. I have reason to believe that he is joking as what he said actually comes from a song.

  1. This game has the worst RNG that i saw. Just blew up 6mil on my 8star weapon trying to get it from +6 to +7 but ended up with +4 and trying to replace the 4 junk affixes but it constantly fails at 90%. Even the story item drops are 50-50%. I feel like i wasted my money on the premium, can't get a 10star weapon so i can buy one from market. Rare Drop Boost 250%: 0%+250%= still 0%

    1. SH magatsu will give you a buffet 10* and sometimes some 11*
      hunting for 10* below SH is absurd low
      story items drop 100% unless you have to kill more than 1. there is a progress bar.
      8* grinding? i think you're overacting. such bad luck would make me question why you're still alive right now

    2. Wow that's awful. Are you using grind risk reductions and grind success rate up? I can get a 12* to +40 for about 3 mil that way (and an ungodly amount of fun points from excubes)

    3. I must praise you for your persistence. There are magatsu, fun points, +1 reducers at 10k/ea for reasons

    4. Yeah there is some reason for everything.

      Quick guide for item grinding:
      8★: +3= Rate 80%, Risk -1
      +4= Rate 80% Risk -1
      +5= Rate 60% Risk -1
      +6= Rate 60% Risk -1

      So as you can see(or not) even if i use risk reduction item it STILL can FAIL and i LOSE money.
      So i can buy as many Grind Risk Reduction (+1) as i can and use it and still be stuck on +3-6 and losing money.
      Now let's look at the Grind Success Rate items: as i can see the risks are 60% and 80% so i need 20% and 40% items tobe at 100%(clearly you couldn't read this: it constantly fails at 90%).
      Grind Success Rate price: 5% = 26-30k
      10% = 150k or 2500FUN
      20% = 900k or 8 AC Scratch item
      30% = 20 Excube

      Since i said that it fails at 90% you should know that i used those items but at the end i was getting frustrated and just spammed one button til i had no money and ended up with +4.

      As to why do you gring an 8star weapon: when you play the game since a long time then you had it easy. I need to do TACO's for more than a year to get the same amount of money FROM IT what you could get in 2 months(quest reset 22h vs 166h). And because the old players had it easy(or easier) they except ppl to grind every weapon/unit to +10 and affix soul + maninstat+3 to it. Because they could afford it so you can it too.
      It is worth to waste your money on weapon under 9 star? If u want to play with humans probaly yes, otherwise you can faceroll everything(alone or with NPC-s) till Lv50 and buy a 9star+10 weapon with level 3 potential.

    5. I started as a complete newbie with absolutely nothing a few months ago after all those changes you say make it so much harder. I had no help whatsoever and I'm still working towards certain things.

      That said, you have to be exaggerating or cursed because I find things much easier than you're claiming them to be. You don't even need to +10 8* or whatever to make them good. Just craft them with the free money and craft mats you get from doing daily crafts (you DO bother with the freebie they throw on your lap with that, right?) to get something just as good as a +10 weak weapon with no risk or personal expense whatsoever. Doesn't even have to be crafted that high to be strong enough to last you.

      Considering story item drops are 100% unless it's explicitly one that requires you to kill more than one monster (there's a progress bar for a reason) and Magatsu is 10* confetti even if you're like me and can't afford to use boosters at first, there really is no reason for you to be lacking in free stuff to keep going.

      As for your claim about the 90% failure thing… assuming you're using the grind risk reductions to not lose your grind and grind success boosters, you'd have to have failed to grind your weapon OVER 2,000 times to have lost 6 mil just by trying to grind it. OVER. TWO. THOUSAND.

      Somehow, I really doubt you're not just getting frustrated over a minor loss and trying to exaggerate it into something far worse than it actually was.

    6. It's all about right investment, you can use 6* weapon, just craft it then farm for XQ 11* weapon ( it's almost free). That 6mil could probably get a 11* to +40. And, there's a rule for grinding suggests that you should move to block with the fewest people and with odd number ( dont ask why, it's magic thing). Also, NEVER spam it rapidly or you will have fail storm on you

    7. More like straight-up superstition and magical thinking. Not that such were unusual in these contexts.

    8. Ok, lets break it down, odd number because those blocks have dudu as attendant and according to most ppl, he seems to give out more success (magic huh?). Fewest ppl (you should be the only one grinding on that block) and never spam due to some kind of algobrithm which will count some elements into the calculation and spamming grind nonstop will worsen the chance, until there are solid evidences about how server calculate the success chance then just follow it, it won't hurt you, right?

    9. Piling supersitious BS on superstitious BS doesn't make it any less BS. You might as well be trying to establish a causal correlation between grind success rate and the time of the day.

      >according to most ppl

      No. Just no. And even if it was that would not prove anything beyond the foolishness of those "most ppl".

  2. Ok after i pick my char when it supposed to load up that portal screen my game crashes is there a way to fix that?

    1. Yep, delete your C:\Users\[usernamehere]\Documents\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 folder (you can copy your logs and screenshots folder elsewhere if you want to keep.) and load the game. It'll remake the folder and your settings will be set to default. For some reason this happens to people occasionally and this seems to be the universal solution. The problem lies in one of the files in there, but I dont know which, so just nuke it all. owo7

      Afterwards you can move your log and screenshot folder and any character files youve made to the newly made folder, those dont seem to ever be the problem.

  3. As far as moving blocks to improve grinding, its all in your head. Heres the real trick. Loginto game with least used charcater, equip it with only13* weps, go into a mission and find a rappy, and then get killed by the rappy. Then abandon mision, go to item lab, and uninstall game bc omg if u think theres a trick to grinding your a fool. Its all RNG. Same as everything else in pso2. My advice is use risk reducers +1 up until grind 6 or so. Then use +2 if its 11* or higher, and full risk on 13*until its +10. There are no guarantes unless u use 100%grind success. Wish u good luck.

    1. I usually leave and come back later and wait for the bad streaks in rng to subside as these game usually use bad seeds and rng and not true 100% randomness. You are right though, there is no trick to getting better grinds and the only way to increases your chances of safe grinds is to use protections and +%s.

      I'm usually lucky enough to +40 a 10* in as little as 400-500k and a 11* in as little as 1.5 million. Yet sometimes it will cost me way much more when the rng turns sour. You just have to keep calm and know when to call it quits as with any gamble.

      Listen to my advice everyone: If it fails to +1 4 times, give up as you will get a -1 or more next time. Try again later.

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