PSO2 Live Broadcast #45 Recap

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August Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase ありがとうはるこあつこたろう in chat to receive hairstyles from the Broadcast regulars!
  • In addition, you'll receive one 5SG Ticket, and four 10SG Tickets for a total of 45 Star Gems.
  • This phrase can be said at any point in time as long as it is done before August 24th's maintenance.


EQ August Quest

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • August 13th @ 22:00 JST
  • +150% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • +10% Live Boost if you attend the live event.



PSU 10th Anniversary Update

PSU 10th Anniversary Update (August 31st)

  • PSU 10th Anniversary Scratch: Gurhal Collection
  • Ethan and Mirei Mikuna Outfits
  • Kakwane Suit and another Project CUTE outfit.
  • Difficult to obtain Ethan and Karen Costumes and voice tickets.
  • Koltova Juice and Special Abilities: GRM/Tenora/Yohmei Boost
    • Koltova Juice: +50% Rare Drop Boost (30Mins)
  • Scratch Bonuses include:
    • G-Colony Statue
    • Color Changeable Pete Evo Device.
    • Air Board Lobby Action


PSU 10th Anniversary 2

PSU 10th Anniversary Update (August 31st)

  • Ethan and Karen will appear in the lobby (~ 10/19)
  • You can get their partner card and they'll also appear together in e-trials.
  • Huge Cutter, Daggers of Serafi-NT, Crea Doubles will debut as ★13 weapons.




Autumn Event

Early September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/5)
  • Otsukimi Bingo (~10/5)
  • Luna Nyau (~9/7)
  • Level Up Quest: Chaotic Darkness
  • SG Treasure Shop: Perennial Apocalypse Trigger
  • Weaponoid Potentials for Glorious Wing, Judgement Hearts, Niren Kamui, and Yamigarasu.
  • Yamigarasu: Increases [Panic] infliction rate and damage to enemies suffering from [Panic].
  • Glorious Wing: Increases damage when attacking in the air.
  • Niren Kamui: Increases damage when attacking in the air.


Medical Scratch

Early September Update

  • AC Scratch: Medical Cure Station
  • White Coat and Nurse Outfit.
  • New Shrine Maiden Layered Wear
  • Casual Techer themed outfits and parts.
  • Kuron Scenery Pass & Taisho Roman Room Items
  • Empe Rappy accessories in the Bonus Scratch


September EQ Quest

Early September Update

  • Emergency Quest: Regiment of the Wicked 2016 (~10/5)
  • Regiment 2016 Collection File (~10/5)
  • Added superior versions of Gal Gryphon's Weapon.
  • Appearances from Empe Rappy and a new special prefixed Gal Gryphon.


EP4 Story 4

Early September Update

  • The second half of Episode 4: Chapter 4
  • Huey reappears! He'll also show up in Emergency Trials.
  • Encounter a new Phantom type!
    • Laplace's Demon
    • Maxwell's Demon
  • Take note of their violent attacks which clash with their cute appearances.


Revival Scratch

Revival Scratch

  • Legacy Parts Selection G 2016 (Begins September 14th)
  • A 2 week long Revival Scratch containing difficult to obtain Cast Parts.

Limited Treasure Shop

  • The Treasure Shop will sell items for a limited time such as
    Item Code [Music Discs] and certain FUN Scratch [Lobby Actions] and [Accessories].


Master Orga

Late September Update

  • Master Nezumi and Orga Cats will appear in the lobby (~11/2)
  • You can obtain their partner cards and see them appear in Emergency Trials.
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive their favorite weapons.
  • You can change the weapon's photon color at the Item Lab.
  • Level UP Quest: Darkness From the Chaos (~10/5)


Earth Grace

Late September Update

  • Erdem and Phaleg layered outfits.
  • Autumn Layeredwear.
  • Erdem and Phaleg Lobby Action as a Scratch Bonus.
    • Get [Slit Eyes] for your character from the Scratch Bonus.


Tokyo TA Quest

Late September Update

  • New Time Attack: Marathon Practice: Tokyo
  • The key is to reduce your time with the Dash Panels.
  • Try not to get caught up in the explosions.
  • The boss will be Train Ghidoran, but if you're not quick, reinforcements will be sent in.


Summer Login Camp

Summer Login Campaign

  • You can receive a ticket for 5 Star Gems for each day you log into PSO2 between 8/17 ~ 8/23.


Revenge Campaign

ARKS ORDERS RUSH Revenge Campaign!

  • Players who clear certain Story Board pieces during the campaign period will receive the items we failed to get from the Web Panel Rewards.
  • Clear Story Board: 077-A (Blanc Noir Weapon Camo)
  • Clear Story Board: 083-B (VD「情報屋、変革します!」)
  • Period: August 24th ~ September 7th


PSO2 Fashion Tokyo Oracle

PSO2 Fashion Catalog: Oracle and Tokyo Collection

  • This Fashion Catalog covers items released from April 2015 through June 2016 and plans to go on sale September 17th for 3000 Yen.
  • Item Codes include:
    • Dealer Tail GV (Hairstyle)
    • Rappy Necklace (Accessory)
    • 258「Arm Chin Rest」
    • Blue Screen Booth
    • Color Change Pass
    • Free Salon Pass


Ultimate Amduscia

  • Coming this October!
  • Box Dewbles
  • Drago Deadlion
  • Glüzoras Drago
  • Anga Fundarge!?


2016 Autumn Roadmap

PSO2 Fall to Winter Roadmap


  • New Ultimate Quest
  • Episode 4 Chapter 5
  • More PA & Technic Customizations
  • PA and Skill Balance Adjustments
  • Pet Egg Added
  • Collaboration Interlocking WEB Event
  • PSU 10th Anniversary Project Part 2
  • Famous Game Collaboration Scratch
  • Seasonal Franca's Cafe
  • New Team Room

Winter ~ End of Year

  • Episode 4 Chapter 6
  • New Type Grinding System Expansion
  • Appraisal Shop Expansion
  • Pet Egg Added
  • 12 Player Raid Boss
  • SG Scratch Volume 2
  • Famous Game Collaboration Scratch
  • Seasonal Franca's Cafe



PSO2es Update August test

PSO2es Update

  • Special Ability [Ext Receptor] arrives August 18th from EQs.
  • This ability increases the fusion success rates for Flict, Alter, and certain IV and V Special Abilities.
  • The most recent update added new Quick Search quests like Material Gathering Desert/Coast/Forest/Tokyo.


PSO2es Late August Chips

PSO2es Update

  • Late August Chips: Aurora and Euclita
  • Early September Chip: After-Bath Aika
    • A chip with a design taken from PSO2 The Animation's end card.


Weaponoids September

PSO2es New Chip (Mid September)

  • Spread Needle and Nox Dinas weaponoids


PSO2es Upcoming Weaponoid

New Weaponoid Chips and PA

  • Weddle Park
  • Volcano Mace
  • Fubuki Toushū
  • Guren Tessen


Weaponoid Story August Sept

More Weaponoid Stories

  • Judgement Hearts (8/17)
  • Glorious Wing (8/24)
  • Yamigarasu (8/31)
  • Dies Ryu (9/7)
  • Shut Rounder (9/14)
  • Seimei Kikami (9/21)

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