Battle The Statue of Liberty in PSO2's Las Vegas Field

~ August 24th, 2016 ~


Las Vegas

Take a vacation to the Golden City of Las Vegas in new quests on Earth! Embark upon the Rideroid, a mobile weapon capable of flight, to reach high atop buildings where enemies will sometimes appear.


Vegas Illusia 2

The Statue of Liberty, riding a sphinx mount, will be featured as a boss called Vegas Illusia. As an embodiment of the famous sights of Las Vegas, she employs an array of bizarre attacks.


Rideroid Las Vegas

Master the skies of Las Vegas aboard the Rideroid! This craft is capable of high velocity aerial movement and can perform swift maneuvers, such as an upward boost dash and a nose dive. It can be accessed from the Rideroid Stands located across the field.


Las Vegas Enemies

Las Vegas is teeming with all sorts of unusual new Phantoms.


Riding Quests

Emblem Time Image

Riding Quests are essentially a score attack mode in which players must increase their score within a limited time frame by defeating enemies and clearing Emergency Trials. Special events called "Emblem Time" will have everyone scrambling to collect as many emblems as they can before the clock winds down.


Collecting these emblems fills a bar that increases the score's boosting rate. It's imperative that we aim for a high score, as it will determine the rare drop rate for the items that are rewarded at the end of the quest.


Las Vegas Collection

The Las Vegas Collection introduces the Titan, Stelk, and Form weapon series. The Form series comes with a peculiar potential that causes a projectile slash to emanate from your weapon when attacking.

This collection also gives players an opportunity to obtain the Deadly Parfait, a ★13 candy that boosts a pet's critical attack damage by 10%.


PSO2 The Animation NPCs (Part Four)

The implementation of PSO2 The Animation characters as in-game NPCs continues with the arrival of Kid and Silva. For just a limited time, both of these CASTs will be available in the Shop Area.

Collect their partner cards and complete their client orders to earn ★13 versions of their signature "God Hand-NT" and "Astral Riser-NT" weapons! These particular client orders are repeatable, and you can even change the photon color of said weapons at the Item Lab.


New Pet

Shinkurō (or Synchrō) is a Japanese themed pet whose Photon Art ability becomes stronger when you utilize its "combo power." This "Combo Power" gathers as you connect different PAs in succession. Once enough of this power is collected, you can release an all-powerful final blow with the [Shinkuro Geki] attack.


Gathering Expansion

The Gathering System has expanded to the Las Vegas and Floating Facility fields. Expect to see a new recipe that raises the rare drop rate along with a ton of new skill rings that cover various features.

L / Bullet Bow Homing

  • Adds a homing ability to charged normal attacks for Bullet Bows.

L / Jet Boots Elemental Keep

  • Prevents the Jet Boots weapon action from cancelling the element.
  • Elemental Bursts will be disabled as a result.

L / Standing Sign

  • An effect will appear around your character's feet when Standing Snipe is active.

L / Short Mirage

  • Shortens Mirage Escape

L / Wand Element Change

  • Allows the wand's element to be changed to that of the charged technic when gear is present.
  • This only works for some Charged Technics.

L / Mate Lovers

  • Increases the recovery amount and speed of mate items.

L / Another Launcher Mode

  • Makes the launcher's projectile for normal attacks follow a parabola curve.
  • Increases power and area of effect.

R / Just Reversal Cover 

  • Recover HP through Just Reversals
  • Unavailable to Bravers

R / Heal Share

  • A portion of your HP recovered heals characters nearby.
  • Unavailable to Bouncers

R / Adrenaline

  • Increases the duration of Shifta / Deband on yourself.
  • Unavailable to Fighters.


Egg Recycling

Lambda Grinder Eggs

Put those extra ★10 and ★11 pet eggs to good use by trading ten of either-or for one Lambda Grinder at the Recycle Shop!


King of Monsters (AC Scratch)

ゴジラスーツ║ Godzilla Suit
ゴジラスーツ║ Godzilla Suit

PSO2's collaboration with Godzilla continues with the release of a costume and Mag device in the aptly named King of the Monsters scratch! Outfits worn by Enga and the other Earth Guides will also appear.


Mini Godzilla Mag image
進化デバイス/ミニゴジラ║ Evo. Device / Mini Godzilla
Direct Slacks Image
ディレクトスラックス[Ba]║ Direct Slacks [Ba]


Direct Skirt Image
ディレクトスカート[Ba]║ Direct Skirt [Ba]


Lotus Dress Image
蓮花麗服[Ba]║ Lotus Dress [Ba]
蓮花麗服[In]║ Lotus Dress [In]


Dress Shirt Image
ドレスシャツ[Ba]║ Dress Shirt [Ba]



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