PSO2 Livestream #18 Recap


Post Broadcast Updates:

  • Added information for Mr. Bowan
  • Added information to the nerf proposal. Yes that applies to PAs as well.
  • Added information to PSO2es
  • Clarified Craft Room Item purpose.
  • Added information to balance changes


EQ Livestream

EQ Boost Event Poll

Viewers selected Mining Base Defense: Invasion, which will launch April 1st at 24:00 JST with a +150% Rare Drop/EXP boost.


PSO2 Live Broadcast #18 Lobby Actions

  • Say ぷりたろう in chat sometime between now through April 9th's Maintenance to receive P.S.O.2. lobby actions.


 PSO2 Easter event

Easter Event

  • Easter Lobby (~5/7)
  • Egg Rappy (~5/21)
  • Spring Bingo (~6/11)
  • Easter themed Bingo Rewards and Drop Items.

 PSO2 Easter Event 2

Easter Event

  • New Emergency Quest (Wild Easter) : Available for a limited time
  • New Interdimensional Enemy: Mr. Bowan (or Mr. Boin).  Defeat him to get a +300% Rare Drop Boost effect for a limited time.

Advance Quest Added

 Advance Quests Added

  • Quarry, Seabed, and Coast AQs added.
  • Supports VH and SH.
  • New 11 star drops

Ruins and Oceanids stage

Ruins and Oceanids

  • Stages 51 ~ 60
  • New BIO Weapons
  • New 11 star weapon drops

 NEW Pa techs again

PAs and Technics

  • Technic: Il Zan
  • Katana: Kazan Nadeshiko
  • Bullet Bow: Million Storm
  • Partisan: Vol Grapter

Radical Laboratory

Radical Laboratory AC Scratch

  • Crafter Costumes
  • Project CUTE's Hamano Ikusa
  • Easter Egg Rappy Suit


Class Level 70

 Class Level 70 and New Skills

  • Subclass EXP Lv 50
  • Hunter Skill: Fury Gear Boost
  • Fighter: Critical Strike
  • Ranger: Sharp Shooter
  • Gunner: High Time
  • Force: Element Conversion
  • Techer: Long Time Assist
  • Braver: Counter Edge (Katana)
  • Braver: Rapid Shoot Advance (Bow)


Crafter Level 40

 Craft Level 40

  • Extend Level Cap Expanded
  • New Feature: Daily Crafts (Craft NPC requests)
  • Technic Customize Recipe Level 2 added
  • "Great Success" rates increased from the new Craft Support Room Items.


 new field chapter 5

Episode 2: Chapter 5

  • Day of Resurrection
  • Takes place on the Mother Ship
  • Boss: Falz Angel.
    (Technically it's pronounced like Angle, but we'll just handwave it here. Also "Angle" has its own katakana spelling).


 Ranger Buffs

Ranger Buffs

  • Pausing after dive rolls reduced.
  • Adjusted the speed it takes between the firing stance and shooting the weapon.
  • Bullet spread (firing accuracy) improves for normal attacks while moving.
  • PA One Point's bullet spread (firing accuracy) improved.
  • Reduced PP consumption and increased power for some PAs

Photon Blast Buffs

  • Increased power based on the Mag's level
  • Improved aspects of the Photon Blast.


Mag Improvements

Mag Improvements

  • You can feed them 7 ~ 9 ★ items
  • Food Device Effects improved
  • Change your mag's appearance with a changing pass.

 Other Imrpovements

 Various Improvements

  • Set Boost Items and Food to your sub-palette
  • HP bar changes color based on damage type
  • More Cut-in Chat designs
  • Matter Board Icon changes

 Deformed Face

Various Improvements

  • Deformed Face variation added
  • Select a camera position from the Quick Menu. (Similar to Digi Ichi)

 Balance Adjustments april

Other Balance Changes

  • Success rate bonus adjusted for Soul type Special Abilities.
  • [Special Weapon] perks powered up during appraisal.
  • OTP Storage Box for One-Time Password Users.
  • Change your Character or Player ID Name.
  • Character Name = 1,500 AC / Player ID Name = 3,000 AC
  • Some Lv 16 Striking Photon Art power has improved.
    (Over End / Slide End / Tornado Dance / Etc)
  • You can check up on your Recipe, License, and Achievements through the My Room Terminal and Craft Console.
  • You can change your main palette, sub-palette, weapon camo, and costumes with chat commands.
  • UPD: Currently, Shunka Shunran, and S-Roll JA's power seems to stick out as an issue. As for this problem, they believe they should come to a decision as early as possible. In April, they'll make balance adjustments to both new and pre-existing elements; and overall, they're going to embark on buffing or improving whatever they see fit. Sometime after the late April update, depending on the situation, there's a possibility for some balance changes that will nerf some aspects of the game. You can expect more details of these changes, if it happens, in a future posting.


The Guardian of the Gate…
The Gate Of Despair…
A New Dark Falz Awaits
~May 2014~



Android Open Beta

PSO2es Open Beta

  • Open Beta begins April 2nd.
  • You'll start from Level 1, but certain character data will be shared.
  • Those who create a new PSO2es character or play a pre-existing one between 4/2 ~ 4/16 maintenance will receive a Harisen, 1000 FUN ticket, 1 EXCube, and a +100% Tribooster.
  • PSO2es players who reach level 10 in PSO2 will receive 5 Rappy Medals. If you reach level 20, you'll receive 10 Rappy Medals.
  • PSO2es will have an exclusive story.
  • PSO2es iOS version coming out soon!

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