PSO2 Livestream #27 Recap: Arks X' Mas Party

Warning: The post is currently updating and is incomplete at this time.

Post Livestream Updates

  • Fixed typos with quest names and dates.
  • Added information about Sukuna-hime's blessing.
  • Added information about Arks Grand Prix weapons.
  • Added January 1st video.
  • Added Seven Eleven and Deluxe Package details.
  • Added PSNova stuff.



Secret Phrase

Say さんたろう in chat sometime between now through December 24th's maintenance to receive:

  • 寿ハット: Celebration Hat
  • FUN2015獲得チケット: 2015 FUN Ticket
  • Casino Coin Pass x5

The items will be distributed at a later time.



 Sukuna-hime's Divine Blessing

  • We earn points as we damage Magatsu, break its parts, and clear Emergency "Quick" Trials.
  • There appears to be three levels for the points.
    • Level 1: 100 Pts
    • Level 2: 500 Pts
    • Level 3: 1000 Pts.
  • In the Live Playthrough video shown above, the effects were as follows:
    • 100 Pts =  MVMNT Speed UP / Jump Power UP / Moon Range Extended
    • 500 Pts =  Max HP UP
    • 1000 Pts = PP Restoration UP


EQ Boost Arks Parrty

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Living Universe + Merry Christmas on Ice 3
    • Rare Drop +250% / EXP + 250% after concert.
    • 12/14 @ 22:00 JST


~ January 1st Update ~


New Years Scratch reviva

January 1st Update

  • New Years Lobby with Space Battle Ship Yamato (~1/14)
  • Noiya Nyau (~2/12)
  • [New Years! Year of the Sheep Accessory Selection] and [Year of the Sheep Lucky Bag G].
    • Resale of Popular Accessories and Costumes



~ January Update ~


Arks Unity Festival 2015

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • Arks Unity Festival 2015 begins!
  • Vita 2 Year Commemoration Bingo (~2/12)
  • Unity Festival Xie (~2/25)
  • Arks Unity Festival 2015 FUN Shop (~2/25)
  • 2 tone color hairstyle.


Extra Hard pso2

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • Mecha Awakening and Mining Base Intrusion (Extra Hard Support)
  • New Rare Items


Kotoshiro Suit

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • Nature's Beauty Harukotan Style
  • Sukuna-hime, Kotoshiro, and Shironian outfits.
  • Harukotan themed costumes and parts.


Limited Quest Unity

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • An All Star Limited Quest on Shironia.
  • Oceanids and Mechs will also appear.
  • Run through Shironia with Quna's song as background music.



 ~ Late January Update ~


Valentine Update

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • Valentine Lobby (~2/25)
  • Valentine Bingo (~2/25)
  • Love Rappy (~2/25)


Where Chocolate 3

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • Where's the Chocolate 3 (~2/25)


Fate Hollow ataraxia

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • AC Scratch: Materialize Vision
  • Fate/hollow ataraxia Costume, Voices, and Weapon Camos.
    • Bazett
    • Caren
    • Avenger
  • Prisma☆Illya 2wei! Costume, Voice, and Weapon Camo.
    • Kuro
  • Saber Alter Costume and Weapon Camo


Arks Unity Part 2

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • Lead Border Breaker and Cradle of Darkness (Extra Hard Support)
  • New rare drops.




  • Releases March 26th. (Accepting Pre-orders)
  • Costs 7,000 YEN.
  • Item Codes Included:
    • 星濱学園男子制服 : Star Coast Academy Male Uniform
    • 星濱学園女子制服 : Star Coast Academy Female Uniform
    • スタークエーサー : Star Quasar
    • Plus several voice tickets.


Freedom Wars Collab

February Collaboration

  • Toro and Kuro themed costumes and weapon camos.
    • New Client Orders and an interdimensional enemy!?
  • Freedom Wars
    • Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories, and Weapon Camos.
    • Color Change Pass support for the costumes.


Sega Lucky Kuji Seven Eleven Bonus Items

  • Late February
  • New 711 Male and Female Uniforms
  • Nyau Suit 711 Costume too


Spring Roadmap 2015

Winter 2015

  • Web Interlocking Event: Arks Unity Festival 2015
  • New Casino Area Game
  • Limited-time FUN Shop
  • New Limited Quest
  • New Emergency Quest
  • New Collab Scratch
  • Collaboration Nyau
  • Limited-time Collaboration FUN Shop
  • Emergency Quest (XH Support)

Spring 2015

  • New Quest System
  • New Lobby System
  • Limited-time NPC and Client Orders
  • New Story Quest
  • Episode 3 Deluxe Package
  • 12 Player Quest (Boss)
  • Emergency Quest
  • New Collab Scratch


Drama CD 2

PSO2 Drama CD: Idol Capriccio

  • On Sale in 2015
  • 3,024 Yen
  • Wonderful Item Codes
    • Huey, Quna, and Io's Voice Tickets
    • Jacket Illustration Poster (Room Item)
    • Jukebox (Room Item)
    • アポなし訪問録 (Music Disc)
    • 500 FUN Ticket


 Arks Grand Prix Winner Designs

Arks Grand Prix Winner Designs

  • Arks Grand Prix champions, "Team Buta" and "Team Chaser," have earned the right to design weapon camos for the game.
  • These weapons will be distributed as rewards by clearing the Arks Unity Festival 2015 Web Panels.
  • More details about the Arks Unity Festival 2015 Web Panels will be discussed at a later time.
  • Hover over each picture to reveal the weapon camo's name and category.


 ~ Episode 3 Deluxe Package ~

EP3 Deluxe Package

  • On Sale March 19th.
  • Nagisa's costume, voice, hairstyle, and Steel Hearts.
  • Shizuru's costume, voice, hairstyle, and Rengokuto Ensa.
  • 30,000 customers can input a special code to receive Nagisa's Swimwear and Kumhan's voice.
    • The availability of these items are on a first-come first-serve basis.



~ Challenge Quests ~
 Coming March 2015


 Nova Update soon

New Quests for PSNova:

  • Three new quests are coming to Phantasy Star Nova.
  • However, the quest "Gran Energy Rush" apparently costs money.


Nova Version 1.02

PSNova Future Updates:

  • V1.02: New Story and New Characters!
  • V1.03: Lifting the Level Cap!



23 thoughts to “PSO2 Livestream #27 Recap: Arks X' Mas Party”

  1. Wow, the Harukotan Style scratch is really promising. Some outfits and those cast components are awesome <3.
    Better piling up some mesos ^^

  2. EP3 Deluxe Package for Nagisa’s costume, voice, hairstyle, and Steel Hearts … sega know how to get money on this

    1. The Episode 3 Deluxe Package comes with a disc that allows you to install all of PSO2 up to vanilla Episode 3 in a flash. Since it's a paid purchase, they also give you a ton of ingame stuff bundled with the disc.

  3. you say "challenge", I say "bullshit". aside from trying to keep the nostalgia-goggled around I don't see the point of bringing that back. if I wanted to play a roguelike I'd play a roguelike.

    but of course, I'm sure they'll gate something valuable behind it to force it on people.
    then again, with how well that strategy's worked W/R/T getting me into XQs… it'll probably just end up another point of irritation for people who aren't mashochists, spamming AC for scapedolls, and/or armed with active, competant teams to drag through.

    hey sega. when are you gonna make SHAQs not be prohibitively expensive like you did with VHAQs?

    1. the novelty of it would be the game forcing what level and equipment you have, probably skills and PAs too. Beyond just the bullshit puzzles, you have an environment that the only real variable is player skill. (and possibly mid-mission RNG for drops like praying your force gets a barta disc in pso1's first c-mode stage :v but I think that just makes things a bit more "interesting")

      if they want to keep it close to the rewards from the original challenge mode, then it would have to be some sort of weapon that looks generic but allows you to choose a potential from a given set for it (since the original c-mode had some sort of system that let you pick what extra attack the s-rank weapons would have) of course, this can be easily done with current game systems if they give the weapons more than 2 potentials.

      as for shaqs, well I am sure they will nerf the cost of entry when they roll out the XHAQs :v

    2. What the heck would XHAQs drop?! Purple weapons? XD (Aside from probably more Large Proxines or possibly full size ones(?)

    3. XH is opposing Ult, so XHAQ might hypothetically drop Ultimate buster affixed items, and pyroxene line might be related to it as well. Its reallly unlikely to happen until the full XH introduction and more Ult quests, because it would require rising overall level and adding even more items. They seem to be having a handful with just XH already.

    1. you mean the only one that's actually really nice? also, I do believe even the jp folks have spotted that launcher as being ripped off from a monhun game.

    2. What do you mean "even the jp folks"? MH is best known over there so they have the highest likelihood of spotting a MH reference in the first place. If it was a MH ripoff, it would be surprising if they didn't notice it.

      Personally, I'm not really seeing a resemblance to any weapon from the franchise, unless you REALLY twist what qualifies as a ripoff. Kinda curious as to what, if any, weapon is being named as the victim of the ripoff.

  4. @ magatsu video so basically you need a jet boots to jump and reach magatsu mid section and head. Better find some jetboots then

    1. After watching the vid I feel like . . .wow 'm gonna climb that Asura and nuke-spam it while some players on the ground are running around randomly. (with Sword, Wired Lance, Daggers, T.Machinegun, etc./ still have to test them firdt, though) let's see if Magatsu can be over-1M-dmg Holding-Current-ed 😀

      – yeah the ship I'm in got more of the -Lv75/75 but can't even survive a Rockbear- players recently.
      -I think you can some body parts open to use them as standing platforms.

  5. @NEON,

    I don't think Jet Boots are a requirement because this: "The quest will introduce “Quick Emergency Trials,” where players are tasked with objectives like “defeating specific enemies” or “evading Magatsu’s attacks.” As they continue to fight and clear the objectives, they’ll earn points for Sukuna-hime’s Divine Blessing! This blessing grants players with higher jumping ability, faster movement speed, and a wider Moon Atomizer range."


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