PSO2 Livestream TGS 2013 Schedule

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TGS Livestream Schedule

Sakai and friends will be streaming live from the Sega Booth at the Tokyo Gameshow! Aside from the latest updates, they'll discuss the newest field and highlight some information from Phantasy Star Nova!

PSO2 Livestream Topics

  • October and November update details!
  • PSO2 and ( ? ? ?  ) Tag Team collaboration!
  • New Hair Project Brainstorming Session!
  • Vote for the next in-game event!

PSO2, PSO2es, PSNOVA Livestream

PSO2 Livestream TGS

Under the Sea!

PSO2 Seabed 2

PSO2 Seabed

Attendees at this year's TGS can experience the new "Seabed" field which will officially arrive in November. (The TGS version lets you use all weapon categories regardless of class.) Players who try out the new seabed field will also receive an exclusive PSO2 Episode 2 mouse pad. 


PS NOVA Clear foil

TGS attendees can also pick up the PSNova Clear Foil.


Rappy Hiker

A cute Rappy Hiker!

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