PSO2 JP: Desert Team Room and Sporty Costumes on September 25th

The September 25th update features a new team room, story quest, 11 star spellstone shop update, and more!


New Team Features

Desert Team Base

Desert Team Room
Available: September 25th


Desert Team Base 2

The new team room is a bleak desert surrounded by mountains of rock, where Lillipans dwell all throughout. Witness the stark change in elevation from the view of the mountainous terrain.



Team Bulletin Board

With the Team Bulletin Board, you can leave messages for members of the team. Since the Team BBS is added as a basic feature, you can use it without spending team points as long as you've acquired a team room.


 Extreme Quest: Ruins and Oceanids

Ruins and Oceanids

Extreme Quest: Ruins and Oceanids

The third extreme quest features an eclectic mix of Oceanids and Darkers. And just like the coast field, the Oceanids' behavior is based on the time of day. This quest is aimed at more experienced players as it's slightly more difficult than the previous two quests.


Autumn Sports Festival

Divine Kaiser

ディバインカイザー Divine Kaiser

In the Autumn Sports Festival scratch you can deck out your characters in sporty outfits or dress them up in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity costumes.


ARKS Jersey F

アークスジャージーF ARKS Jersey F


ARKS Jersey M

アークスジャージーM ARKS Jersey M


Exercise Bloomers

エクササイズブルマ Exercise Bloomers



パニッシュジャケット Punish Jacket


Angel Perfume

エンゼルパフューム Angel Perfume


Alice Reaper

アリスリーパー Alice Reaper


Arks Museum

ARKS Museum Entries

View the ARKS Museum [Fierce Fight] Winners



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