PSO2 Raises The Level Cap to Lv.95!

~ February 5th, 2020 ~


Level Cap Raise

Another five levels will be added to the game's current cap! Levels 91 ~ 95 will just increase your PP. There are no new requirements for unlocking the cap. The additional PP gained will not apply to subclasses. Support Partners will also be able to reach level 95.


Episode 6 Substory

Three childhood friends are reunited at last, but all is not well. A bitter confrontation brews between Kyokuya and Lucotte.


Valentine's Event

The [Chocolate Way 2020] Emergency Quest sends players back into the fiery depths of the Volcanic Caverns to do battle in the name of love! Try the new Ultra Hard difficulty to square off against an Ultralized version of Vol Dragon.


The [Evolion Dragon] is not a foe to be taken lightly. Its body can become enveloped in gold, making it difficult to strike. The horns on its head and back amplify its energy. Focus on attacking these points, and take heed of its azure flames.


The ★15 [Ridder Order] and [Fraulein Rose] are two new weapons that can drop during the seasonal quest.


Stratos has ditched her hero armor and slipped into something a little more festive in celebration of Valentine's Day! Meet with her in the Shop Area and help her out with some requests to receive her partner card and the Chotori Mag.


The Chocolate 2020 Collections will notably include the ★13 Flow Razor wired lance and various ★14 Eggs.


Fluffy Perfume (AC Scratch)

Impress your sweetheart this Valentine's Day with one of several new costumes! Whether you choose chocolatey formal wear or just a cute apron, you're sure to captivate.



Special Ability Details

The effects of Special Abilities can now be viewed within the item details window.


Material Storage Option

Toggle whether you want material items to automatically be sent to the [Material Storage] with a new setting in Options!


Support Partner Menu

The [Support Partner Menu] has been updated with an option for accessing the Storage Box.


Stationary Rockbear Mode

The Rockbear Training quest will feature a new stationary mode in both the 20 second and unlimited variants.


Special Collection Updated

Fraulein Rose from Phantasy Star Portable will appear as a ★15 Double Saber in the Special Collection file.


Other Adjustments

  • Uncompressed Candy at ★13 or lower can be sold in the Player Shops.
  • Random Emergency Quests will now spawn simultaneously with all ships.
    • ※Due to a bug discovered in testing, this feature will not be implemented in the Feb 5th update. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will implement this feature at a later date. 

34 thoughts to “PSO2 Raises The Level Cap to Lv.95!”

  1. Good update. Lvl cap that raises PP…how much PP we're gonna get tho I wonder…
    it's good news for Ph and Ph sub users (right?). I knew I shouldn't have discarded those silver keys to free warehouse. (>__Liberate unit upgrade.

    1. The video showed him go from 209 max to 211 when he leveled up from 94 to 95, so I'd assume 2 per level (10 max).

    1. @Zed
      Using Et, I noted that we gain +5SP, +10 PP and more less +20 other stat (including HP). So at your stat gets a small update. Not really helping to reduce the damage from UH mobs, but still an increase.

  2. What a sexy LA , i wonder how overpriced it will be. BTW We should be Lv.200 by now, SEGA is slow with level caps.

    1. From game designer standpoint: It's better to have 5 meaningful levels than 50 empty levels. ATM we actually have the better deal on leveling, since they can easily make the level cap to 140, but you gain a measly +2 stat per 5 level between 90 and 140.

  3. I'm not usually i guy that Complain and Demand more updates for sure
    But oh boy ain't this update sure is looking hella lazy, You probably had more content saving up for next patch..
    but Increased only PP sounds like should have be since 5 levels before hand and it's probably a good time to bring new pet(s) or Higher rarity eggs now.
    (considering enemies are about to be level 91~96 and pet's Defense stats are some what lacking for years now )
    You know there is something wrong for sure when a guy that ok with everything start to complaining.

    1. Oh hi! good to see you,
      I'm everywhere at this point lol Deja vu indeed but..
      You don't have to bring that Discussion here because it's not really relevant anymore like..
      Come on dude it's been a couple patches ago lol
      But well what could i say… i'm not Impressed with this year Valentine but at the same time not really Care about it either
      I'm just stating that i kinda disappointed.. I mean.. because it's probably would be a good time for 15* pets
      I'm not demanding more contents or anything it's just.. Summoner is kinda outdated.

    2. Tbh, i thought they not gonna give us SP so i kinda complain about it
      But after i finished level up, i saw that they did gave us 5 more SP so i don't really care anymore.

    3. Since I've been right once, allow me to offer another opinion: it isn't a good time for ★15 pet because:
      ※ We only have 2 pursuit pet: Aero and Synchro, and Aero is currently near-useless. Unless they reworked Aero, there's no place for them in your Weapon Palette. Anyone carrying Aero to EQ is either very experienced, or downright leeching, almost no in-between (mostly the latter).
      ※ Redran is near-useless unless you have a set of takt to support him, one of which is Lightstream. This is too demanding for newcomer and downright off-putting since you need at least Lightstream, Zara, and Orb on top of Rykross. Redran sees some use during seasonal quest, but his role can be easily replaced with Jinga. On boss EQ, same deal as Aero.
      ※ Maron has a niche use on "high difficulty" quest such as Masquerade, or Phaleg, or Phantom XQ, or Solo Shiva in EP6 Harukotan, but outside of that, same deal as Aero.

      As long as they don't fix this, if they use the same approach as ★14 pets, adding extra stat to pet would just be a superficial update. It would be great to add revised personality, but thinking how Sega works since the beginning of EP6, don't put a lot of hope on it.

      Additionally Su also suffers from:
      ※ Diversity is currently damned because Rykross Staff Plus is way too powerful: increasing overall PA damage from 13% to 20%. The only thing that can be remotely on par with this is Liberate Takt with 8% damage and 20% PP reduction (testing needed).
      ※ Related to diversity, Su only works with critical build. Which means Ph is the top choice (and almost the only choice), while Et is out. Why Et bother having Pet damage boosts while their still works around JA is beyond me.

    4. @Perseonn
      Hmm kinda agreed on just about everything else you said but… Redran is alot more boss useful than you might think. It works wonders on bosses with multiple hitboxes and with some things that can help with Su pp efficiency (granted these things are not fun to get) such as s7 glowing grace pp issues are hard to come by. There are people doing a ridiculous amount of damage with it such as here. I think a better term for redran and well, su in general is beginner unfriendly.

      Here is another clip of Su killing enq2 Loser in a very good time with redran.

      Hopefully this was of some use.

    5. Well yeah That's why i said "Probably would be a good time" I'm not really say it is a good time,
      Because Aero and Redran are too much geared Dependent for Not really high reward as Maron and Melon can also do the same thing with almost no gear while Aero Spiral if landed is kinda Rewarding
      Other Pets are okay But Aero right now is fine for me so if there anything i want would be better Defense Parfait because
      I just think that either pets or Summoner itself need an Attention and that's the only thing i might ask them for
      I also answer your Harukotan comment once again and I mean that when i said Hope you understand what i was going for..
      Because as if we still discussed here
      You were right for once? Not really there are more problem than you think and not just game alone
      Pso2 Process can be slow down to 1 year with only little new contents and will be just fine
      Because or Why you might need to look back in Your old harukotan comment because i already answer the majority like Why it takes 7~8 months for new thing

    6. PSO2 have already made it this far they didn't really have to Busting out new contents out of their skulls all the time and I believe that They know what they are doing,
      So i never demanding or too complaining they can do what they need to get done i'll just enjoy what ever they need to offers,
      You might need more contents and new thing all the time because it would be always new and refreshing but no, Just Look at the new Star wars some says it Bad Some says it's okay but people still enjoy it either for Memes or Like me who always Love Star war since i was a Kid and wants it to keeps going i don't care that it's gonna be bad i just want to see it's continuing and that's all that matter to me

    7. new Star war, Dragonball Super, Boruto
      which one of this Do you care about?
      They're all just like PSO2 Continuing Contents That start to get bad as the time goes on
      But Dragonball Super Moro arc is what might made a comeback just like PSO2 that some time have new contents to bring player back and they made it all the time
      So just relax and enjoy what's been Given
      just Look at Eminem some hate him some love him and just enjoyed what's he doing his rap is Motivated
      Some song are bad some song are well.. go Boom

    8. Make no mistake, neither Maron or Melon is really good without proper gear, especially Maron since the latest boss trend is less hit more damage, something Maron got a disadvantage.

      If you are using Aero in boss EQs, I'll just frown and label you as "probably not a good Su". Aero is really in a tight spot as his Dilligent personality is what drives itself to disuse: the high PP consumption simply does not justify the damage boost. You'll run out of PP so fast, and couple with Aero's weak normals (weakest among pets) with lowest attack PP gain (hooray?), you get yourself a low DPS.

      I do not wish to dig our old argument, but here's a food for thought:
      Anything implemented now, say L95, would have been in development for at least 3 months before now (6 is more reasonable in case of something "big" like Etoile), assuming PSO2 dev has a competent project manager. So if you're seeing slow updated, etc, do mind that this has been ordained at least 3 months before today. With that in mind, these sporadic story mode update has been >plannedplanned to be slow<.

    9. @PERSEON
      I do know that and that's why i said Either Pets or Summoner need an Attention
      Maron and Melon Is not very gear dependent Anything comes to increased damage outputs is good and Scale up, I do have Aero and Redran in my weapon Palette cuz both can do thing in very Situational
      While i have Rappy do all the work for DPS i would bring out Aero if Rappy were knocked out for Offensive
      while i would Switch to Maron for Defensive and Damage Nuke while Melon is For More defensive and Damage Pressure i am not the Greatest Summoner in the world so i do what i see fit
      The way you play didn't apply to me or anyone, You don't even need to mention High DPS or Low
      people do thing Differently PSO2 right now is more of a Firepower Racing that's why you don't have to mention it cuz people are well aware

      Everything Planed before hand to be slow and i am well aware of that.

    10. @TK
      I tend not to trust clips from Twitter or such. Case in point, those twitter videos you use are from an Endless run, in which the Redran has the opportunity to have maxed boost with Exquisite Steady + Steady parfait, totaling of 150% x 120% x 120% boost for a total of 216% damage boost. However, this setup isn't guaranteed to work on seasonal EQ, since there's (hopefully competent) damagers beside your character.

      I never force my way to play on anyone, but I know the good from bad. Having Maron, Aero, and Redran on your palette is bad, since they have really niche use on common quest. Maron is not even a good nuker because they are way too reliant on Maron strike (unless you're against multi-hit bosses).

      This doesn't mean I don't understand your standpoint. I played Su since the middle if EP4 and It took me a while to remove both Redran and Aero from my main palette (as recent as mid Ph era) and replace them with Rappy and Melon.

      It's good to see another non-standard Su like you, since you're using Rappy main. I personally use Viola main. But you can be a lot better!

    11. Yeah i completely agree on Maron being too much on Maron Strike
      But hey at least it does Make your life easier on Breaking enemies parts or The Situation where you need to Defend yourself while Maron Allowed you to be mid-Defensive and then Use Maron strike right after that as some kind of Counter strike,
      But maron right now is Very Situational that's why I have still keep Maron in palette
      Because i am a Situational Dependent kind of player while Rappy and Melon is my main pet i am planing on Taking out my Aero and Redran but Redran can be useful against Large mob so i keep it in palette
      And i kinda have a hard time Judging my PP with Synchro and it's Defense being low? anyway
      I still didn't know which Candy i should put on, If you have any idea i do like to know your way of playing with Synchro

    12. Ahhh—- Typo again
      (*Fix* – I completely Agree with you on Maron relying to much on Maron Strike)
      but it's other PAs are on the same level with Melon so not really my downside for me
      So keep Maron in palette is kinda Plus side for me (In my way of playing though)

    13. Oh nice, this is helpful for people who New to Su
      And i completely forgot that Synchro do have damage boost when sent out after the other Pet got K.O'ed
      This probably suited my play style better than Aero

  4. hello, just started a few weeks ago, how do i obtain hero class's weapon camo ?
    i've got phantom's and etoile's through visiphone but no hero's

  5. So like I'm in NA with the lots of people but our level cap is 80 only, I'm assuming Japan gets first of everything which is understandable, but I'm just confused of the game itself since I'm not a dreamcast player, I'm new, I'm astonished that a 8 year old game is constantly getting attention, which is also understandable for a MMO but what do they plan to do, will they keep updateing bc I'd love to keep playing

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