PSO2 Raises The Level Cap to Lv.95!

~ February 5th, 2020 ~


Level Cap Raise

Another five levels will be added to the game's current cap! Levels 91 ~ 95 will just increase your PP. There are no new requirements for unlocking the cap. The additional PP gained will not apply to subclasses. Support Partners will also be able to reach level 95.


Episode 6 Substory

Three childhood friends are reunited at last, but all is not well. A bitter confrontation brews between Kyokuya and Lucotte.


Valentine's Event

The [Chocolate Way 2020] Emergency Quest sends players back into the fiery depths of the Volcanic Caverns to do battle in the name of love! Try the new Ultra Hard difficulty to square off against an Ultralized version of Vol Dragon.


The [Evolion Dragon] is not a foe to be taken lightly. Its body can become enveloped in gold, making it difficult to strike. The horns on its head and back amplify its energy. Focus on attacking these points, and take heed of its azure flames.


The ★15 [Ridder Order] and [Fraulein Rose] are two new weapons that can drop during the seasonal quest.


Stratos has ditched her hero armor and slipped into something a little more festive in celebration of Valentine's Day! Meet with her in the Shop Area and help her out with some requests to receive her partner card and the Chotori Mag.


The Chocolate 2020 Collections will notably include the ★13 Flow Razor wired lance and various ★14 Eggs.


Fluffy Perfume (AC Scratch)

Impress your sweetheart this Valentine's Day with one of several new costumes! Whether you choose chocolatey formal wear or just a cute apron, you're sure to captivate.



Special Ability Details

The effects of Special Abilities can now be viewed within the item details window.


Material Storage Option

Toggle whether you want material items to automatically be sent to the [Material Storage] with a new setting in Options!


Support Partner Menu

The [Support Partner Menu] has been updated with an option for accessing the Storage Box.


Stationary Rockbear Mode

The Rockbear Training quest will feature a new stationary mode in both the 20 second and unlimited variants.


Special Collection Updated

Fraulein Rose from Phantasy Star Portable will appear as a ★15 Double Saber in the Special Collection file.


Other Adjustments

  • Uncompressed Candy at ★13 or lower can be sold in the Player Shops.
  • Random Emergency Quests will now spawn simultaneously with all ships.
    • ※Due to a bug discovered in testing, this feature will not be implemented in the Feb 5th update. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will implement this feature at a later date. 

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