Ultra Harukotan Rushes In This November on PSO2

~ November 6th, 2019 ~


Launcher Complex PA

Leap into the air and release a bombardment of photon shells with the [Prominence Assail] Complex PA! The wide blast radius is advantageous for wiping out crowds of enemies.


Koffie has a new Complex PA stock expansion Client Order available that requires you to clear the [Traces of Darkness] Time Attack quest on Ultra Hard.


Ultra Hard Harukotan

The Shironia and Kuron fields of planet Harukotan can now be experienced on the Ultra Hard difficulty!


Challenge new Ultralized versions of classic Harukotan bosses.


New ★15 weapons and a ★13 weapon camo are among the new drops available on Harukotan's Ultra Hard maps.


Ultra Hard Time Attack

The Ultra Hard version of the [Traces of Darkness] Time Attack quest brings Ultralized and Omega Falz bosses into the fray. The Abduction event will not trigger on this difficulty level.


Popona NPC

IDOLA spokesperson Popona is popping into the ARKS Lobby for a limited time! She's here to clue everyone in on the game and the Aries Knights. Assist with her PR campaign and receive several unique items.


Idola Point Exchange

Rack up Idola Points by playing IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga and trade them in for various collaborative items!


Idola First Anniversary (AC Scratch)

Celebrate the first anniversary of the IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga mobile app! Emulate heroes Uly, Stella, Rosalinde, Jasper, and Wyndis with a collection of new cosmetic items.



Support Item Scratch (November 13th)

Expect a new Support Item Selection scratch on November 13th!

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