Ultra Harukotan Rushes In This November on PSO2

~ November 6th, 2019 ~


Launcher Complex PA

Leap into the air and release a bombardment of photon shells with the [Prominence Assail] Complex PA! The wide blast radius is advantageous for wiping out crowds of enemies.


Koffie has a new Complex PA stock expansion Client Order available that requires you to clear the [Traces of Darkness] Time Attack quest on Ultra Hard.


Ultra Hard Harukotan

The Shironia and Kuron fields of planet Harukotan can now be experienced on the Ultra Hard difficulty!


Challenge new Ultralized versions of classic Harukotan bosses.


New β˜…15 weapons and a β˜…13 weapon camo are among the new drops available on Harukotan's Ultra Hard maps.


Ultra Hard Time Attack

The Ultra Hard version of the [Traces of Darkness] Time Attack quest brings Ultralized and Omega Falz bosses into the fray. The Abduction event will not trigger on this difficulty level.


Popona NPC

IDOLA spokesperson Popona is popping into the ARKS Lobby for a limited time! She's here to clue everyone in on the game and the Aries Knights. Assist with her PR campaign and receive several unique items.


Idola Point Exchange

Rack up Idola Points by playing IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga and trade them in for various collaborative items!


Idola First Anniversary (AC Scratch)

Celebrate the first anniversary of the IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga mobile app! Emulate heroes Uly, Stella, Rosalinde, Jasper, and Wyndis with a collection of new cosmetic items.



Support Item Scratch (November 13th)

Expect a new Support Item Selection scratch on November 13th!

23 thoughts to “Ultra Harukotan Rushes In This November on PSO2”

  1. Hey, no offense but it`s tiring to see always recolred mobs with different stats and a little changed moves here and there and leave it with a sentence like "face some ultra new (recolored) whatever, maybe some oodans with super hardcore red colors instead of the native one to call this an actual update of content. (sorry….nah, no regrets.)

    1. the little slither scythe hand things are black and gold and thats a normal enemy

    2. Hey look buddy… I think it's better For me to put this as Understandable as i could,
      Most of you always wanted a new thing…. Like Entirely new thing and i think that was just too much..
      Nothing freshly new can be created without a hardworking, And Hardworking needs a good long time to be done and yet, We just got New EQ, New Quests, New Mech type enemies, New weapons every months
      And that's was a Hardworking… Some of SEGA's employee almost Didn't get a sleep just to finished it before Deadline, So….. Enough of me spilling blah blah Let's talk about Something makes sense here,
      When you use a common sense based on Earth here, If there is a Cats "Existed" then a Rare and stronger one will be born later on, Makes so much sense right?
      And if we put that thought into the game….
      If it's a something Base on "Naberius species" Then there will be a naberius base animals or monsters emerged from that Species and evolve into new one Nab Rappy has Rappy as their relative Species
      Therefore Harukotan is planet with there own things!
      So If there is Ultralized Enemies based on Harkotan then that will Make sense for me
      You may thought that this is bullshit, But then again… Creating or Designing a new thing that doesn't existed in real life is so GOD DAMN HARD….. Your Creativity will be limited if you use it to much
      You need to give it a good long time to think about a new thing

    3. That's what I'm trying to say man.
      Idk if it's really sarcasm or if your neglish might be worse than mine but this is really not much effort put in a game like this. I programmed and designed lots of sht and no one can tell me this is work more than one day to put out a halfassed update like this.

    4. And sorry for some Typo and Grammar
      I didn't get to use English as often Lately
      Cause i live in thailand and Usually Use Thai and Japanese for communication
      Didn't to use Englisg for a while now so my grammar is kinda off just a bit

    5. Melon…I just love your reply…honestly…
      Lot of people complain about devs not working hard yadayadayada…but then again…can they point me with ANY MMO that has unique monsters added in every update? answer is no..even WoW which is ultra huge.has same exact monster renamed/resized/recolored filling 50% of all maps (and no..not speaking of critters :D).
      As for Japanese who work over 14 h/day, come back home by last train, get short sleep and then get up to go back to work..I really respect Japanese for their hard work.
      As a person who's trying to create unique characters that I've never seen before in manga I know how hard it is to burn your imagination πŸ˜€
      Also some people forget that we're getting updates every 2 weeks that bring up new AC scratch with new items, story update once a month (yeah most of us don't understand Japanese, so do they care?just hit ESC to get that RDR/SG, right? πŸ˜€ ), new Complex PA every month (wonder what class gets next, hope it'll be announced during PSO2STATION on Nov 5th), Etoile coming this month as well.
      Tho, I'd change just one thing in current update…Launcher's CPA color..I mean it's dark-blue (which is currently Phantom's PA color), while Ranger's Launcher PAs are mostly fire based (except beam and sphere..sorry I am bad at remembering all those PA names, since I play all classes and change em all the time when get bored), so I'd prefer it being red/orange instead πŸ™‚ but, well..that's just so minor that it doesn't matter….

      P.S. I hope that LA for idola's toy-box lobby action won't be 1 billion meseta πŸ˜€ I just love it πŸ™‚
      P.S.2 I am so happy to see community not arguing with each other calling names and being rude to each other and figuring out everything peacefully.

      PSO2 Forever and ever. ^_^

    6. @Melon and everyone those on the same ship as them: I call BS.

      Let me readdress some of our current situation:
      "We just got New EQ…"
      Our last new EQ was May 29th, (let's just round it to June). And this is November. That was 5 months ago.

      "…New Quests…"
      I agree on New Quest, because the infiltration UQ was awesome. I disagree on New Quests, because we only got 1 new quest so far. Ultra Hard variants doesn't count since it's mostly composed of increased HP and 1 new attack per boss (and poor drops).

      "…New Mech type enemies…"
      We got 3 new Luminmechs: the bat, the blinker with a windmill attack, and that Metagross boss, and this is after 5 months.

      "…New weapons every months…"
      Refreshing, sure, usability? Questionable. As with NT crafting, this felt like a condolence prize for those who can't get more β˜…15 Atra Ex or β˜…15 Xion series (or Austere-NT). At least tho, some of them gives an infinite source of good S-Abilities.

      "And that’s was a Hardworking…"
      If they work really hard, we'd at least have some coherent story now. I'd say they work on a good pace and it shows: some are good (class balances), some provoke the "finally!" line (AQ for photon booster), some are bad (UH fields), some provoke the "what where they thinking" line (solo XQ expert requirement).

      If they work as hard as you thought they be, they'll not discourage Techers on UH fields, UQ Masquerade, and UQ Infiltration.

    7. I know i must be in the minorty here, but considering Nepto Cassadora and Rheo Madulard are my favorite bosses, i really appreciate these "recolors"

      Most free fields didn't even have an Extra Hard dificulty, and the ones that did were still fairly weak, I like being able to do all this content without instantly defeating the bosses, and being able to fight them in their arena, with their music, and improved gameplay is what i really wanted….

      I can't say that i don't want new content tho, but this is perfectly fine for me :P, the only problem is that the areas are mostly deserted……

    8. @PERSEONN
      Yeah sure buddy, All i said was try not to Place your pressure on them too much,
      Seriously? if 5 months was long Then Can you Use your imagination to Created new thing Every months?
      Maybe? i give you 2 years at your best, Now try to making a Entirely
      New thing that will be Top of your old one But still keeps your Old one relevant on this new one
      It's bullshit, And i know it
      But then again just like what i said Your imagination is limited once you use it Long enough
      Can you Draw 20 Characters and gives them unique personalities and jobs? – If you can now well now
      It's time for a Story What ever story it will be.. Now making their Enemies and you Keeps doing it for a while now What kind of your New type enemies you wanted it to be like?
      And You sure had working hard, But the Consumer or Fans said There's not enough New Thing So you gave them a new thing just like what they wanted
      But They're still want more and more and more and more of Entirely new thing like Freshly Story and new Enemies new Design for your Character Bring back some of your Character to the Present story
      and you have your Deadline like Next month….
      And we are one of those consumer who always Wanted a "Freshly" and "Entirely" new thing
      Keeps pressure the Devs and you got nothing better in Return, Bull shit sure it is But…Well how do i put this..
      Devs team They're also Human like me Like you…. They had Their limit of what they can do
      Give them their time buddy, They Deserves it.

    9. @Melon
      Oh look, it's January! 7 months after Armada! And we got… one new (boring) Magatsu Battle.

      "…if 5 months was long Then Can you Use your imagination to Created new thing Every months?"
      How about fighting Magatsu that starts from his legs, then you jump on panel to keep attacking his parts, ending in showdown on his head against another entity, entirely on foot?
      How about another EP5 fantasy-based battle like fighting a hydra whose heads you need to take down one by one and they each have different properties?
      How about another EP5-based quest that puts you in a Quent castle and you have to find your way around to reach the throne room?
      How about a free field set in townscape of Es-Ars?
      How about a free field set in Epic desert?
      How about a real seasonal enemies with new moveset e.g. Santa Falz that appears in X-Mas EQ instead of… UQ Dragonkins… what…
      How about making a new hair system that consist of front, side, and back hair?
      How about breaking down the Ba system and make outfits available in Top, bottom, and shoes?
      There you go, a new idea every month. Took me only 15 minutes to think it.

      "But then again just like what i said Your imagination is limited once you use it Long enough"
      Your imagination is limited by the book you read, or in case of game development, game you play.

      "Can you Draw 20 Characters and gives them unique personalities and jobs? – If you can now well now"
      I can't draw, but I can write you 20 different character concepts with unique personality and jobs/class. If you are interested, discord me with my name and #7731.

      "Now making their Enemies and you Keeps doing it for a while now What kind of your New type enemies you wanted it to be like?"
      Seasonal enemies that only appears during seasonal EQ, for example you can make a chocolate dragon that can freeze you with chocolate spray for Valentine, instead of old noisy Deadleon.

      "Give them their time buddy, They Deserves it."
      We did. 7 months, nothing significantly new. We got 2 weeks from Jan 8 to Jan 22 that is filled with nothing but recycled EQ and few Eva here and there.

    10. Well ! Congrats you did it!!
      Not in practice but Discussing Here, Yep it's been 7~8 months They bring the Old EQs and gave it new Difficulty so it would still be relevant in new Patch and not just Forget about it,

      You did! it in 15 minutes and it will stay there
      You can created 20 characters with unique personality and I said New classes for them Every patches,
      That would dropping every months, Yes you can! Quantity over Quality that is

      And when i said Give them their time… like serious you don't know how Big Game companies works now a day?
      Everything involves Money and yes i mean INVOLVES BIG MONEY, And it's not like they made only just PSO2 right?, And yes PSO2 have their own team for sure..
      But people in their team also must be involve with another game too because Hiring more worker
      is not just Smash or Pass kind of stuff You must Working hard and learning fast and hiring more people means More money involve too, So that is what i mean by just Give them their time
      Because if Workers are not doing any good they just dump their money for nothing so They would kept more Experience people working on between the Games which new hiring people need to learn from them while Experience worker would go on and focus on current Project and PSO2 process could be slowing down and has no problem, Why? because if they were to doing the thing that all of you want
      at the same time the Current project would either be cancelled or pause, And they're human
      No matter how talented you are, You cannot just Do thing on your own ALONE
      and it the same as..
      When i say your imagination would be limited when you use it long enough
      because you didn't really think about the outcome that's why I Disagree with you
      placing pressure on them, And new Persona game about to come out do you have any idea now?

    11. @PERSEONN
      It's either you really inexperience about this stuff or you just being ignorance
      You Answer all my Request But why…? What's the point?
      You doing all my requests wow! Congratulation!
      You failed as a Developer, reality is not just wining a discussion buddy
      it's either you can go all the way or failed Miserably. That's how basically all the Companies work
      One might be different from another because We're all different,
      Just like how SEGA are Different from Nintendo.
      At the end it doesn't matter *What* can you do or Who you are,
      It's either You keeps going or just stand still… Or sometime.. There will be another factor to force you to stop and You won't see it coming,
      But what you were doing they're was all your imagination i'm just tricked you to do it.

    12. Do you have anything to say? If you have just say it, and sorry about some typo
      And it all will be pointless just like this Discussion or Conversation if we can call it that
      You can complain all you want and nobody really gonna care beside me
      Not because i wanna win against you or to make you Agree with me,
      I just want you to understand and just Get over it already We are different at our Point of views
      Just because I Complain about one thing it doesn't mean that You should bring me back to this Conversation
      Cuz it it pointless… Just get over it already.. or else just Quit the game so you don't have to deal with what you were refering to as Bullshit , You can just keeps complaining and bring people back to your point
      but i'm gonna move forward now.

  2. @Melon

    Sadly I cant reply directly idk maybe it`s bugged right now.

    " We just got New EQ, New Quests, New Mech type enemies, New weapons every months "

    This is really a part where I have to apologize in advance.
    I dont know under what circumstances developers work in SEGAs offices or even if some of them might be a Kellerkind, but if this is true what youre trying to say IMO it is making the problem of their customers even worse. I dont want to go too much in the details right now, but there was too much wrong decisions in development in the past. Maybe just minor errors (or major ones like misreading the status of the customers while introducing the hero class). And yeah I dont want to point out to too much negative statements, but this is where this is leading(…I started it …), so…

    "If there is a Cats β€œExisted” then a Rare and stronger one will be born later on, Makes so much sense right?"

    Sure. When I find something thats genuine and untouched by it`s origin everything after it is like those recolors. Considering your mentioned deadlines by the developers I didnt think of itΒ΄s no wonder there was a high possibilty this is happening. I just think that everything wasnt really thought through from the start. Dont get me wrong I like this game and mostly everything it had to offer until now.

    BUT not this recolor stuff to excuse those deadlines.
    Ranger update is cool, Livestreams offer some signs of transparency what is going on behind the scenes.
    I just cant get rid of that feeling to feel abused when I know how little time it takes aside from employee management and stuff to present an update like I mentioned. I reached so much because I have enough time to do so … faced a wall of boredem right after it, did take a break of like six months, came back to face a story update worth like ten minutes. Thats okay. But then you face like 95% of players(excludes language barriers), who are just leechers, new to the game but a passive nature or just plain stupid to know why they even play online to just get isolated with "arigatou for party" copy and paste trash to leave two seconds after they did write it to leave you alone with your half finished sentence- hey he was party leader and I couldnt pick up all items because of inventory was full ( here I go again into offset).

    Based on these experiences and using Google a few times I knew I wasnt the only one complaining. Still I do. Then I wait for my beloved nostalgic game for that I spend seven years to build something up- the only connection I maybe ever get to a place I maybe never reach in any other way aside from PSO2 to get downhill with the complain in my first message. (I like japan…soo~obvious..)

    The reason I write this is, I think mostly scum of the community remained because of some critical issues along the way of the development failed. (…)

    1. well you can only reply into opener's message and they appear in order people replied. So if someone already posted before the message you wanted to reply in same discussion, you can use same way to adress as you did in new comment (@[email protected]).
      I am not a big user of comment section on bumped, but I don't remember 'reply' to replies being here before. So, I don't think it's a bug (^_^)

    2. @GRENDAN
      Well i kinda understand your point,But I have been Playing this for 4 years now okay?
      if i have to say anything it would be, Hey… Don't be quick to judge
      I've been playing long enough to understand their thoughts Because it's always be like this New move recolor for some Free field enemies
      if I count all the time i have in Thai server it would be 6 years and a half
      Sure, The Recolor and Remodeling is not the Excited thing in the world although they did give them a Couple new moves which is not a terrible decision for me tbh
      If you thought I am like the Face of 95% of the player all i can say is Wrong, none of that I just get used to it and trying to understanding what the hell were they thinkingm And i am not that kind of guy who push the thought too hard well cause i never really care for anything to be fair lol
      If this the way they do then, It will be i'm gonna still playing PSO2 anyway Beside the i got many friends
      through this game Both Japanese and many non-Japanese like Mexican, American, Thai, even Italian
      And i got to learn Japanese through that it's like "Got two birds stoned at once"
      I getting so much better at japanese,
      And I think taking something too serious is not good for anyone and even you Yourself cause this is not even a job, Though you just playing the game
      So please…. Have fun with it, Unless it's not fun for you anymore then i have no word for that statement
      It's take me one whole year to get good at this game and finally Become Expert player all by myself
      So please don't say something like i am like the Face 95% of new player or something along those line it's pissed me off, Cause I always Working hard for everthing i Love or at least just Liking it
      You're not the only one who gone through everything for all those years
      but let's put that aside, All i really want to say is
      "Yes, You got your point, But i am fine with this"

    3. And ignore the most part i just Type there Because i misreading your Post so… My Apology,
      Probably because most kids these days Typing like they just got out of school so i kinda get use to it
      They mostly type You face for kind of Insulting instead typing "Your face" they like to type it like this
      "u face" or "You face" So…. my bad for Misunderstanding your point there lad… so sorry

  3. Boy howdy so much entitlement here. Ye as consumers we all want more but if you be a bit of a realist you do understand that indeed PSCrew is working pretty goddarned hard to give us actually new stuff. And no I am not referring to the UH fields altho those would be fine, the issue with them is that the drops arent exciting enough to keep mpas around enough to actually get around farming such useful things as Crack reliably

    @Grendan You're completely wrong saying "recolors with one new attack" would take little time. Balancing games is hard work getting hit- and hurtboxes to work correctly isnt just copypasting either. Also I actually enjoy the fact the old planets are being kept at least somewhat relevant with the UH updates. Most MMOs have basically 1 piece of content (usually a raid) to go after for 3+ months. Sega actually releasing as much content as they do and trying to update older content to become useful enough is highly commendable and extremely rare to see in that genre.

    Adding to that: Upgraded difficulties are a staple of PSO ever since PSO1. Most of the farms even in the most advanced pso1 out there (ephinea) is still taking place in the Utlimate difficulty of the same areas that have been around for a long time and have been used to farm lower ended drops on lower difficulty to get Ult ready.

    Instead of complaining about new players being "leeches" its up to us vets to actually take them under our wing and teach them the game, how to carry their weight and maybe most importantly stop with perpetuating fleet meta which infact leads to laziness and burnout as Ive seen time and time again.

    Also you should be thankful to the creation of hero and I say this as someone who gets bored of playing sparkly classes, as someone who mains basic classes only: Without Hero the weaknesses and shortcomings of basic classes wouldnt have been laid as bare as they were and the much needed buffs wouldnt have happened. So be appreciative that hero changed the game for the better for any basic class player.

    @Perseonn Whats wrong with XQ for expert? the whole point of expert is to actually not make it too easy and infact revision is gonna come soon enough as we aldy have a reached the percentage of players having it that would SEGA cause to revise again. Expert shouldnt be handed out, it's something you gotta earn, hence the name EXPERT. (and frankly theres pretty well known methods to clear the trigger as well as the xq without much of any effort even)

    1. @SASS
      I always wanted to say that Many people Should Be thanksful to Hero Because Hero Existed
      The overall Classes Have been Pushes to the New Levels at their Best, But i'm afraid of the Hero Haters
      So i kept shut up about it for a long time
      And I won't even gonna touch Hunter, Ranger, and Gunner with the old way the used to played
      but now Everything is so Great that I level them up to at least 76+ But Hunter is now my new Main class at level 90
      My Main Classes are Hero, Phantom, Sumonner, Hunter, Braver, And they are at the Best they can be now

    2. @SASS
      "Whats wrong with XQ for expert? the whole point of expert is to actually not make it too easy…"

      With PSO2 as is, hard = enemy hits for huge damage, as evident in Deus and Hunar stage. So instead of making smart boss that reacts to your current class and teaches you a thing or two, they just make the obstacle hit really hard.

      What's that has to do with being skilled? Players will end up toughen themselves with setups that they will not use in regular expert run, but it will work on this particular XQ, such as Summoner using Maron + Dear Master Abuse, using Hu main, high orbit Vapor spam, and such.

      In fact, a person with subpar performance (evident in Rockbear damage race), can still clear the XQ because they use Etoile.

      TLDR, the XQ is too easy for some classes, but too hard for some other classes, making it not a good expert requirement.

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