PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Support Item Selection

Support Item Selection
(Until 03.01.2020)

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

SG Scratch
Frequency Rewards
10 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
20 times Add Ability [Mark Receptor]
30 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
40 times Add Ability [Divine Receptor]
50 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times Ability Success Rate +60%

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.
※EX Tri-Boost can be used together with other boost items. Duration effect is 360 minutes.

Scratch Lineup




  • 追加エクスキューブ+1 || Extra Cube +1
    • Increases the drop rate of [Excube] by 1.
  • EXPウェポン2箱 || EXP Weapon 2 Box
    • Contains [EXP Weapon2-NT] x2
  • EXPエッグ★14箱 || EXP Egg 14★ Carton
    • Contains [EXP Egg 14★] x4

24 thoughts to “PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Support Item Selection”

    1. I literally spent $0 and was able to pull 3 10 scratches. Maybe if you learn to save you wouldn't be saying that. I have 3 8s fully affixed weapons and not spent a goddmn real money for it. Of all the mmo's I've played PSO2 is the best free to play friendly out there. You're lucky you're not even paying money for a freaking 15* weapon.

    2. "I spent $0" is not an argument against p2w. You can play them most vile p2w mobile game and still not pay a single cent, it won't make it not p2w.
      You can pay money and get advantage, that's literally p2w. Whether you do it or not, is irrelevant.

    3. Damage Ranking was the beginning of the end. No one cared how much you did support DD's, how much you healed them, how long you held the aggresion of a boss but only damage ranking. Well, I havent played long time but did this even change?

    4. Lol it's an argument because I still spent 0$ and got the same items as the people who supposedly "Paid to win". And what's pay to win here? Getting a "grand" affix to your weapon to which you can obtain by buying from people who paid them with real money? People who got divine order affix to their weapons? HELLO?? This is SG scratch this currency is literally free for all if you save them. To be honest the real pay to win in this game is just getting expensive fashion.

    5. @LOL

      The answer is the time the ones saved you had to save for over a long time.
      They outdamage you now, they have more meseta now, they have better affixes now.
      You have them later if they feel like it. Maybe they are greedy and you wont get them.
      If you can get them you're first class, have less good affixes than them – well okay when you have more
      experience than stats or money you're good to go, but in terms of p2w (how it is(?)) you cant afford a mistake because your stats wont allow it. Everyone get's unlucky sometimes and this is the moment p2w affixes kick in. I for myself am not happy to get outclassed from some players who spend more money than myself. Saving time is saving money and it means to have an advantage so it's pay2win depends how much time has passed …

    6. How did you play this long without realizing this game was designed around a p2w/lootbox system? Yikes.
      50 USD = ~100-150 million meseta on average = better affixes. It's been this way since near the beginning.
      Just because you haven't been doing this doesn't mean other players' have not. Yes, they have quite literally doe more damage than you for years because they paid real life money. This was true back when Dark Falz Loser was first released ages ago, and it's true in 2020.

  1. I admire how the team manage the game to push investment always further,
    by making things obsolete just after most of the people put good affix into something..

    At this level, its not a robbery, its a art 🙂

    1. I wonder how it takes years people to learn this.
      I stopped affixing back in 2015. It's a scam. I still manage to clear all Expert Reqs and clear all relevant content.
      Just don't affix, unless it's something very basic, cheap and 100% sure.

    2. QFT for Max. You can live without these effect and become an okay character.

      If I may add another case in point: I have a Wired Lance HuPh alt with just 10 (!) ATK affix (S6/7/8+ElegantStam+Double Rev+Fordruss+Ares+ArksFev) on a full Schvelle units and she can clear all "supposedly hard" Solo Phantom XQ fine, as well as clearing 100F Masquerade (will Spear and Sword also) in ~6mins. She's rather just average at EQs though, but I didn't design her as a damager, but rather a tanker.

      If you think you'll be underperforming without these items, it's time to reevaluate your combo.

    3. I won't call a bit more atk/hp/pp compared to your current affixes to be obsolete. Divine will is shit while Divine order is overpriced and only add a mere 20atk compared to db3. There's also no need to reaffixes Mark to your unit if you already use Grace or Grand.

      Usually it's better to wait until the new end game stuff at the end of EP if you want to go all out on affixing because it will last for the whole next EP. It might be powercreeped but not to the point of being obsolete. I still use my LS unit because S6-7 isn't that much of game changer and i can still do every quest just fine.

    4. That is for lazy affixes in theory…
      But meaningless, everyone is nerfed only hero, etoile and phantom aren't nerfed
      XH EQ, shouldn't take about an hour to do just because players aren't using the new classes
      Some do 1/4 of the damage they should be doing
      I'm actually mad about that, Whats the point of affixing if the SEGA will just nerf us?

    5. @EKAM
      Factually not true and just sounds like you're playing with bad players or in non-expert. Considering Hu , Gu and Su to name 3 examples are extremely strong right now, with these 3 getting some of the best times in alot of content (UH Traces, UH Solo guides, UH Solo PD) amongst other content. Hr is strong but is very limiting in the damage you can take, which is basically every hit in UH, other classes dont have this limitation except Fi. PH is actually strong right now so that one is granted, possibly even the best class right now for EP6 content. And ET is still new so people will be playing this and its very forgiving, same as any class that uses it for subclass (Hu and Ra for example). Additionally every old class is slowly getting complex PAs to boost their damage and buffs almost every couple of months based on user feedback. If you need evidence of this, just scout JP twitter.

    6. @EKAM
      The "Oh, no I'm nerfed" mentality has lead to people believing high ATK affix = instant top damage rank. Nope. If you felt like this also, work on your attack rotation.

      I don't think we can say Ph is "best class for EP6 content" since so far we only have Armada EQ and UQ Infiltration that is based on EP6. Since UQ Infiltration ranks you based on damage taken, and the Shiva battle in EP6 does the same, Et has greater advantage than Ph to clear these quests.

      I have to disagree for your definition of "extremely strong" is based on speed to clear "UH Traces, UH Solo Guides, UH Solo PD", because all of this quests, beside Traces, rely on you not getting hit due to excessive damage of UH mobs for the challenge part. Due to Hu (low damage taken), Gu (a lot of iframes), and Su (flat-out immortality) immensely negate the "excessive damage" part, you can just focus on attacking, making them appear stronger in these quests. If I may offer an alternative labeling, I'd label them as "easiest class to use", except probably Gu, since I can't play Gu at all.

      I got a bad feeling that they won't make it all-out with complex PA as it is not even mentioned in the last PS Station. Hopefully that's not true.

  2. isded! not even worth to recommend the game anymore. they don't even try. power boost? ok. limited paid costumes/LAs? ok. mark receptor? first 1 maybe an outlier, ok. intentionally overinflated mst, hmm. ether receptor? hmm. now mass unit affixing restrictions behind paywall? kekw! and guess what's next? prem stats, costume stats, limited sabi, 10 more receptors and finally server merges! aren't worth your time!

  3. -1- You can gain a lot of SG without paying… but it's true you have to pull your fingers out of your ass to get them. -2- Allowing us to transfert the Divine Will/Order affix is good… but +50ATK or +10PP is not a game changer. -3- The +55%/+60% item is enticing… except we can already get the max 8 affixes without it during Boost Weeks. You're always complaining before thinking. You're hopeless morons.

    1. People been doing 8s stuff even before 15% boost week and 60% affix boost were a thing. The reason most people won't do it on unit is because there isn't that many good affixes to warrant an increase in slot. I still can't understand when people doing a 6+ slot unit but the affixes and stats is absolutely shit compared to a 4 or 5 slot unit.

      It's not like 1 60% boost gonna make that much difference anyway. The only i can think of at the top of my head is upslotting returner5+crack5 from 7s to 8s at 100%. But that's only 1 fodder out of 3 fodder needed to do a 100% final affix and if you want to use mana reverie then it need more than that. It saves your meseta and cube at the cost of 6k SG, which isn't worth it.

  4. Why are the people posting here so whiny about everything? U can enjoy the game without uber affixes and u can get uber affixes without spending any money and u can play the game for free. Besides even if just throw money on this game without really putting ur soul into it u will still suck ass

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