PSO2 Station #19 Recap

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Post May 12th Stream Update

  • Bouncer Proposals

May 12th Stream


Player's Survey Results

Spring Survey Class Evaluations

This chart represents the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction based on the Player's Spring Survey. It appears many are extremely satisfied with Hero. However, Force and Summoner received the most dissatisfaction rating among players.

Techer and Hunter received a pretty lukewarm response, while Fighter and Braver seem to be in good standing compared to the other standard classes. As you can see, there's a huge difference in satisfaction between Hero and the other classes.

Sega's future goal is to make people play PSO2 with their favorite weapon and class. In order to do this, they will be focusing on strengthening the concepts of each class, clarifying their standing position. In addition, they are looking to make it possible for other classes to experience amenities of a similar nature to Hero. Their third task is to review each class and make improvements on the weakpoints they carry. Doing all of these tasks will make it so that more people can enjoy PSO2! Yay..



Current and Enforced Policies

On May 9th, they implemented skills to clarify the strong points of each class. You can read a list of these new skills through the previous post.

  • Hunters: Enhance their party supporting abilities through War Cry
  • Ranger: Elevate their fighting power by enhancing trap' support functions, and PP recovery abilities
  • Force: Increase their DPS by reducing charge times
  • Bouncer: Enhance their support characteristics.
  • Summoner: Improve their safety so that they can battle while focusing only on the pet.
  • Techer: Enhance its supportive capabilities ensuring that you can provide support technics.

May 9th also focused on improving the poor parts of each class through skills.

  • Braver: Relaxing the point that made balancing Katana and Bullet Bows difficult.
  • Fighter: Reducing the risk of Limit Break
  • Gunner: Improving its 'weakpoint' in regards to how poorly it handles wide-range attacks.



Future Adjustments

The plan is to add the following features to the game in the future:

  • Implement a Double Jump for ALL weapons.
  • Implement a class skill similar to First Blood
  • Allow you to turn some Rings into Charms (Recall Zieg's COs)


Class Satisfaction Details

Hunter Satisfaction

The majority of players gave hunter an [OK] rating with 42% of the entire pie chart. If we were to combine satisfaction and dissatisfaction totals, you would reach 27% satisfied and 31% dissatisfied.
Players seem to love Hunter's mobbing capabilities, as well as its defensive capabilities with Automate and Massive Hunter. However, they seem to not like the heavy reliance on Sword Gear. They also don't like that Sacrifice Bite cancels when you switch weapons.

The Future of Hunters

As for Hunters, they are extending its features of being a "Class of High Durability." Hunter is a class that excels in combat, hate management, and party support. In the future there will be updates that makes use of those strong points by adding situations where multiple enemies or strong enemies spawn.

The Proposals

  • They are looking for ways to address Sacrifice Bite and Gear.



Ranger Satisfaction

The majority of players gave Ranger an [OK] rating, filling up 38% of the chart. Slightly more people are satisfied with Ranger than they are dissatisfied. Players seem to love Ranger's supportiveness through Weak Bullet, and appear to enjoy the thrill or Rodeo Drive Type 0. However, Rangers seem to dislike the evasion performance of Dive Rolls. They also seem dissatisfied with the increased reliance on Standing Snipe. They also don't like how difficult it is to battle with a loaded Weak Bullet.

The Future of Rangers

As for Rangers, they are extending its features as being a [Support-Type All Rounder]. They see it as a class that plays an active role, not only in support, but also in firepower. With the former, Rangers come to the support of party members through the access to special bullets, like Weak Bullet. In the latter, their damaging capabilities come from a combination of several factors, like through their use of traps and powerful charged PAs, among other things.

In the future, they will add situations that demonstrates the class's true value, by adding quests that you can spend some time playing.

The Proposals

  • Yes there's a ring, but, they want to address the difficulty of knowing when Standing Snipe is On or Off.
  • They are also looking into the problem with Dive Rolls.


Force Satisfaction

Forces are bit—unstable, with opinions varying among the playerbase. Of note, [Dissatisfied] ate up 29% of the entire chart. If we add both [Dissatisfied] and [Really Dissatisfied], the combined total takes up exactly half of the pie. When Forces aren't angry at the development team, they seem to love the class's high firepower, ease of compound technic usage, and the buffs given to [traveling] Technics.

Forces seem to dislike its low DEF and HP, the burden on paying customized Technics, and the high reliance on Elemental Conversion—making it troublesome having to prepare weapons for different elements.

The Future of Forces

As for Forces, they are extending its features as a [High-Powered Long Distance Attacker]. They believe this class can further exhibit its strengths, by being aware of the position taken with the enemy. So even though you have to prepare your weapons in advance, "if certain conditions are met," you are capable of becoming extremely powerful.

They plan to implement updates in the future that further make use of these strengths.

The Proposals

  • They plan to make value adjustments with Elemental Conversion's non weak element.


Braver Satisfaction

Alright, we're up to Bravers now…Players seem to generally like Bravers, where 34% of responses received an [OK] rating, and 31% of responses received a [Satisfied] rating. Bravers tend to like the exhilaration of using a Katana and the buffs given to the PAs. They love the Braver Mag adjustment and the buffs to the [traveling] PAs. 

Bravers tend to be dissatisfied with Bullet Bow's poor mobility and there not being enough skill points to assign. It seems they also don't like the over-reliance on Divine Raikou.

The Future of Bravers

As for Bravers, they are extending its features of being an [All Rounder That Excels in Mobility]. They think of Braver as a class that excels in battle, no matter the distance, thanks to its Bullet Bows and Katanas. In addition, the class proves its worth through its versatility when using Bow PAs based on the current situation. It also demonstrates value for its high speed capabilities, when taking advantage of the Katana's mobility. In the future, they plan to carry out an update that demonstrates these strengths even more.

The Proposals

  • They're going to show us something in the future regarding Bullet Bow's mobility.
  • They're looking into addressing the over reliance on Divine Raikou. They haven't made a firm decision but they might create a charm, or re-examine rapid-shoot, or something.



Bouncer Satisfaction

Players seem generally pleased with Bouncers, putting [OK] responses at 37%, and [Satisfied] responses at 27%. Bouncers seem to love how they can support and attack at the same time. They also think that Dual Blades and Jet Boots are fun to use, and they approve of the weapon balancing of the class.

However, they seem to dislike how hard it is to use Distraction Wing. In addition, they don't like the low variety of PAs, and they feel there's insufficient space on their sub-palette.

The Future Of Bouncers

As for Bouncers, they are extending its features of being an [Support-Type All Rounder that Excels with Range.] They believe it's a class that performs a range of actions, from boosting the power of party members through its automatic support capabilities, to its wide-range attacks.

In the future, they will implement an update in order to demonstrate its true value, as a class that can not only provide support, but can also engage in combat, distinctively from a Techer. They plan to enhance Bouncer's supportive capabilities and widen its range in attacks.

The Proposals UPDATED

  • Dodge Auto Field should help make some space in your sub-palette.
  • To expand on the space issues, they're questioning whether they should allow Technics to be set on weapons other than Jet Boots.



Summoner Satisfaction

[Dissatisfied] and [Very Dissatisfied] combine to a total of 48%, so you know something is wrong with the class. As for its good points, players seem to like how easy it is to play. You don't have to worry about Just Attacks, and even if you're not good at its various actions, you can still feel like you're participating in battle. Players also liked the buffs given to pets in the recent updates.

Raising a pet seems to be a burden for players. They dislike how difficult it is to use some PAs, and how troublesome it can be to make the Pet return to its master.

Future of Summoners

As for Summoners, they are extending its features of being a [Class Whose Role Changes Based On the Pet.] They see it as a class that can either attract hate, or provide a steady fight if you switch to multiple pets—this along with many other aspects.

In the future, they will implement an update so that it becomes a class that is easy to use, even if you're not good with its actions. This will be done by making improvements towards pet raising and controls. They also appear to be enhancing their personalities/individualities?

The Proposals

  • They plan to ease the Pet raising aspect.


Fighter Satisfaction

Fighters received a generally pleasing evaluation, with [Satisfied] and [Very Satisfied] taking up 52%. Players generally loved its high power, and the feeling of tension with Limit Break.

Fighters disliked how there's too many rings to use, how limit break's risk is too high, and how Double Saber doesn't have a good [traveling] PA. The countermeasure for the second complaint is already implemented thanks to the Limit Break Insurance skill!

Future of Fighters

As for Fighters, they are extending its features as a class that's a [Close-Range Attacker with High Power.] Thanks to Limit Break, they believe this class has the highest firepower among all classes. Limit Break can even create situations of High Risk / High Return! They will implement an update that makes the best use of this feature in the future.

The Proposals

  • They are thinking of some way to address the ring situation.


Gunner Satisfaction

Gunners are generally [OK] with the class, They tend to love the buffs to Grim Barrage, and like how chaining is easier to do. They also find Stylish Rolls excellent! But as for the bad parts, they seem to not have enough Skill Points, and find there are many skills that rely on Rings. Also, they complained of Grim Barrage being difficult to use due to the specification changes.

The Future of Gunner

As for Gunners, they are extending its features of being a [Mid-Range Attacker with High Burst Damage]. Generally, Gunner's evasion performance is pretty high, and you can fight reliably even from a certain distance away.  In addition to the previous statement, they think of Gunner as a class that excels at burst damage thanks to the Chaining system.

As they address the class's poor range, they will implement an update to further exemplify Gunner's role as a mid-range attacker who utilizes high burst damage.


  • Lowering the max SP to 5 with Zero Range Advance 2.
  • They are thinking of some way to address the ring situation.
  • They are thinking of a way to address the Grim Barrage situation. They haven't decided yet, but it might be something like an ON/OFF switch, or it performs tracking only when Locked-On.


Techer Satisfaction

Most Techers gave it an [OK] rating, with 28% of respondents [Satisfied] and 7% of respondents [Very Satisfied]. Players praised Techer for its high support capabilities, and its high-powered normal attacks. It seems to have a good affinity with many subclasses.

Techers appear to dislike the shortness in range of Support Technics, the difficulty in choosing a skill, and how monotonous it can get fighting with a wand. (HINT HINT).  Anyways, the first point has already been addressed in the May 9th update now that Techers have a skill that can cast support Technics to Party Members in the same area. The last point will seem to be addressed in the Summer???

The Future Of Techers

As for Techers, they are extending its features of being a [Support-Type Attacker That Can Buff and Deal Close-Range Attacks.] They think of Techer as a class that is the most efficient of strengthening party members. In addition, they see that even if you're fighting with a Wand, you can still deal damage to some degree.

In the future, they will implement an update so that you have an active role not only in support, but also in battle. They will also make it easier to provide support for party members.


  • Break up the monotony of Wands by releasing a PA in the Summer.


Hero Satisfaction

As you can see, players are [Very Satisfied] with Hero, with a combined [Satisfied/Very Satisfied] score of 70%. Players liked Hero for its high power and mobility. They found its attack speed exhilarating and the spirit blasts really strong! Players seem not to like the requirements on becoming a hero, the large differences in performance of its weapon types, and the class's low defense.

The Future of Heroes

As for Heroes, they are extending its features of being an [All-Purpose Class That's Easy To Use]. They think of it as class having features in which you can deal a powerful blow through Countering. In the future, they will implement an update that exemplifies the class's strengths by allowing you to obtain an advantage if you prevent yourself from getting hit. Another aspect they're looking at is filling some gear through weapon switching.


Top 10 Update Requests

The Spring Survey asked players the TOP things they wanted to see in an update. Here is a list of the TOP 10 Requests from survey entrants.

  1. Add a New Class (Advanced Class)
  2. Add new PAs and Technics
  3. Add Balance Adjustments.
  4. Improve the Drop Rate
  5. Add New Fields
  6. Add New Raid Bosses
  7. Add New Skills
  8. Enhance Premium Set Features
  9. Add New Customized PA/Technics
  10. Add New Emergency Quests


PSO2 Future Contents

  • In the future, they will focus on contents that can be played by multiple people—generally contents for 12 players.
  • Solo and 4-Player contents that test you strength will be released around equipment updates.
  • As for Raid content, they're advancing development so they can add 2 ~ 3 of them each episode.
  • For Heroes, they plan to add new skills around the time they raise the level cap of each class to 90.
  • As for them adding an [Advance Class] [New PA/Technic], you'll have to wait some time, but they are making preparations.


May 12th Tidbits

Dark Falz Loser Trigger Quest

  • A 4 player quest against Dark Falz Loser.
  • There are no death counts in this quest.
  • Dalz Legein Camo supports 9 categories.
  • Loser Quest Trigger is Sellable.

When is Hero's Next Level Cap?

  • Before the end of the year, when the level 90 cap hits, Hero will also get Level 90.

Future S4 Super Abilities?

  • They are implementing an item, from the Mother & Deus battle, in which you can add an S4 ability

Are there new ★14s in the Mother & Deus Battle?

  • Unfortunately you'll have to wait and see if new 14s exist for this quest.

What's the deal with the ★14 Pets?

  • All pets will eventually support this, however…
  • Wanda, Torim, Aero, Cery, Jinga, and Popple will get first dibs.
  • Apparently there's some exclusive feature for ★14 Pets.

Are there any plans for Buster Quests?

  • They have plans to add a quest like "Endless Belligerence."
  • Thus, it appears this will become an Emergency Buster Quest.

Are they going to add Dark Rappy items?

  • They're currently investigating whether they should create a Dark Rappy Suit and Pet.

Conqueror’s Crest Lineup

  • For now, the Conqueror’s Crest lineup will stay as it is currently.

Battle Arena Update

  • In Late June we can use Jet Boots, Rifle, and Talis.



April 15th Stream

Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 創造は生命 in chat to receive:
    • Beniobana (Talis Camo)
    • +100% Tribooster
  • You have until April 25th's Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Prizes will be sent to the Visiphone.


PSO2 EQ Boost Poll

  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • 50% Enemy Damage (XH)
  • +100% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • April 15th @ 23:00 JST (Dance Festival First)


Golden Week Limited AC Scratch (May 1st ~ May 9th)

  • Accessory Selection 2018
  • Mystery Bag G 2018
    • Grace Type Ability and Special Ability Protection (5 Slot or Less)


May Update

  • AC Scratch: Sortir Break
  • Young Harriet and Street Clothes Harriet outfits
  • "Hunting" style Layered Wear and Cast Parts
  • Casual Female Clothes for Summer
  • Umbrella Dance Lobby Action


May Update

  • Episode 5 Chapter 4 Part 1 (The Queen's Respite)
  • The ordinary lives of characters between battles…
  • What is Harriet thinking about?


May Update

  • Dengeki Polytan Carnival Team Accessories Contest Winners!
    • Team Marker
    • Team Shield
    • Team Satellite (A Globe Floating Around You)
    • You can change their colors too!
  • Quick Menu Lobby Action Preview
  • Adjust Eyebrow thickness.


May Update

  • Special Ability Protection (4 Slot or Lower) in Recycle Shop
  • You can hold more than 1 Half Doll  (However, it still follows the current rules. You must return to the Campship to use it again.)
  • Sell items from My Shop based on the price you select while peeking at the Market.
  • Expanded Storage 1 and Material Storage can be purchased at the Star Gem Shop
  • Battle Arena Weapons will be Sword, Twin Machine Guns, and Rod


May Update

  • Level 85 Cap for Standard Classes
  • Requires a title to unlock the new level cap on a particular class.
  • Title Objective: Equip a ★12 Unit at [+10] grind in all three slots.

New Skill

  • Hunter: War Attract
    • Boosts War Cry's Effect and adds Jellen Effect
  • Fighter: Limit Break Insurance
    • Receiving damage that would otherwise incapacitate you during LB, will cancel the effect and leave you with 1 HP.
    • Each time this effect is used, causes the recast times to increase.
  • Ranger: EX Trap
    • Boosts the occurrence speed and explosive range of ALL tool type skills.
  • Gunner: Another S-Roll Arts Mode
    • Increases the power of S-Roll Arts and changes the attack style to a range attack. "Range Attack" refers to its wideness.


May Update

New Skill

  • Force: Photon Flare Rod SC
    • Reduces the charging time of Rod Technics while Photon Flare is active.
  • Techer: Party Assist
    • Your Shifta / Deband effects will apply to all party members on the field
  • Braver: Braver Combination
    • During Katana Gear's release, if you switch to Bullet Bow, your critical rate will rise, and you will maintain your Katana gear release status.
  • Bouncer: Dodge Auto Field
    • When evading an attack with step, it automatically activates your Fields.
  • Summoner: Alter Ego Harmony
    • While Alter Ego is activated, it only takes the damage received by the Pet.

New Skill: High Level Bonus <classname>

  • This appears to the right of each skill listed above.
  • Requires Level 80 in the appointed class.



May Update

  • The Enchanted Forest will finally become a Free Field
  • Three new enemies added!
  • Omega Hunar may also appear.
  • Devil Castle Missil Ghasud will serve as the boss.
  • Enchanted Forest Room Items and Verun weapon camos will also drop.
  • This quest has a new drop item known as [Demon Stone Chaos]



May Update (Enchanted Forest)

  • The ★12 Star Leg Unit from the "Bode" series will drop.
  • New ★13 "Demon" Weapon Series will drop.
  • New ★13 "Jutis" Weapon Series will also drop. (You can suggest a better name)
  • Jutis Series can be upgraded into the ★14 Lumiere Series.
  • Demon series can also be upgraded.


May Update Part 2

  • Winners Design 5 Sideb
    • Pop La SorCery M / F
    • Karakazura
    • Grasulage Fril
    • Teufel Nonne
    • Mercurina [Ba]
    • High 5 Lobby Action


May Update Part 2

  • Radome Unit
  • Marron Cap-NT and Melon Cap-NT
  • Deformed Mask
  • Claw Hands and Claw Boots
  • Fluffy Wing Scarf
  • Photon Butterfly


May Update Part 2

  • Winners Design Side B
    • Simple Choker
    • Elemental Body and Face Paint
    • Striped Suit F / M
    • *Ouroboros
    • *Desperado Case
    • *Solo Soulenix



~ The Four Divines of [Apprentice] ~
~Solitary Rina~
Aika and her pet "Dark Rappy"

May Update Part 2

  • Episode 5 Chapter 4: Part 2
  • Margaretha of Epic  (CV: Nao Tōyama)
  • Alma's Sweetheart Has…
  • What exactly are the 4 Divines of [Apprentice]?



May Update Part 2

  • 4 Player Trigger Quest: [Rebirth of the Desire for Knowledge]
  • You Can Obtain the Trigger Through [Incarnation of Knowledge]
  • *Dalz Regein will drop. (Supports Several Categories)


PSO2es Update

  • The Eternal Tower has expanded to 100 Floors
  • Enemies appear on the 61st+ floors are even tougher.
  • New Dominacio weapons will appear.


iOS 4th Anniversary Limited Chip

  • Available for 48hrs: May 12 ~ May 13th @ 23:59 JST
  • Delightful Seraphy [Anniversary]


PSO2es Update

  • Gaels Orbit (4/18)
  • Fal Claw (5/12 ~ 5/13)


PSO2es Update

  • Eldetross (4/25)
  • Rose Skewer (4/18)
  • Ares Lance (5/9)
  • Nemesis Shoes (4/25)
  • Steam Knuckle (5/16)
  • Ares Blade (5/9)


PSO2es Update

  • 4th Anniversary Special Quest Continues (4/11 ~ 5/9) (5/9 ~ 6/6)
  • Roar Of the Fanatical Dragon 4/18 ~ 4/24
    • Raete Kvelle (Sword) and Raete Crahd (Launcher)
  • Looming Bloodstained Imperial  (5/9 ~ 5/15)
    • Noir Draal's first XH appearance.
    • Raete Lexio (Bow) and Raete Chario (TMG)


Endless Quest

~ Endless Quest ~
~ A New 4 Player Quest ~

~ How Far Can You Go? ~
~ The Battle Never Ends ~
~ Coming This June ~

Endless Quest

  • An amalgamation of Limited Quests,
  • The quest has "Mission Orders," similar to Dengeki Polytan Land.
  • Clear the Mission Orders for bonus points and time limit extensions.
  • An Interval Area is also provided to allow runners to purchase items such as monomates, etc.


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