PSO2 Adds New Skills and Level 85 Cap for Standard Classes

~ May 9th, 2018 ~


Standard Class Level 85

It's finally here! Standard classes will now be allowed to unlock a new level cap by clearing a client order specific to their class. In order to achieve this trial, one must attain the Title [Creator of Solid Defense]. This Title might already be familiar to those with Expert Player Matching, as it requires a ★12 unit in all three slots at +10 grind.

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that we've been using the term [Standard Classes] in relation to this news. For all intents and purposes, [Standard Classes] refer to all current classes excluding Hero.


New Class Skills

Before we rundown the list of skills for each class, Sega has provided us with a new skill known as [Hi-Level Bonus Xx]. This skill become attainable by reaching level 80 in the class that corresponds to its [Xx] abbreviation. Once learned, it will increase the power of your attacks. (Max Power: 5%)

Now, without further ado, are the list of skills appearing alongside the level 85 update. The skills below will activate as long as their corresponding class is set as the main class.


Hunter: War Attract | ウォーアトラクト

Increases the effect of [War Cry] and inflicts a [Jellen] effect on enemies.


Fighter: Limit Break Insurance | リミットブレイクインシュランス

During Limit Break, this skill leaves the player with 1 HP if they receive a fatal blow. However, if this occurs, it will cancel Limit Break and further extend its recast time.


Ranger: EX Trap | EXトラップ

Boosts the power and range of tool-type skills. Poison trap in particular will also have an effect that deals continuous damage.


Gunner: Another S-Roll Arts Mode | アナザーSロールアーツモード

Changes S-Roll Arts into a Wide-Range attack and increases its power.


Force: Photon Flare Rod SC | フォトンフレアロッドSC

Reduces the charging time of Rod Technics during Photon Flare for a limited time.


Techer: Party Assist | パーティーアシスト

Applies Shifta and Deband to party members in the same area, even if they are far apart.


Braver: Braver Combination | ブレイバーコンビネーション

Katana Gear will retain its released state if you switch to Bullet Bow while it's active. The Critical Rate will also rise.


Bouncer: Dodge Auto Field | ドッジオートフィールド

Evading the enemy's attack with Mirage Step will automatically activate your Field skills. Cooldowns won't occur for the skills that were activated.


Summoner: Alter Ego Harmony | アルターエゴハーモニー

During Alter Ego, the player will not be damaged even if they receive an attack. However, Alter Ego rules are still in effect, therefore, damage received by the pet will also apply to the player.


Enchanted Forest Exploration

The Enchanted Forest, hosting an assortment of Darker and Demon enemies, will finally be converted into a Free Field quest. Challenging the quest on Extra Hard will give players the chance to face level 85 enemies in Emergency Trials. Upon defeat, certain enemies have the added bonus of restoring usage of your Dark Blast. This allows for additional opportunities for Dark Blast transformations throughout the quest.


Encounter new enemies along the way, such as Wurmritter, Flame Diamos, and Omega Gryphon! Each has their own characteristics to spice up battle.


Lastly, awaiting in the deepest area, is a battle against the Misil Ghasud.


Enchanted Forest Drops

The Enchanted Forest brings a new set of drops, ranging from weapons, units, camos, and even room items. Among the weapon drops is the Demon series, each designed with the motif of a Demon enemy. These weapons can also be upgraded, exhibiting a new color variation.


Jutus & Lumiere Series

The Jutus series can also drop in the Enchanted Forest. These weapons support the [S1] and [S2] slots for S-Class Abilities. They can also be upgraded into the ★14 Lumiere series by acquiring specific materials. Not only will it have enhanced stats and potentials, but it will also support an additional S-Class slot.


Chapter 4 Part 1: The Queen's Respite

Queen Harriet heads to Louisa for respite from her round-the-clock work at Valna’s suggestion. Our heroes approach her, a look of despondence upon her face, and a secret is shared that not even Valna is aware of.


They meet up with a young lad that bares a striking resemblance to Dark Falz Double. It seems this child was placed in an important position in the [Es-Ars Federation], a neighboring country of Cuent.


Battle Arena Rotation

The Battle Arena will receive a new rotation of weapons, this time featuring Swords, Twin Machine Guns, and Rods. Swords will have Rising Edge and Nova Strike available as their Photon Arts, while Twin Machine Guns can utilize Satellite Aim. Rods will have access to the Foie, Zonde, and Megid Technics.


Half Doll Adjustments

You can now carry more than one Half Doll in your inventory! However, after using one, you'll be required to return to the Campship before using another.


Special Ability Protection In the Recycle Shop

Players can obtain [Special Ability Protection (4 Slots or Lower)] in the Recycle Shop at the cost of [10 AC Scratch Items]. This has the ability to return the items to their previous state if you fail the affixing process.


SG Shop Update

The following items will be added to the SG Shop:

  • [Material Storage 30 Days S]
  • [Material Storage 90 Days S]
  • [Storage ① Expansion 30 Days S]
  • [Storage ① Expansion 90 Days S]


My Shop Improvements

My Shop will receive a new feature that lets you list items based on the price selected when browsing the marketplace.


Lobby Action Previews

A preview window will now display when browsing the list of lobby actions from the Quick Menu.


Changing Player ID Name

There will no longer be a limit on the number of times you can change your Player ID Name. Once you perform a change, you'll have to wait 30 days before you can change the name again.


Eyebrow Thickness Setting

Adjust your character's eyebrow thickness with a new setting in the Eyebrow Color Selection.


New Team Accessories

New cosmetics from Dengeki's Team Accessory Contest will be added to the selection of accessories available for your team! As with other team accessories, you can customize their colors.


Balance Adjustments

Skills Adjustments

Photon Flare (Force)

  • Reduced the cooldown time.

PP Convert (Techer)

  • Reduced the cooldown time.
  • Relaxed the decrease in Max HP

※Due to the above changes, an [All Skill Tree Reset Pass] will be distributed.


Rare Enemy Triggers

  • Using a [Rare Enemy Trigger] at [Very Hard] will change the spawning enemy level to 60.
  • Using a [Rare Enemy Trigger] at [Super Hard] will change the spawning enemy level to 75.

※Item drops will be adjusted accordingly


Buster Medal B Exchange

  • Extended from May 9th, 2018 to September 26th, 2018


Sortir Break (AC Scratch)

Track down new prey in the forest with hunting layered wear and CAST parts! A mini version of Harriet's dress from youth will be also be available, transforming your character's body to that of a child when worn.

Additionally, Special Ability Affixers with a (/2) designation will return in this scratch (e.g. Special Ability (HP & PP/2).


少女ハリエットの服 | Young Harriet
少女ハリエットの服・ミニ | Young Harriet Mini
ハリエットの外出着[Ba] | Harriet Casuals
レンジェルヴェント[OuBaIn] | Ranger Vent
フィリン・シリーズ | Philinne Series
ハヴィック・シリーズ | Havoc Series
ボウタイミニスカート[Ba] | Bowtie Miniskirt
ショートサロペット[Ba] | Short Salopette
ミニタンクトップ[In] | Mini Tanktop









42 thoughts to “PSO2 Adds New Skills and Level 85 Cap for Standard Classes”

  1. *o* Bowtie Miniskirt *o*
    Nice update we have here (too bad new Skills are Main Class only). And finally, more Free Fields. It was about time !

  2. It was a bad idea spending all those bonus ticket that was given out *facepalm*. Expecting this to come on may 16. F*k me

    Also, loli + young harriet mini = ?

    1. I mean, the Wand PA and new, probably Te specific, compounds are just around the corner but w/e

    2. No way the compounds will have anything to do with te. The PA is going to be a crappy movement tool they forgot we already have.
      It's also ludicrous that they announced the PA half a year ago and there's still no sign of it even coming out.
      And yes the te skill is absolutely, bar none the worst one on there. I'd put negative points into it if I could.

    3. "And yes the te skill is absolutely, bar none the worst one on there."

      I'm 99% certain it will apply to quick-cast shifta/deband as well, and effectively hit players from anywhere on the map. This means you can potentially drop 'wide support' in favor of it.

      But, from the sound of it, you didn't spend that skill point as well.

    4. I am confused about what this is even complaining about.

      Making it sound like Te getting a PA is the worst thing ever.

    5. Seeing how the only stuff Te gets is Fo oriented buffs people don't expect wand PA to be worth anything.

  3. Kind of boring update.
    Hu gets War Cry buff…thanks…I've got a better way to use my SP.
    Conclusion: Useless.
    Fi gets useless passive that increases CD on LB. I am sorry but if you're gonna play Fi forget about being hit or don't even try the class.
    Conclusion: Useless.
    Gu get's s-roll ARTS attack buff..nobody ever wasted SP for [S-Roll Arts] cuz your PAs deal higher DMG taking less time.
    Conclusion: Useless.
    Ra gets tool buff..power and range increased…who cares about any tool except grav bomb and I never had any trouble sucking enemies in with it [it won't start sucking in Hunar, Eritron and other bosses].
    Conclusion: Useless.
    Fo gets instant casts during PF. Finally something that can make Magic users shine above other classes. On the other changes. PF gets CD reduced [hey, it's CD is short enough even now…it's less than PP convert one].
    Conclusion. Useful Buff for PF in tree and useless CD reduction buff.
    Te can FINALLY stop chasing his retarded teammates to buff them. On top of that PP convert get's cd reduced. Sweet…but wait PF CD reduced too…dang PF will become available faster than PPC again >_<.
    Conclusion: Totally useful. On the other hand where the hell promised wand PAs?!
    Bo can activate fields during m-step. So it's gonna work only with DB?
    Conclusion: 50/50 least with one weapon type we won't have to activate skills manually.
    Su…sweetest buff for AE. Lot of players don't use this skill cuz their pets just bring them to the grave even faster since they get hit both from boss direct hits and pet's dmg share.
    Conclusion: Useful.
    Seems like half of the class update is a waste of their efforts.
    Nice layering wears tho…now we can make [Robin Hood]s and run around with bows 😀

    1. I didnt read all of that, but I imagine its complaining about the 'new skills'
      I agree, they looked whack, lol; quite a letdown
      but whatever, i guess.. : (

    2. First of all: All of the Lv85 skills can be obtained by not investing any SP whatsoever so most of them you can pick up and just not give a crap after. Only one I'd actively avoid is Fi's only just cause of how it works.

      My thoughts on them:
      Hu: lolaggrouprlysega + whee Jellen to make trucks hit more like cars
      Fi: A skill meant to make LB less punishing by making it even more punishing, great logic. Adding almost 2 full minutes to LB's CD via 3 procs sounds like a great idea.
      Ra: lol5digitdmgfortrapswow, nice that traps will be more reliable in general, curious what additional effects others get
      Gu: Curious if this even makes it ok for mobbing situations, still lol S Roll Arts please
      Fo: Hands down gets one of the best buffs in this update, machinegun Zonde 0s here we come
      Te: Nice, just wish this skill was MPA-wide and not party-wide
      Br: Oh hey using Bow as a Hybrid Br won't punish you anymore if you have gear release already active anymore, wheeeee (how about you let me see Gear Release meter while on Bow too Sega)
      Bo: Automatic buff skill activation + no going on CD when it expires via this way? Yes please (btw both JBs and DBs use mirage escape evasion move)
      Su: Rip Dear Master procs for building Maron, otherwise super nice for Su, especially for solo content.

    3. "nobody ever wasted SP for [S-Roll Arts] cuz your PAs deal higher DMG taking less time."

      Well that's a straight-up lie. But you do you~!

    4. ISMAIONI – "Te can FINALLY stop chasing his retarded teammates to buff them". I didn't know the job of a DPS was to position himself at the right place to facilitate the job of a Support. I thought his job was to deal damage while following the damage dealer teammates to buff them was the job of the Support…… But in that case, maybe the DPS could also make coffee, iron clothes and clean shoes !

    5. Gee whiz, I sure hope we all can make judgements on things before we even know a single in depth thing about them!


    6. Just because it isn't useful to you doesn't mean it isn't useful to other players.
      Warcry is far from useless if you decided to invest on it. More chance on triggering Guard Stance Advance or spamming Ignite Parrying is always good. I dunno investing on Warcry+Warbrave is definitely better than on SAtk Up. Well, maybe if you died a lot then maxing Iron Will is probably the higher priority.
      Not all Fi player is a top tier MUH DARKSOUL player who can dodge/parry every enemies attack possible so it not that useless. If you don't need it then it's good for you.
      Gu new skill is kinda shit gotta admit it. But what we don't know yet is the PP recovered from attack. If you ever used Spread Needle then you'll like how much PP it recover from just a single Step Attack.
      "Anything other than grav bomb is useless" lmao this the most funny shyds i heard today. Tactics Trap exist for a reason lul so at least the increased range is really useful.
      "useless CD reduction buff" o wait this is even more funny than grav bomb thing. Since when is CD reduction is useless? It's like you're complaining out of sheer hate. And it's not like there's a race on which has the shortest CD between PPC and PF.
      "So it's gonna work only with DB?" wow now i'm starting to think that you don't actually play the class you complaining about. JB also has mirage step as dodge action ever since day one.

    7. Well, thats where FI shines. Dont get hit and ur gonna deal tons of damage. Its 1 of the hardest class to use ofc u shouldnt tank hits. Dead = no dps anyway.

      As for GU, if u know the class and its skill build. Ever considered that u cant use PA to count ur chain? with that lvl 85 skill, u will get more damage when counting the chain.
      "Nobody ever wasted sp for [S-Roll Arts]" since we are gonna get additional sp which is good im pretty sure those sp will only go to that.

    8. So, I just wanted to come back here to laugh at this person saying the GU skill is useless.

      Like, holy crap, it is not possible to be more wrong about something.

  4. The 14* Lumiere weapons don't support S4 Abilities so unless they have a cool Potential I'm not really excited about them.

    1. Unless youre a hero and dont have any single S4 that works for you outside the "I wont die" one.
      Still its better to have a demonia weapon tho

    2. Unless youre a hero and youre best bet its a Demonia weapon, or well, maybe this ones.

    3. It said it will get additional slot when upgraded to Lumiere. Just hope that it will be S4 slot…unless someone already datamined it then RIP.

  5. Hu and Fo are the only ones that good skills. The rest ranges from pointless to neat but unnecessary.
    Also, what exactly is the point of being able to carry 20 half dolls when we only have the effect of 1 and have to go to the campship to be able to use another?
    All that does is create situations where you think you are safe cause of the half dolls but actually aren't and where you forget to get a half doll cause now you don't have to get a new one every time you use one anymore.
    I don't think I will ever understand Sega.

  6. Oh, what a shame for the hero to not get the 85 level cap. Hope to see this changed on a future update, since its so far my favourite class (and no, its not because its op, its because I can do basically what BR does, but on a more simplier way)
    Are there any info about this topic?

    1. It would be great if they give it a lvl 85 cap too because the eq's will still be stuck on 80/80 which is less hp mobs. They keep buffing classes but not the mobs.

      wish SEGA just gives us "non hero" or "non adv class" blocks so theres no more fight between regular and adv class.

    2. Or you know, 85/85 for regular classes and 80 for Hero.

      You know, the thing they do anyway since Hero can't have a subclass……

    3. Hr didn't get anything because 85 was supposed to narrow the playability gap between Hr and "pleb" classes (at least that's what I expected due to amount of criticism Hero got when it was released and how SEGA used 85 card to combat that) but, surprise surprise, fucking KMR did nothing good yet again! At best its +5 points for subclass and 5% damage for main with new skills that add almost nothing to playability.

  7. Oh look, we get to fight ANOTHER GIANT BRICK WALL. I usually don't give a fuck, but I'm so fucking triggered right now. Any one of those 3 new enemies could have easily been the last boss but no, it's another fucking castle. Heck, the lesser generic orcs/trolls can even be a boss if they're Rockbear size with a launcher or something and it would still be fine! Are they even trying anymore?! It's like Sega is trying to send a secret message like "NOTICE ME TRUMP-SENPAI!"

    ..I really can't wait for this Isekai theme to blow over once Episode 6 comes out.

  8. Yehey free reset. Next update hero i wish they add tmg skill that give more % on attack lol.

  9. More high quality free content in high quality free game? Sure let's whine and moan about it. How dare those bastards keep the best online game alive and kicking?!

    1. Nah, he just thinks if it's "free" you can't be allowed to dislike/discuss certain elements of it, doesn't matter if you spent money or time on that game.

  10. Ok i have all the requirements for the lvl 80 unlock and koffie still doesnt have the quest. ive got the 12 star units to + 10 and ive done everything else since my hunter is 80 yet the order isnt there am i missing something or is my game just broken

    1. APARENTLY going into the camp ship made coffie talk to me and now i have the quest

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