PSO2 Station! Plus #7 Recap

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 Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase PSO2祝8周年 in chat to win several prizes.
  • Prizes include:
    • Female [EX] Voice A35
    • Female [EX] Voice A36
    • Female [EX] Voice A37
    • Male [EX] Voice A26
    • Puso Ni Comic Memory 3 (x1)
  • You have until July 1st @ 11:00
  • Items can be picked up from the Visiphone.


Sonic The Movie Campaign

  • Say the Secret Phrase in Chat to receive a variety of Sonic items.
    • Sonic Knuckle Camo
    • Sonic Room Item
    • Amy Room Item
    • Chao Mask
    • Station Square Music Disc
  • Campaign begins June 26th. We'll talk about it more in Maintenance Posts.


July 1st ~ July 15th Maintenance

Grind Campaign

  • Grind Boost Campaign
    • +5% Grind  Success Rate (OT / Unit / Ring)
    • +5% Affixing Success Rate (NT / OT / Unit)
    • +15% NT EXP
    • +25% NT Great Success Rate.
  • Zero Grind Cost Campaign
    • Qualifying Services
      • NT Grind
      • OT Grind
      • Unit Grind
      • Skill Ring Grind
      • Ability Affix (Weapon, Unit)
      • Ability Transfer (Weapon, Unit)
      • Old-Type Potential Unlocking
      • Potential Switching
      • Candy Compressor
    • We'll talk more detail about what this is in a future maintenance post.


Early July Update

Early July Update

  • View wishes from PSO2 and Puso Ni Comic characters and even PSO2 Station members
  • Franca's Ocean Cafe


Early July Update

  • Yes, there's a Side C to the Winners Design Scratch!
  • The Chokers on the right are Scratch Bonuses.


Early July Update

  • Winners Design 7 Side C Hairstyles, Accessories, and camos.


Early July Update

  • Outside the contest are new eye patterns, Henna Tattoos, and Athletic and Dance 59.


Early July Update

  • 8th Anniversary Event: ARKS Connect Memories
  • 8th Anniversary Badge Exchange Shop
    • [Million] Weapon Series
    • Liberate Unlocker (Limited Of Course)
  • Ranking Event Is now for 24 hours. (718 ~7/19)


Early July Update

  • Special Training: Episode 6 [Limited Quest]
  • The First half is divided into two.
    • Some support will occur based on the number of players.
  • Weapons and S1~S5 Abilities, ★13 Parfait will drop


Early July Update

  • At the end will be Shiva and Varuna.
  • Drops include the ★15 Krisa Weapon series, and *Coat Verge and *Coat Glide
  • There's also a 4 Player Trigger Version.


July 15th Update

  • 8th Anniversary Accessory Selection 2020
    • Popular Hairstyles, Lobby Actions, etc.
  • 8th Anniversary Mystery Bag G 2020
    • Popular Costumes and Layered Wear


Late July Update

Late July Update

  • Ritual Marriage (AC Scratch)
  • New layered wear for Margaretha, Priest, Nun, and Bride outfits.


Late July Update

  • Ritual Marriage (AC Scratch)
  • Weapon Camos, Accessories, and lobby Actions
  • Bullet Bow Pose LA


Late July Update

  • The lobby with the annoying music and bells is back!
  • Ranking Event (8/1 ~ 8/2)
  • Individual Point Ranking Rewards Update
  • 8th Anniversary Badge Exchange Shop Part 2
    • Variety of S2 Guard Capsules  (Flaming, Freezing, etc.)
      • 8th Anniversary Badge x100 (Limit 1 each)
    • Spirited Response S2 Capsule
      • 8th Anniversary Badge x150 (Limit 1 each)
    • Photon Reduction S3 Capsule
      • 8th Anniversary Badge x150 (Limit 1)


Late July Update

  • Enemy Battleship Infiltration: Enhancer [Limited Quest] (12 Players)
  • Conquer 3 areas selected at random.
  • Mainly Units and S6~S8 are available.
  • At the end is Grav Execour
  • There's also going to be a Trigger quest.


Late July Update

  • Dark Falz [Persona] Ultra Hard
  • A new pattern will only appear in Ultra Hard
  • New ★13 Xion Units
  • There's also a Trigger Version
  • ★12 Units Can Now Be Sold in Player Shops


July 29th Update

  • Oracle Summer Collection (AC Scratch)
  • A Revival Scratch of Summer Themed items!


Early August Update

Early August Update (The Profound Darkness, The Great Light) (Part 1)

  • Cyber Punk and Sexy Japanese Style outfits.


Early August Update

  • Exotic Revelry (AC Scratch)
  • Gender Swap Costume Request Outfits!
    • Gothic Maid Dress M
    • Noble Long Coat F
  • Furthermore new accessories and lobby actions
    • Jet Boots Pose LA


Early August Update

  • Episode 6's Final Chapter
  • The final decisive battle with the Photoners is approaching!
  • Will the ARKS break through the powerful opposing force?


2020 Roadmap

PSO2 2020 Roadmap


  • ARKS Connect Memories  8th Anniversary Event

August ~ September

  • EP6 Final Chapter
  • New Raid Boss and New Raid Quest
  • Summer Event

September ~ October

  • Fourth Successor (Scion) Class
  • New 12 Player Emergency Quest
  • New Advanced Pet

October ~ November

  • New Extreme Quest
  • Highly Difficult Solo Quest
  • Divide Quest Expansion


  • Instead of a new episode, we'll have a Gigantic New Update



The Final Battle

~ Coming September ~





  • Lockingham finally appears before Giselle and the New Protagonist.
  • Clearing this gives the new protagonist +1 Limit Break



  • Rosalinde, the newly crowned empress will have the Arch Leo Idola



  • Nadia EX
  • Promoted to 5 star while remaining Water Element
  • Can be strengthened by Limited Doll



  • Quna Reappears
  • The first of the [Idol] series.



  • Strongly supports the party with an Elemental Blast best in class recovery and natural healing effects.



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    1. … okay that Raid fight actually looks pretty damn cool. Also kinda funny that this might be the first boss that realizes it can just break that platform we are standing on 🙂

  1. I still dont get Zero Grind Cost Campaign, can we transfer affix now without ability transfer? and just +35 every weapon we have now without actual fodders?

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