Frog Rappies Return For PSO2's Rainy Seasonal

JP Update – June 24th, 2020


In The Driving Rain 2020

In The Driving Rain returns to a new location. This year, players will head to Corrupted Naberius where they'll not only face powerful Ultralized enemies, but also Anga Fundarge.


Various new items will drop in the quest including the ★15 Quelle Vesper.


New Arks Missions related to the Emergency Quest will also be released. Clear them to receive the Kaerun Mag Device.


The [Driving Rain 2020 Weapon] and [Driving Rain 2020 Egg] collections contain the ★13 Mars weapon series and a variety of ★14 eggs!


Special Collection

New entries to the Special Collection include Quelle Vesper and Glass!


Winners Design 7 Side B (AC Scratch)

Part two of this year's winning item designs scratch hits PSO2 with new cosmetics made by Cool, Cooler and Coolest ARKS.



SG Support Item Selection (Star Gem Scratch)

A revival of the SG Support Item Scratch will be arriving on July 1st. Obtain items such as [Ability Success Rate +55%], [Add Ability (Divine Transfer), and (Add Ability (Mark Receptor)].

Other July 1st Updates

  • Tanabata Lobby
  • Franca's Ocean Cafe


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