PSO2 The Animation Comes to Hulu and ANO

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Sentai Filmworks has revealed that Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation will begin airing on Hulu and ANO on February 9th!

They'll have some catching up to do, with the show having just aired its fifth episode this week. The series can also be viewed with English subtitles via Crunchyroll, which offers simulcasting as well.


PSO2 Anime Patty and Tiea



12 thoughts to “PSO2 The Animation Comes to Hulu and ANO”

  1. Oh? ARKS informant No1, Patty and Tia!

    The animation Is also aired on Anime Digital Network since the beginning, I noticed.

    1. Pretty sure they want to get new players into the game, and if they represented the player base accurately, that would be difficult.
      It's the honest truth.

    2. It may not represent the current audience but its pretty average as a story.

      Something I noticed is that there is a really strong emphasis on "you can be an elementary schooler and play PSO2, don't let the adults tell you you cant play a CERO C game.) vibe from it. Everything someone is playing PSO2 on the vita, its always elementary school kids.

      It feels a bit like the Kancolle animation in the way they are presenting the game, that also largely ignored its fan base by sticking to its base concept of WW2.

      And as far as game adaptations go, both are average compared to the horrendous abominations that most game adaptations become because they are too loyal to the fans.

    3. Are you talking about the JP playerbase (and if so I'd like to hear what you're basing your authoritative assesment on), or the comparatively tiny Western one that technically speaking shouldn't even *be there*?

    4. But they play the game in 2027, maybe in the far future people will actually like the game, start socializing, will be participating in live events, roleplaying and even ostracizing bad manners.
      Oh wait, they already do all of that.

  2. Too bad, guys. It's NOT an adaptation. IF ONLY IT WERE. IF ONLY. Sigh….
    It's probably, with strong evidence, a prequel to Episode 4. The only part that's an adaptation is how characters are protrayed/game vision. Unfortunately, even this is a part of something "more". This is the "reality" of the "situation". Episode 5 with Suzuki shows that the point of view is really just them as Arks.

    And as we all know it…Episode 4 is bluntly… AWFUL. Star Ocean 3 made it work, PSO2 can't.

    As far as basic info goes, PSO2A takes place 7 months before EP4.

    Suzuki could've been passed off as a chuuni-girl. Too bad, she's actually one of the Arks that goes between dimension Earth and dimension Arks. It was evidenced in episode 1, but made blunt by episode 5.

    Episode 1 talks about ESC-A, a cloud-OS that came out of nowhere.
    It's also implied that PSO2 is world-wide, as is ESC-A. PSO2 is conveniently pre-installed onto ESC-A, Itsuki does -not- mention logging in, but his friend does. Makes you wonder how they actually get in.

    The anime isn't that bad in terms of characters, and the fun they have. It's the fact that everything's meaningless because it's tied to Episode 4.

    Continuing the series of events – Suzuki fought Darkers/Dagans in front of a bathroom. The transition was seemingly..seamless, but the area was clearly the front of the bathroom. This more or less proves Darkers on Earth. Plus, some characters mentioned an unmanned train earlier, Ghidoran train's prelude.

    Currently, Episode 5, she does an unrealistic jump and mentions the flavor of a photon drink. She already gave away a monomate previously, same time she killed Darkers. She's also seen using her rappy pet as a summon, which Itsuki has seen like..twice.

    Also, Patty/Tia are supposedly "soulless". They speak in a pattern that makes it clear. The contract may be referring to the "Protagonist" of PSO2, and they noted a bunch of strange Arks members suddenly appearing, most that they don't know.

    There's been roughly, a month's passage from Episode 1, probably.. Itsuki is a level 50/30 player as of that point, which crap Any-ATK but surprisingly high DEF. Easy for most people, but he -is- a student.

    Kindergarten players have barely reached Kuronia, too. It's pretty off-putting that they're playing a PSVITAPortable on a bus, though.

    New Director with EP4 has a high off of thinking PSO2's the best thing to exist.

    Anime's summary, and EP4's summary is.
    PSO2 is a game on Earth, from alien-technology,
    People of Earth magically create characters and name them/giving life to new Arks members out of nowhere.
    EP4 begins, you get told about Earth's discovery and what happened while you were in stasis recovering.
    >Discard entirety of EP1-3 in favor of chuunibyo fanfic.
    >EP4 continues.

    TLDR: this is just another one of SEGA's notoriously bad animes. Shining Bread was a pure waste..but it still made more sense than this.

    PSO2A/EP4. It's not even properly set up. We're creating life magically left and right. Even the protagonist created life just because. The "mysterious" Aru? How is it mysterious? It's just her god damn avatar brought to life because of god-like powers. Can't get much more mysterious when you throw away the entire story for nothing.

    However, everything'll be forgiven if they release SORO voice tickets. Everything.

    1. Some do care about the plot, though, since Phantasy Star was always a plot-centric series. Naturally, people will backlash if the plot takes a turn they don't like.

    2. Point is they're taking what's nothing more than a silly fantasy-animu lolplot IN SPACE *seriously* and then getting all buttmad when the nonsense leaves their narrow comfort zone.

      And then spend autistic amounts of time, effort and words trying to rationalise that.

    3. I do agree that it's kinda dumb to fuss about it, but it should at least be taken a tiny bit seriously if they're going to make an entire show based off of it.

      Incidentally, that also means more TV Tropes to update…

    4. "And as we all know it…"
      "Discard entirety of EP1-3 in favor of chuunibyo fanfic."
      Being able to actually read ep4 story would immensely help. I highly suggest learning the language of the game you're playing prior to jumping into the circlejerk of "muh cyberpunk space drama killed by moe pandering". But I guess latter is much more rewarding.

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