PSO2: The Open Beta Test Status Report (Special Maintenance)

We've been flourishing in numbers since the Open Beta started; through the many people who registered for a SEGA ID, and through breaking previously held simultaneous connection records. However, as the number of players increased, numerous problems seemed to occur.

Typically during peak times, players have noted delays in picking up items, or even damage numbers showing up late. The cause of this problem is a bit different from previous tests, it seems the delays stem from the writing of data to the database. With this many people connecting, accessing the database becomes extremely excessive, and an online game must be equipped to handle a large increase in players.

Therefore, Sakai plans to make some adjustments to the database server to help reduce lag while playing the game. An extended maintenance will be carried out from June 28th, until June 29th for about 27 hours!

Special Maintenance:

  • THU June 28th @ 11:00 AM ~ FRI June 29th @ 02:00 PM JST
  • WED June 27th @ 10:00 PM ~ FRI June 29th @ 01:00 AM EST
  • Other Time Zones

PSUBlog Status Report

The same situation occurring on PSO2 is happening here on the blog. I've never expected this many people to access the site. I do thank you all for visiting and recommending the site to your friends and communities. I do take note of feedback from other sites, especially, "Bumped doesn't have 'this', or doesn't explain 'that' very well in the guide." After such feedback, I try to add it into the guide as quick as possible, but unfortunately, is run by one person, and there's really no way I can answer all of your questions. I'm sorry for not making some things clear and I will continue to adjust things around based on feedback. If you notice any discrepancies or mistakes, the best thing to do is let me know so that I can correct it.

As you may note, the site will suddenly spout out "Internal Server Error," with this many people connecting at the same time. It leaves me to a cross roads in deciding whether if I should:

  • Move the site to another host (but the same problems may occur.)
  • Do nothing and wait until the game's popularity dies down.
  • Move the site to a dedicated server. (Expensive)

With the situation coming up in September which we'll discuss later, I will also need:

  • Volunteers to write Maintenance Reports on the Blog.
  • Volunteers to write articles and keep track of the International version of PSO2 if it happens.
  • Volunteers to translate or contribute to the translation of articles from Sakai's blog.
  • Volunteers to edit content on the site.
  • Experts in hosting advice and backend.

Depending on what happens in September and January, I may have less time to cover the site than normal. Even if you don't know Japanese, you can still help contribute to the articles on the site.

You can email me at [email protected] if you'd like to help in contributing.

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