PSO2's plan for July 2012

27 Hour Maintenance Continues!

Now that the servers are down and half the people have left, lets talk about some juicy stuff.


What's coming up in Phantasy Star Online 2?

At this point, we still do not have an official release date for the game, but Famitsu Connect!On talked about some of the things coming up in the July update.

A new field on Planet Naberius called the Tundra.

  • King Yedi and Yedi
  • Snow Banshee and Bantha
  • De Malmoth and Malmoth.


Tranmizer the Transforming Mech.

A new field on the Planet Lillipa called the Underground Tunnels (or mines)

  • シグノビート Signobeat
  • ガーディナン Gardinan
  • トランマイザー Tranmizer (transformable)
  • ビッグヴァーダー Big Vader (Boss) (transformable)*

*Pronounced Va as in "Vanilla"


Upcoming Costumes in July

Jean (Voiced By: Yousuke Akimoto)

Heavy Scudo (ヴィスクード) or Jean's Outfit


Furie (Voiced by:  Hisako Kanemoto)

Rank Series  (ランクスシリーズ) or Furie's Outfit


Aki (Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe)

Tiger Pierce (タイガーピアス) or Aki's Outfit

And if you really wanted to know, everyone's favorite character, Lisa, is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

[via shougai]

The Start Guide Book's Item

If you managed to purchase the Phantasy Star Online 2 Start Guide Book, there was an item code for the Gur Bazka/Nacht, a slightly modified version of Phantasy Star Universe's Gur Bazga launcher.

  • Name: Gur Bazka/Nacht
  • Category: Launcher
  • Range Power: 141
  • Rarity: 7 Star
  • Ability: EXP Boost I

In the Start Guide, Sakai comments about item drop elemental percentages. Items will drop with up to 30% of an element, if you want to go beyond that, you'll have to use the Item Lab to grind it.

[via shougai]

Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium Package

On September 13th, the premium package set for PSO2 will be released.

Premium Package Set includes:

  • Game Install Disc DVD
  • Five Original Weapons (Item Codes)
  • 30 Day Premium Set (Item Code)
  • FUN 1000 Ticket (Item Code)
  • Mag Evolution Device (Item Code)
  • Color Change Item (Item Code)
  • 5x Scape Doll (Item Code)
  • Boost Type Item Set (Item Code)

It will cost 6279 Yen or $80 but you can get a discount if you order it from Ami Ami.

Hideaki Kobayashi

Hideak Kobayashi

Kobayashi, the music composer for PSO2, will be speaking at this year's Computer Entertainment Development Conference. He will discuss the concepts and techniques behind the procedural background music system, "Sympathy." During the lecture, he will also perform a live demonstration and compare it to the previous music system of PSO1.

(The complexity of PSO2's music is rather interesting since it's not just a set of 2 tracks with points of transitions. Note the music that plays during PSE Burst, when you are near death, the arks lobby, the title screen and how everything tries to seamlessly flow into each other.)

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