PSO2: Typing in your Item Codes

Item Code Distribution Schedule

Item Codes will be sent to your email address on the following dates:

August 16th @ 3 AM Eastern [Welcome Campaign]

  • Crappy Plate 「ラッピープラトゥ」
  • FUN 1000 Ticket「FUN1000獲得チケット」

August 17th @ 3 AM Eastern [Supporters Campaign]

  • Premium 1 Day Pass「プレミアムセット1日券」


Item Code Information

Visiphone in the Arks Lobby

If you meet certain conditions or purchase certain physical products, you may receive an item code that allows you to acquire an item within the game.

This morning, those who met certain conditions in the closed beta test, received item codes for the game. You will input these item codes in the visiphone in the Arks Lobby.

■アイテムコード Item Code Example:
 A1234B1234C1234 / B1234B1234C1234 / A1234B1234C1234

The item codes from the June 20th, 2012 email will expire December 31st, 2012 @ 24:00 JST. You may also input item codes for the "Nacht" version of weapons or Bouquet Rifle through this menu. However, the codes received from the Triple Campaign must be converted from Campaign Codes into Item Codes before the game acknowledges them.

Please note that you can only enter Item Codes once and can not re-enter the same code again. [If you entered item codes into the Pre-Open Beta Test, you may input that same item code into the Open Beta Test]


Visiphone Menu

  • マイショップ My Shop
  • フレンドパートナー Friend Partner
  • 自分のアークスカード編集 My Arks Card
  • アークスサーチ Arks Search [Search Players and Teams]
  • 図鑑を見る View Collection (Weapon and Unit Collection)
  • プレイ実績 Gameplay Achievements
  • ランキング Ranking
  • アイテムコード Item Codes

The last entry of the visiphone will allow you to input the item codes you received through emails. Your item will be sent to the administration storage in your storage box.


Storage Box Menu

  • アイテムを預ける Place Items In Storage
  • アイテムを取り出す Take Items Out of Storage
  • 受け取り専用倉庫  Received Storage
  • メセタを預ける Place Meseta In Storage
  • メセタを引き出す Take Meseta Out of Storage

The second entry will allow you to receive items from Administration, or reward items that you, for whatever reason, were unable to hold at that moment.


Choose 運営倉庫 Administration Storage to get your items.


The Premium Block

Those who purchase the "Premium Set" or connect from an authorized Net Cafe can enter the Premium Block. With the "Premium Set" you can enter normal and premium blocks as well.  During the Open Beta Test, only block 52 will become the premium block.  After the official release,  they will designate an appropriate amount of blocks as the Premium Block.

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