PSO2's November 11th Update Preview

November 11 Costumes 2

Here's a brief recap on what's coming up in the November 11th update. The update will release with the [Arks Grand Prix 2016 Preliminaries], a new limited-time Challenge Quest that pits players against Kuronite and Toy Darker enemies. The quest will allow players to choose a [Class Setup] that focuses on different attack styles like striking, ranged, tech, etc. This quest will take place in Shironia, and is only available from the Challenge Blocks. Players can even earn Challenge Miles from playing the quest.

Class Setups

  • Hunter Type: Hunter x Fighter
  • Ranger Type: Ranger x Gunner
  • Force Type: Force x Techer
  • Braver Type: Braver x Hunter
  • Bouncer Type: Bouncer x Hunter

The Arks Ship Fire Swirl will be returning as a pre-scheduled Emergency Quest. Players can receive [Weapons Badges] as a reward for clearing the quest. Furthermore, on Extra Hard difficulty, they can even earn [Lambda Grinders] from Emergency Trials.


November 11 Costumes

Most of the scratch contents will cover costumes and hairstyles from 7th Dragon III code: VFD. In addition, costumes from the Taiwanese version of PSO2 will finally make their Japanese debut.


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