Next PSO2 Live Broadcast Programming Schedule


PSO2 Live Broadcast #36 will be streaming for 15 hours to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online. Programming will be streamed on Main and Sub channels with the purpose of showing their own content as well as simulcast streams of the latest information.

The Live Broadcast will begin at October 31st 14:00 JST through November 1st at 5:00 JST. (Oct. 31st @ 1:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM EDT).

Live Broadcast #36 Schedule

  • October 31st @ 14:00 ~ November 1st @ 5:00 JST
  • Watch the Main Channel on Nico Nico!
  • Watch the Sub Channel on Nico Nico.
TIME Main Channel Sub Channel
14:00 Update Information PART 1
Arks Grand Prix 2016 Preliminaries Quest Playthrough
ARKS Promotion Squad Corner
(PSO2's Current Let's Players)
Arks Investigation Report
Extra Edition
16:00 Dark Falz Girls Corner
(PSO2's Previous Let's Players)
Developer Q.A Corner PART 1
17:00 A Look Back at PSO ~ PSO2
Developer's Chat
Promotion Squad Prize Project
18:00 PSO2 ~ON STAGE~ Corner
PSO2 ~ON STAGE~ Screening Part 1
Stage Performance Squad Backstage Chat
Stage Performer Chat Corner
PSO2 ~ON STAGE~ Screening Part 2 Stage Performance Squad Backstage Chat
PSO2 ~ON STAGE~ Corner Conclusion & PSO2 The Animation News
Update Info PART 2
23:00 Variety Corner
0:00 Closet Drama
Mining Base: Demise Playthrough
1:00 Developer Q.A Corner PART 2 PSU Chronicle Screening
2:00 A Look Back at PSO ~ PSO2
Developer's Chat
(PSP ~ PSO2)
Midnight Banquet Corner
3:00 Update Info PART 3
(Episode 4: REBORN)
5:00 Stream End

The times listed above are Japanese Standard Time.


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  1. If anyone who can't understand the streams watches this one through its entirety anyway and doesn't walk out in-between major news announcements, you deserve a cookie.

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