PSP2i: Item Design and Collab Teasers

Terada showed off some lovely DLC for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity as well as teaser images for Collaborations. Let's go through this very quick post!

Woldecoat (Cast Male Parts)


Juggernaut (Knuckles)


Shining Hearts: Maxima Outfit (Female Clothes)


Blackrock Shooter artist Huke designed this Outfit


Kunio Okawara, Artist of Gundam, designed this!


Terada says two new collaborations will be revealed tomorrow. He didn't specifically say what they are, but left a fill in the blanks for everyone to guess.

ガン_ム  = Gundam?
ブラッ_ロッ_シュー_ー  = Black Rock Shooter?


2ch Guesses

The list of guesses done by 2ch/blogs

  • Gun__m = VirtualOn
  • Bla_Ro_Shoo___ = Madoka-Magica
  • Gun__m = Van Saber Gundam
  • Gun__m = Super Robot Wars
  • Gun__m = Macross 2

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