A quick post regarding Lumia. Since PSPo2 Blog is having connection issues at the moment, we have to link to Shougai PSO. If you check the image of the character sheet, you can see the katakana characters MI and A. Shougai PSO speculates that unless they are pulling a fast one, Lumia would appear in the game as age 17.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Development Office

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 development takes place in this office. It still says Sonic Team in the entrance because Phantasy Star Universe development team also worked here.  You can see Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Zero, and Phantasy Star Universe figures standing on the cabinet, as well as a Sony Playstation gold award for Phantasy Star Portable 1.

Along the wall, they post various character images of Phantasy Star Portable 2. They intentionally blurred the images so it is pretty hard to see who the rest of the characters are.


Photo Shopped

In the center of the image board you can see Yuto in two poses. Next to him appears to be the cast of characters. A character bearing a striking similar appearance to Lou can be seen at the bottom left hand corner of this image.



Sakai is crafty with his photographing skills. If you view the full image, you can see a character's name that ends with "Mia -Age 17". In a previous blog entry, he has already hinted to her existence when he asked if you saw a character from the past Phantasy Star Universe games appearing in the opening movie.


[via shougai pso and pspo:2 blog]

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