Phantasy Star Portable Transfer to Phantasy Star Portable 2 + UMD Video

Are you ready to transfer your character from Phantasy Star Portable? Well here's the official list of what transfers over!

The following features transfer over:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Underwear color
  • Eye color
  • Lip color
  • Skin color
  • Body shape
  • PM name
  • PM type
  • The parts/clothes you are wearing


The following features DO NOT transfer over:

  • Level
  • Voice type
  • Voice pitch
  • Anything besides body type, skin color, and lip color that is appearance related
  • Accessories
  • Items in your inventory
  • Meseta
  • Type levels
  • Photon arts
  • Stored items
  • Titles
  • Item collection

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Item Get!


Clear the table, The exam starts now!
Igzam (Exam)

When you transfer your save file you will receive the Exam Saber. Based on the type you choose after importing your character, you will receive one of four auras.


UMD Video

We previously mentioned the UMD Video from the Fun! Fan! post. If you didn't catch the information, read below:

psp the best

"Phantasy Star Portable [PSP: The Best]" will include a 63 minute movie UMD disc. The movie, titled "Phantasy Star Universe Chronicle", will sum up the Phantasy Star Universe series starting with: Chapter 1: The SEED Invasion; Chapter 2: Ambition of Illuminus; and ends with Chapter 3: Seal of Rykros. The video is a collection of event scenes throughout the history of the game and is reorganized to create a fluid storyline. Ethan, Lumia, and Laia, will provide narration for the movie.

The website particularly mentions how Episode 3 is a must see because it features excellent voice work from all the original voice actors. The UMD disc also contains the opening movie for Phantasy Star Portable 2. They say this is a must-have item for all fans! They urge you to watch this video before enjoying Phantasy Star Portable 2.


Official Blog Update 9/04 – 9/05/09

  • Producer Sakai says there are still some secret bonus elements when you transfer.
    (May be in reference to the weapon)
  • He won't say what it is at this time.
  • The Rappy Kid will release the Opening Movie with English subtitles in two weeks.
  • The Rappy Kid is starting a new blog project  called "The Little Wing Information Section Questionnaire"

[via pspthebest and 4gamer and pspo:2 blog]

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