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Haiiiii! Gurhal Channel 5 PSP SPECIAL!

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site updated today with the most disappointing update ever! I think most of us were expecting huge game breaking developments and instead we are introduced to a new propaganda video simply known as Fun!Fan!

Fun!Fan! is hosted by Producer Satoshi Sakai in his goofy furniture salesman attire. He is joined by Yui Ogura, who cosplays as Hal (and believe me it does not look cute on her), and Arisa Noto, who is a part of the "Hello! Pro Egg". You can read their descriptions on the official site if you really want to know more about them. 

Part of the video is up on Youtube. Hopefully Sega doesn't take it down.


Transfer Item Get!

saber get

Using your PSP1 save data to PSP2,
you will get a saber named Igzam (Exam)!

Notable Screenshots


Dodgeroll through a laser fence?


little wing

An object (might be Crad-6?) is shot into space.



"Phantasy Star Portable [PSP: The Best]" will include a 63 minute movie UMD disc. The movie title "Phantasy Star Universe Chronicle" will sum up the Phantasy Star Universe series starting with Chapter 1: The SEED Invasion, Chapter 2:  Ambition of Illuminus, and ends with the Chapter 3: Seal of Rykros. It will feature narration from  Ethan, Laia, and Lumia,  and it also includes voice work for Episode 3.  The video also contains the opening movie for Phantasy Star Portable 2.

As seen in the Fun! Fan! video, the movie appears to be shot using in game cut scenes (whether real time or FMV) to explain the story.


Collaboration Speculation!


Phantasy Star Portable 2 will have a collaboration effort with famous characters and companies! One Japanese blog speculates the game "could" include collaboration items similar to Phantasy Star Zero. So far they deduced that Miku Hatsune is one of the fuzzy pictures in this screenshot. I believe if you follow games SEGA recently released, you might be able to figure out the rest of them. Did you ever wonder why the  Fun! Fan! video had a commercial for Valkyrie Chronicles 2? Hmm…


Official Blog Updates 9/3/ – 9/4/09

  • Producer Sakai says he will announce details about transferring from PSP1 to PSP2.
  • He says he is sorry for the back and forth of information.
  • PSP2 has a Variable Frame Rate of 30FPS.
    PSP1 only used a constant 20FPS.
  • He does this to let the gameplay feel as smooth as possible with the amount of processing the game has to do.
  • FMV cut scenes  were added during important points in the story.
  • Rappy Kid re-announces PSPo2 will appear at the Tokyo Game Show.
  • Rappy Kid says you can get some promotional "Collaboration Goods" if you play the game at TGS09.

The blog comments in Japanese seems to praise the Fun! Fan! program, but overseas we are so confused and annoyed by it.

They plan to do more Fun! Fan! videos atleast twice a month. They plan to have a new video at the end of September.

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