September 2011 Calendar + TGS PSO2 Playable Version Details

TGS Live Stream

 TGS Game Station fighting Rock Bear


A Bunch of Rappy Plushies


Various Sega and Sonic Stuff



Here you go, the September 2011 Calendar. Bonkohara sent out an email newsletter this morning showing off the Calendar even though she's a bit late.

Watched the Nintendo 3DS Conference, nothing new Phantasy Star related but mainly it was about Monster Hunter. We'll see you again Wednesday night for the Tokyo Game Show.

TGS Play Experience

The Tokyo Game Show booth will have 24 game stations. You can play with up to 4 people in the party and up to 12 players in a multiparty area.


The quest specially made for Tokyo Game Show will have you battle against two rock bears in the multi party area.


When you get to the single party area, you will fight the Vol Dragon with up to 4 players in the party.

Those who can attend should try to play because you'll get a free mouse pad. Also please attend on Saturday (Public Day) at 12:20 JST, you can see Arisa Noto and Sakai host a PSO2 presentation. Only there you can see new videos/images, so make it if you can!

[via pspo2iblog]


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