PSP2i DLC: Sakura Wars 2nd Collab

Ho my god.. the Kanji.

Imperial Assault Force – Flower Division Captain Clothes
Clothes or Parts 300 Yen


Imperial Assault Force – Flower Division Members Clothes
Clothes or Parts [view] 300 Yen


エンフィールド改 Enfield (Mark I)
50% Ice Handgun
200 Yen


ジャンポール Jean-Paul
50% Light Madoog
200 Yen


  • Name: Think Tank
  • Date: September 29th, 2011
  • Monster: Machinery / Parum
  • Area: Illusions
  • Boss: Reol Badia
  • Effects: Lighting Weapons drop 80%、Exp x1.50、Reward Meseta x1.50、Drop Rate+20%


  • Name: Executioner
  • Date: September 29th, 2011
  • Area: Snow
  • Monster: Moatoob / SEED
  • Boss: Magas Magahna
  • Effects: Ground Weapons drop 80%、EXPx1.35、Attribute Rate+5、Enemy Boost Rate x3.0


  • Name: 悪は漆黒、義はサクラ (Evil is Darkness, Sakura is Justice)
  • Date:  September 22th, 2011
  • Monster: Neudaiz / Machinery
  • Area: Profusions
  • Boss: Dark Fakis
  • Effects: Dark Weapons Drop 80%、 Dark Shields Drop 80%、Attribute Granted+5、Drop Rate+30%



  • 明日に向かって踊れ Dancing towards tomorrow.
  • Date: September 22th, 2011
  • Area: Jungle
  • Boss: Azn’gom Gijn’gom
  • Monster: Neudaiz / Moatoob
  • Effects: Ground Weapons Drop 80%、Ground Shield Drop80%、Attribute+5、Drop Rate+30%

 RACaseal Whitill

Can’t get enough of these plastic kits? Well let’s just throw in a new color scheme! Here is RACaseal Whitill Ver. APSY

Whitill version comes with the Soul Eater


Here’s she is with a Red Handgun


And A White Mag


RaCaseal Whitill Ver APSY
January, 2012
3990 Yen


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