Shining Series, 7th Dragon 2020, and Sonic Collaborations Coming to Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be chock-full of collaborations this year with various games from SEGA's franchises. First up, costumes from Shining Ark, Shining Blade, and Shining Hearts will make their PSO2 debut in May.





Panis Angelicus


Fubuki Hayane

Hayane Fubuki


Phantom Queen

Phantom Queen


Shining Series Callob Costumes

Shining Series Collab Costumes in May


Sonic Lobby

Sega Collab

Sonic Lobby in June!


7th Dragon 2020 II

Student Style Callobo

Student Style Costume in June!


Notes from the PSo2 Broadcast (Currently Updating)

  • Sympathy Concert CD will be on sale in September, it will come with the same promotional items given at the concert.
  • Goronzoran and Dragon EX will have voices.
  • Goronzoran summons Vol Dragon for a few seconds.
  • Skill Tree reset items will be given to each character.
  • The next Scratch is titled "Butler Maid Tea Time." It comes with Not-Kuna's costume, Samurai, and Taurus inspired items.
  • Sakai equipped his "Hair Camo"
  • Ichitaro fake grabbing Nagisa's boobs
  • On the Test Server, Lottie used Momoi's voice.
  • They are giving out a signed copy of P-SPEC 2
  • Character voice project expanded.
  • Extreme Quest in May. This is rumored to be the "Tower" quest but no details were given.
  • A FUN Shop is coming soon.
  • It's time for this week's Secret Campaign! Type "かまのぼり" in chat between now through April 17th's maintenance to receive EXP+50% x5 and Koinobori accessory (carp streamer) at a later date.


Butler Maid Tea Time Scratch


 Phantasy Star Online 2: Code : Episode 2

  • New Classes, New Planets, New Race!
  • Beginning and End of the Arks
  • The third type of Darkers
  • Who are the Photoners?


PSO2 Extreme Quest

Shougai (a Japanese PSO fansite) believes Extreme Quests are the successors of the Time Attack Quest. Based on the video, the stages consists of "floor orders" which ask players to perform various activities like "Defeat 10 Enemies in 30 seconds" or " Defeat De Malmoth in 180 seconds" or "Destroy 24 areas on Big Vardha."

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