PSO2 JP: Upcoming Vita Changes For April

On April 10th, the Vita version is getting its own set of changes.

Vita Button Config

Customize Any Key

  • Change the control scheme to any button on the Vita.


Screenshots without interface

Take Screenshots without the Interface

  • You will now be able to take screenshots without the interface by pressing the select and start buttons together.
  • You can continue to take screenshots with the interface by pressing the PS and start buttons at the same time.


Shortcut List

Symbol Art Shortcut Function

  • After opening the Chat Shortcut Menu, the L/R button switches between symbol art and chat shortcut lists.


Detailed Editor PSO2 Vita

Shortcut and AutoWord Editing

  • When  entering shortcuts or auto words, press the Triangle button to open the detailed editor.
  • The detailed editor is just like the chat entry screen allowing easier access to various chat features.


Vita Chat Log Options

Change the order the chat log is displayed.

  • A new setting in options displays chat entries from either the top or bottom.


Known Bugs


PSO2 Episode 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2 was announced at the Sympathy Concert last month. Sakai plans to show a teaser clip in the upcoming live broadcast. More announcements about Episode 2 will be gradually released at the Phantasy Star Thanks Festa events. But for now, Episode 2 plans to release with a new story and several new features.


Sympathy Concert Ebten Store

You can now purchase various goods sold at the Sympathy Concert in Sega's Ebten Store!



Sympathy 2013 Original Tshirt
シンパシー2013 オリジナルTシャツ



Sympathy 2013 Original Scarf Towel
シンパシー2013 オリジナルマフラータオル


Nagisa Pillow Cover

Original Nagisa Body Pillow Cover


LIttle Wing Wristband

Original Wristband Little Wing Logo


Little Wing Arks Logo

Original WristBand Arks Logo


April 10th Pre-Patch Manual Download

April 10th, 2013 Pre-Patch Manual Download by Synth


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