Ship 1 is Full + PSO2 Vita CM + Future Changes

As you're all aware, the PSO2 Vita version was released this week! PC and PSVita players in total managed to achieve 70,000 concurrent connections. Unfortunately, Ship 1 is overcrowded and is no longer accepting new characters. To mitigate this problem, the following changes will occur for a limited time. (Keep in mind that the majority of the English community resides on Ship 2. You might want to join that Ship before it's too late.)


Ship 1 Character Creation

To help disperse the population, players will be prevented from creating new characters on Ship 1. In addition, they have also added 6 new Vita exclusive blocks on Ship 1 to help with overcrowding. Depending on the situation, there is a possibility that other Ships will share the same fate.

In response to this, they have started a campaign to give incentives for players to start new characters on Ship 6 and Ship 7. Just note that the English community plays on Ship 2, so you may get stuck if you choose to play on Ship 6 and Ship 7.


Ship 6 and Ship 7 Welcome Campaign

Campaign Period

  • Feb 28th through March 27th.

Players who create a new character on Ship 6 or Ship 7, and reach level 10 in any class, will receive:

  • Four 獲得経験値上昇+50% EXP+ 50%

If you create a new character on Ship 6 or Ship 7, and reach level 30 in any class, you will receive:

  • Four レアドロップ倍率+50% Rare Drop Boost + 50%
  • One FUN1000獲得チケット 1000 FUN Ticket
  • One マイルーム利用3日 My Room 3 Day Pass

You have until March 27th to reach level 10/30 to qualify for these campaigns. The items will be delivered to your Special Storage Box in the future.


Future Changes

Sakai received many comments about those future changes, so lets take a look at some of them below.

I want to be able to trade 10 star Weapons and Units

Excluding some items, you will now be able to place 10 star weapons and units in your My Shop. [As it stands now, 11 star and higher weapons take no part in the transaction.] (You can see where this is going.)

Prior to players being able to purchase these items, they can visit the recycle shop and exchange a 10 star weapon or unit to receive a [★10武器購入パス] or [★10ユニット購入パス]. In other words, in exchange for a 10 star weapon or unit, you will receive a [10★ Weapon Purchasing Pass] or a [10★ Unit Purchasing Pass].  Using the pass and meseta in this way allows you to purchase the item at the My Shop.  Active Premium Set is required. However, some 10 star weapons and units do not qualify for this pass.

Basically, only the person who obtains a 10 star weapon/unit by themselves, can purchase another player's 10 star weapon/unit.

Hunter Skill Changes

  • A percentage effect will be applied for Guard Stance and Fury Stance. (For example:  ###%.)

Grind Risk Failure

  • By examining the situation when failing a grind, they have decided to reduce the chances of Risk that occurs.

When Skills are Added and Changed

  • When major changes occur, they will distribute an item that "Resets All Skill Trees."

These changes should be addressed sometime near the end of March through April. The previous post will be updated to reflect these clarifications.


 Mag Update

Sakai made a comment about mags in the March 14th Issue of Famitsu Weekly. The current plan is to raise the mag level cap beyond level 151+ but they are currently investigating whether they should allow you to feed them 7 star weapons. Shougai speculates that perhaps at level 151+ you could only feed them 7 star weapons? We'll probably have more details in a few months.


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