PSO2 New Field: Dragon Altar (PSO2 Broadcast 6)

Yes for real this time! At the end of the Live Broadcast, Sakai presented a new field for Planet Amduscia. This area uses the same architecture found in the Chrome Dragon's boss arena.

Dragon Altar plans to release in April.


Those Who Walk Together Update Part 2

  • You can now have a Hot Springs Base for your Team Room
  • The video shows it costs 2000 TP and requires Team Level 3
  • Hot Springs comes with a water slide.
  • You can change your Team Room BGM for 200 points, requires Team Level 4.
  • Level up your photon tree even further
  • Apply Costumes to your weapons with the "Weapon Camouflage System"
  • Weapon Camos are in their own item category, you can use them as many times as you want.
  • It just applies a weapon skin, similarly to equipping units on your character. However, it doesn't change any stats.
  • New Scratch: Spring Romantica (Sakura Lobby until 4/10)
  • New Taisho Roman Style Costumes (Japanese Era Romantic Vintage Costumes from 1912-1926.)
  • New Bath-towel costumes for both men and women. (Finally I have something to look forward to.)
  • Weapon Camos and Accessories based on the 13 Astrological Signs. (Wait there's 13 signs?)
  • Story Quest Chapter 9 (PC Release)
  • Arks Battle Tourney (Vita Release)
  • Chrome Dragon Emergency Quest

Live Broadcast Portion

Chrome Dragon Arena

Some notes from the Live Broadcast. (Warning: This list will change as more information is gathered.)

  • Secret Campaign: If you type "かまたろう" (without quotations) in chat, you can receive new voice tickets in your special storage box late march. You have until 3/13's maintenance to qualify for this campaign.
  • During the stream, players could vote for today's Emergency Quest.
  • The Chrome Dragon can latch onto the ceiling and drop cubes.
  • The new advance quests share the previous capsules (abc) pertaining to each planet.
  • 10 star items obtained through the Pyroxene Shop do not qualify.
  • 75% EXP Correction when 15 levels away.

  Weapon Camos

  • It's like giving clothes to your weapons.
  • They are separate items entirely.
  • They apply a skin over weapons of the same type.
  • Weapon Camo Guitar Case (Assault Rifle) can be applied over Assault Rifle weapon types.
  • Weapon Camo DG Aries (Wand) can be applied over Wand weapon types.
  • You can obtain the Guitar Case Weapon Camo from the Concert
  • Each month they'll release new Weapon Camos.

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