Special Maintenance 6/21/2013

Due to the Bingo Caller refusing to acknowledge certain cleared objectives on the bingo card, we'll have no choice but to undergo a Special Maintenance tonight at 7:00 PM EDT.

Special Maintenance Schedule

Guide Updates

  • A One Time Password Registration guide is located here.

Maintenance Notes

Corrected a bug where certain spaces on the bingo card refused to clear.

On June 19th, they corrected a bug that prevented the following [Reverse] Bingo Orders from clearing:

  • Quest Clearing
  • Advance Risk
  • Extreme Quests
  • Enemy Attack

You may have to redo the Bingo Orders again if you satisfied the conditions while the bug was in effect.

For example:

  • You may have to clear the Forest Advance Quest 5 more times to achieve A-1's condition.
  • You may have to clear 20 more Extreme Quest stages to clear E-1's condition.

You may clear the Extreme Quests in any of the combinations similar to the suggestions below:

  • Clear Tundra and Mechs stages 1 ~ 20
  • Clear stage 1 of Tundra and Mechs twenty times.
  • Clear Tundra and Mechs stages 1 ~ 10. Clear Forest and Dragons stages 1 ~ 10.

As compensation, they will distribute 'advance capsule a' and 'extreme passes' sometime in the future.

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