Spring Break 2018! 12 Hour Let's Play Stream

Let's celebrate Spring Break with a 12-hour Let's Play stream! A variety of hosts and guests from the various PSO2 Stations and ARKS Live streams will be tasked with clearing a set of objectives. Players who participate during the Live Stream will gain Star Gems at a later date based on the score achieved by the Live Broadcasters!

Stream Information

~ Nico Nico ~

Campaign Qualifications

Event Period March 31st @ 18:00 ~ April 1st @ 06:00 JST
Event Qualifications

During the event period, clear any of the following:

  • Crimson Castle Crusher
  • White Day 2018 (or Trigger)
  • Racing the Phantom Mother (or Trigger)
  • Endless Belligerence (or Trigger)
Reward Distribution 380 Star Gems Mid April.

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