PSO2 Cloud Limitations

PSO2 Cloud Limitations

The April 4th update introduces a new block-type known as [Cloud Shared] blocks. This block-type will allow Nintendo Switch and PC users to interact and go on quests together! Unfortunately, users of the PlayStation 4 or Vita platforms will not be permitted to play with their Nintendo brethren.


Cross Platform Restrictions

PSO2 Cloud Cross Platform Restriction

Cross Platform Restrictions
Regular Ship [1 ~ 10] : Cloud Blocks:

PC & Switch Users Only


Cross Platform Restrictions 
Shared Ship: Cloud Challenge Blocks:

PC & Switch Users Only

Shared Ship: Cloud Battle Blocks:

Switch Users Only


Community Limitations

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 users will only be able to meet up with Nintendo Switch players through [My Room] or [Team Rooms]. Even under these circumstances, they will not be able to chat with one another.

PC players, on the other hand, will not be subject to such restrictions.


Concurrent Connections

The Cloud Servers have a limit on the number of concurrent players that can connect. The development team believes that they have provided enough servers to ensure that this limit will not be reached. However, if the number of concurrent connections exceeds this limit, then you may not be able to log into PSO2 Cloud.


Unavailable Music

There are a small fraction of collaboration-related music discs that can not be played on the Nintendo Switch. You will be able to check if an item falls under this restriction through the Jukebox and from a note in the item's explanation.


Automatic Logout

In order to reduce the load on the servers, players will be automatically disconnected from the game after 30 minutes of inactivity. A warning message will be displayed prior to the impending connection loss.


~ Some parts contributed by Lostbob117

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