The Masked Dark Falz Joins Our Anniversary Event!

July 21st Update


New Limited Quest

Part two of the 8th Anniversary kicks off with a new Limited Quest: [Battleship Infiltration: Enhancer]. The ARKS will participate in a VR training scenario where they must infiltrate the Photoner's battleship. The quest will consist of three randomly picked areas out of five, each with various gimmicks. Awaiting at the end is Grav Execour, the boss from Divide Quests!

A Trigger version will also be available for up to 4 players where you'll face Gildina Execour!

New Item Drops

S-Class Ability Capsule: [S6: Wondrous Encore], will also drop. Wondrous Encore activates upon using Showtime. This effect reduces the amount of hate incurred, and only once per activation, reduces damage received and maintains One More Time.


8th Anniversary Updated

Our 8th Anniversary will continue with a new session of the Individual Point event which will last until August 5th. In addition, the 24hr ship-wide point ranking will take place on August 1st @ 12:00 ~ August 2nd 11:59 JST.


Xie's 8th Anniversary Exchange shop will be updated with S2 Guard capsules of each element. Alongside that are S2: Spirited Response, S3: Photon Reduction, and a bunch of Lobby Actions including Enomoto, Momoi, Gravure Pose, etc


Dark Falz [Persona] UH

Dark Falz [Persona] is back under a new quest title. [Requiem of The Specter's Grudge] will bring Ultra Hard difficulty to both the Emergency Quest and its Trigger version. Persona will also unveil a new attack pattern, and if you fight them in the Trigger version, they'll be set to level 100!


Play Ultra Hard difficulty for the chance to receive new ★13 Xion units and an S-Class ability capsule [S5: Area Support].


Trade Expansion

You can now put, (with some exclusions), ★12 Units up for sale in your shop!


Team Shop Updated

Aside from adding a +150% Tribooster, they've increased the amount of Triggers you can purchase from the Team Shop.


Ritual Marriage (AC Scratch)

Dress up in style as the Divine Queen of Epicuent in her new outfit! In addition, more priest and nun outfits are coming this way, along with more elegant bridal dresses.


Oracle Summer Collection

Arriving: July 29th

Dress down while the weather is heating up with a revival scratch of popular summer items.


12 thoughts to “The Masked Dark Falz Joins Our Anniversary Event!”

  1. Man, I waited for a bow pose la for quite a while, but those "poses" with Bow are absolute d0g5h1t, only one of the female poses actually looks like a legit bow pose
    Will UH Persona use the sword attack on EQ or just on trigger?

  2. THB, I getting disappoint about ep6, like really? People hype about the pso2 with space wars setting with riding ais and 2-3 new class update, but barely new single EQ from ep6 content, they just lazy adding uh version for old eq and old map, nothing else.

    Ep4 and 5 maybe have some crap storyline, but they have some different eq based on episode content.
    Ep4 has 3 eq for yamato, mother and deus.
    Ep5 has 2 buster, crimson dragon, appearance, reskin loser and persona.
    And now ep6 only 1 freaking Armada eq, it's over 1 year and still continue it. We're almost end of ep6, final battle with Shiva with last boss eq. The AIS training from the quest is useless overall. This is the worst episode content in the game.

    1. Fun fact about Ep6 so far: As far as "new content" goes (ie content that didnt exist before this episode began), Armada, the Phantom Ship UQ, Divide Quest (the final battle with Execour specifically), and some story segments (notably the fight between Shiva and Varuna plus that very first story quest in the mothership with the cool music remix) are probably the only truly unique content we've had that isnt in the form of a new class or rehash/rebalance/rework etc.

      Everthing else is either an existing quest thats been slapped with the UH treatment, an asset mashup (ie seasonal EQs) and/or is actually set in VR/training conditions (thats basically everything thats not Armada, Phantom Ship, and story quests).

      I think relying heavily on this whole VR/training setting has lessened the severity of Ep6 drastically, which in turn has distracted us from the matter at hand with the Photoner attack. A lot of this severity is locked behind story quests, which are no more than corridors with enemies at each intersection followed by dialogue and maybe a boss at the end. Earlier episodes werent always this basic.

      I personally feel like the developers have pigeonholed themselves into a corner with PSO2 and arent being truly creative with what they can accomplish. If this "not episode 7" content coming later this year isnt simply more than what we've been getting for the past couple of years (barrage of new gear, mostly rehashed scratch items, recolored enemies, higher difficulties, the odd class balance here and there etc) then we may have to just accept that this is PSO2. Enjoy it for what it is and move on to PSO3 when that comes around. I just hope the next PSO game has a bit more substance and doesnt heavily rely on rehashing PSO2 too much.

    2. @MOI I agree with you EP6 could use a couple or even a new whole more EQ. couldn't Space magatsu count as that tho? also collabs? and I guess Sega using it's time for new UH difficulty rehashes and new more classes (2 more previously than others EP) I guess this could be the reason of less new brand content that can constatly be grinded? only:

      – Armada EQ
      – Ship UQ
      – Divide Quests.

      – Old collabs and new 2 more classes than previously.

    3. They could do it, but they choose not. SEGA wasted storyline at the last moment.

      Varuna and Mitra have potential make a great eq boss battle separately, but no. They're just dead in storyline, and no 2nd form battle. I was expecting like they transform with darker, photon ability and oracle technology, make it a tough boss. But nope, nothing.

      They also missed opportunity make ep4 great again. Like need earth guardian's ether photon to counter lumitech, or resurrect mother oracle from the moon join arks forces. Again, SEGA just make it as easter egg, show off ep4 characters, then done.

      Divide quest fun, but easily repetitive too. It's just a UH fields + extreme quest. I don't do it anymore after done making dim upgrade weapon, like 3 months ago

    4. I genuinely forgot about Space Magatsu. Disregarding the rest of the quest which wasnt really new content (with the exception of the purple gunk gimmick), the Space Magatsu segment didnt resonate with me as much as original Magatsu from Ep3. It might have flowed better if they made the Shironia segment shorter, had us enter AIS mode in Shironia, and then fight our way into space while engaging luminmechs and eventually reaching Space Magatsu. That would have been much better progression than the sudden cutscene > transition that we got.

      I almost forgot about the Evangeleon collab too. This is canon to everything, was for a limited time only, and had no core integration with Ep6 so I dont think it should count. Again, the quest itself was totally uninspired and got boring after a few runs… then they decide to give it the UH treatment mid course and tag on another phase in typical SEGA style. Boring just got longer.

      It seems like they really wanted to push AIS in this episode, yet we're almost at the end and still no sign of AIS customisation. Potential "not episode 7" content maybe?

  3. This man! Right here, totally gets it. Really hope that the massive update is something worth even logging in for, besides for the fashion hoes this go around.

  4. I'm huge PSO2 shill and am disappointed with lack of brand new content for the game as well.
    I'd take new tilesets and enemy types over any story all day every day.
    Golden age of PSO2 story was already finished with EP3 anyway.

    1. It's simple, After EP3 the storylines are meant to be what link new stuff together,
      Quests, Classes, additional Equipments, New special ability options for player to adapt to more difficulty or Higher than what they can do, Storylines are just that anymore, Put too much effort to it and you see the more than half of community skipped the chapters, this is PSO2 nor God of war, keeps your expectation low.
      That's what I do to all the game no exception so I can enjoy it no matter what.

  5. SEGA has done a lot of OH re-patch updates
    That's seems lazy, They could excuse themselves with the Covid situation or maybe the negotiations of sending the game to the west
    However i do enjoy this ep6 general setting and story

    I hope they don't go PSO3 and just make a graphical update to keep the current game going

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