Winter Event: Protectors B Zoal Goug Disc Walkthrough

Zoal Goug Discs are so easy to find. They are just out there ready for you to pick them up. I've been noticing that the beta missions have easier discs than the alpha ones. It pretty much takes out the challenge of finding them. So if you really really need it. Here are the disc locations for Zoal Goug's route.



Key Points for Disk Locations

  • You can Solo the Zoal Goug Route to get 10 Discs
  • Each Boss has 1 Disk in a box

There are three different routes to reach the boss. You can choose between the Onmagoug & Dimmagolus Route, or Zoal Goug & Magas Maggahna route. Randomly the game will chose the Seed-Magashi Dulk Fakis Route, which gives you the chance to receive rare drops and boards as well as the maximum 350% increased experience for those areas.

Block A – All Routes

Winter Event Phantasy Star Universe

Block A is the same for all routes. Off to to the right in a little nook is the 1st Disc inside a box. The 2nd Disc is inside a tree located near the blue gate. Use your goggles on the tree and cut it down with your sword. The Zoal Goug Route has a different gate that can be accessed by using the portal to the left of the 2nd Disc.

Protectors Disk Guide Phantasy Star Universe

Look who's hiding all the way over here!

Block B – Zoal Goug Route

Very straight forward and easy. As you enter, just defeat the enemies then split the teams up so that one does the left side and the other does the right. Step on the switches on the floor and the door opens. As you enter the second part, you will have a room on the left and the right. The gates can be opened by pressing on the floor switch once. The right room contains Disc  #3. After you clear enemies and get your key, Disc #4 is behind you near a PP Cube and Healing device. Just shoot the boxes and you'll get the disc.

Well That Was Easy..

Block C – Zoal Goug Route

Very easy, defeat all the enemies in the rooms and the discs will appear right in front of you! Now thats service!

Block D – Zoal Goug Route

Hey remember the story mission, Rescuing Hyuga? Well its exactly the same and a great place to level up your Photon Arts. Considering this map is really pretty much a long rectangle, I'll just tell you where the discs are located instead. In the first room, just defeat the robots. They'll just keep popping up. Eventually you'll reach the boss portal. Before your party heads towards the boss, look towards the left for a huge box and another open room…

Disc #7 is located inside a huge box to the left of the Boss Portal. Just shoot it and proceed to the next open room ahead of you! 

Disc #8  is behind the green door just waiting for you to pick it up!

Final Block – Zoal Goug / Magas Maggahna

Disc locations were pretty easy to find, but atleast there's a twist at the end. In Zoal Goug, and just about every boss fight, run behind you towards the start of the arena and there will be a nice little box waiting for you to open. For Disc #10… Previously after a certain amount of damage the disc would appear in the center of the arena, but not anymore. Now its in a box! SURPRISE!!!

We're On to your sneaky tactics SEGA!

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