Protectors b Disc Location: Seed Magashi Route

If you are unlucky enough to get this rare map, be prepared for a tough battle ahead. You will need proper team work if your on higher ranking levels when you fight Magashi. This rare map may include 2 Seed Magashi during Block C, or none at all. Have scape dolls ready because Magashi is gearing up for the Super Bowl and will Tackle you!


Key Points for Seed Magashi Route

  • Scape Dolls and Star Atomizers are a must.
  • Heal other teammates even if Techers are present in party.
  • Don't rely heavily on Techers in Block D
    their low HP will get them killed in one hit.
  • Block D is specialized for Figunners and Protransers, and Invincible/Defensive Beasts.
  • In Block D place Freeze Traps, Confuse Traps, or Sleep Traps.
  • Advise teammates not to rush into spawns unless placing traps.

There are three different routes to reach the boss. You can choose between the Onmagoug & Dimmagolus Route, or Zoal Goug & Magas Maggahna route. Randomly the game will chose the Seed-Magashi Dulk Fakis Route, which gives you the chance to receive rare drops and boards as well as the maximum 350% increased experience for those areas.

Block C – Seed Magashi Route

This map can take the longest to complete if your teammates are on the lower end of the Rank's minimum levels. It also depends on if you get SEED Magashi during this Block. Otherwise it will be easy for you to get through. Disc 5 is located near the beginning by shooting at a red switch. Disc 6 is located behind yet another false wall. This time the wall isn't so noticeable and you might easily pass it up.

Shoot the Switch!


Block D – Seed Magashi Route

At the beginning of this map, you can use goggles to find the safest path through all the darkness. You'll eventually reach up towards the center and thats where all the fun begins! Disc 7 you'll need to open the gate by stepping on the switches, then killing the spawns carefully without killing yourself in the process. They can kill you in one hit if your HP is not high enough. If you have any traps, use them quickly because this area can quickly use up your scape dolls. After you purify seed pods with your photon eraser that you can add to your actions palette from the items menu, destroy the main SEED core and Disc 7 will appear. Disc 8 is hidden inside a box, and is easily obtainable except for the fact that its heavily guarded by monsters with 1 hit kills.

If you've made it this far, Congratulations! Here is Disc #8

Final Block – Seed Magashi's Dulk Fakis

As always, you can obtain the 9th Disc behind you by shooting a box. Disc 10 is located in the center of the arena after a few hits to Dulk Fakis.

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