Alfort Tylor returns in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

Alfort Tylor (voice: Toshihiko Seki) Age: 32, once again returns to the series. He was a character from Phantasy Star Universe and Phantasy Star Portable 1. He was there to rebuild Moatoob when it was in a state of despair as the Rogues leader. In this game he is just known as "Don Tylor."  He treats his subordinates like a family, and highly values his motto, "Don't Raid, Don't Murder, Don't Steal from the Poor".

Alfort Tylor


A new Day… A new Don (YEEAAAAH!!)

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PSP2i Demo Screenshot Contest

Sega and Nico Nico Seiga is having a screenshot contest. The screenshot contest is split into three parts, and requires you to post the images on Nico Nico Seiga.

  • Screenshot Contest
    • Contest is from 1/17/11 to 2/23/11
    • Take a screenshot in a mission. Five winners receive a Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Grab Bag. 
    • Take a screenshot in a visual lobby. Five winners receive a Rappy Barrel Plush Toy.
    • Take a screenshot of your character in the Fanta outfit. 10 winners receive a dozen Fanta Grape or Fanta Orange

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Extra Demo Questions

Is it just me or does Sakai's KFC area look slightly different…

Sakai answered some questions about the Demo although most of the answers are just as expected.

In regards to drops within Infinity Missions..

There were some comments about how weapons don't drop that much in Infinity Missions. Please realize that since it is a demo, the drop table is only one small portion of the retail version. By then you'll be able to see various kinds of weapons dropping. Also note that only 3 areas and 3 bosses exist for Infinity Missions in the demo. That would be the beach, autumn, and arctic area with the bosses Giel Zohg, Zoal Goug, and Duga Dunga. The mission codes will only be of those three. In the retail version there's going to be around 8+ areas and 30+ bosses to combine.

In regards to sound quality…

You may have noticed a diminished sound quality for parts of the game. Please realize that due to memory limitations (not based on disk space but based on limitations of the PSP), some sounds were reduced in quality to make way for new features. The movie scenes in the demo are compressed, but in the retail version, you will see a much higher quality version.


In regards to partner characters…

Some combination of weapons/abilities/shields can cause Partner Characters to behave unstable or inappropriate. At times you may notice partner characters not moving at all. Please note that this will be fixed in the retail version. 

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