PSP2i DLC Mission: Infinity Grand Prix


On January 20th, 2011, you can download the first Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity DLC Mission to prepare you for the real Infinity Grand Prix.

  • Mission Details:
    • Name: Infinity GP 1st Stage
    • Release Date: January 20th, 2011
    • Mode: Multimode + Internet Multimode
    • Access: Challenge Missions チャレンジミッション
    • Description: ∞(インフィニティ)GP1stステージ Infinity Grand Prix 1st Stage. Players will participate in  a preliminary contest at the coastal area to defeat the boss Gill Zohg.


Mission Details

A very short mission in which you must fight Koko Merodda and Giel Zohg. To make this mission easier one must have either a force or ranger in the party. Next the force could cast Sazonde on Lilly. Behind the Lilly is a box for Ice Resist. You can equip this really fast as it helps to speed up the clear time. The next room has two Koko Merodda which may freeze those who do not have Ice Resist.

The boss is weak to Foie and Fire Technics as well as ranged weapons that shoot the eye on the scorpion tail.


Where to place Download Missions

The new download mission page is displayed here. When download missions are available and you do not have the trial license, head here to download them.

To manually perform this, create a new folder called NPJH90157DL under the SAVEDATA folder, then insert the DLM.DAT file inside the NPJH90157DL.


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