PSO2 Station! Plus #5 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below in chat to receive prizes.
  • アニメエピソードオラクル堂々完結
  • You have until April 1st's maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items will be delivered to the Visiphone Campaign rewards
  • Prizes include:
    • Fast Burger
    • Puso Ni Comic Memory 2
    • White Day 2020 Trigger


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • March 24th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • +250% Rare Drop Rate and +100% EXP Rate (In addition to other boosts)


Puso ni Comi Anime #2

  • The next Puso Ni Comi anime will air on Youtube and Nico Nico
  • The series will air starting April 7th and at the end of the episodes will be a secret phrase where you can earn 1 [Puso Ni Comic Memory 3]
  • There will also be several campaigns running alongside like Bonus Key Presents, Double Sage Crests, and even [Puso Ni Comic Memory 3] campaigns.


Mani Mani ARKS

  • A new Web Manga will be releasing every Wednesday.
  • It's meant to be a slice of life story starring Hiroto and the newman Sharo.
  • Releasing March 25th, 2020


March 25th Update

New Feature (Special Ability Transplant)

  • Special Abilities from Material Items can be transplanted over to the Base Item.
  • This process requires Meseta and Special Ability Transplant Passes
  • The number of passes you need are based on the amount of slots for the finished product.
    • 1 Slot = 5 Passes
    • 2 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 3 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 4 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 5 Slots = 15 Passes
    • 6 Slots = 25 Passes
    • 7 Slots = 50 Passes
    • 8 Slots = 100 Passes
  • Transplantation will only take special abilities away from the material item. The material item's S-class abilities will remain intact. S-Class Abilities are not transplanted in this system.
  • Be careful as transplanting could cause your base item to have less slots than it started out with if you don't select enough special abilities. For example, if your base item is an 8 slot weapon, and you select a material item with 2 slots, then you'll only be able to transplant two abilities. This will reduce the amount of slots for the base item.


New Feature (Special Ability Transplant)

  • The Recycle Shop will have a Limited [Class EX Cube Exchange Shop]
  • Trade in Class EX Cubes to receive a Special Ability Transplant Pass
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Hu/Ra/Fo EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Fi/Gu/Te EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Br/Bo/Su EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Hr/Ph/Et EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
  • So essentially you could get 40 per month.


Early April Update

PSO2 Early April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~4/22)
  • Xie (Easter 2020) COs (~4/22)
  • CO Reward: *Woval Edge
  • Easter 2020 Bingo Front and Back
    • Angel Wing Mag


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Courage Cute Look (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Unique School Uniforms


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Courage Cute Look (AC Scratch)
  • Satchel Bag Outerwear
  • Takt Pose and Egg Race Lobby Actions
  • And a Variety of Accessories


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Episode 6 Chapter 4: The Protectors of Earth
  • Shiva's grubby hands have finally made it to Earth
  • Rina, Aika and other Earth characters will appear.
  • Pietro will also have a side story.


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Wild Easter 2020 Seasonal Emergency Quest
  • Acquire Multi-slot equipment and Factor-type abilities
  • Material Items from Divide Quests can also drop.
  • Lizeth Ghidour will appear along the way


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Wild Easter 2020 Seasonal Emergency Quest
  • Prefix named Descente Draal will appear at the end
  • Quest Drop and Special Collection Weapon: Promessa Pagina

Mid April Update

PSO2 Mid April Update

  • Automata Revival (Revival AC Scratch)
  • A Revival Scratch to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the NieR series.
  • YoRHa 2B, 9S, A2 Repcas
  • Emil Head will appear in the Scratch Bonus

Late April Update

PSO2 Late April Update

  • Sakura Wars (2019) Collaboration!
  • Sanshiki Koubu OR Mugen will appear in the lobby.


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Seijurou Kamiyama and Sakura Amamiya costumes!
  • Seijurou Kamiyama's Sword and Amamiya Kunisada Weapon Camos
  • Sakura Wars Lobby Actions


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Outside of the collaboration is Sci-Fi Punk, Steampunk, and Arabian outfits.
  • New Lobby Actions including Partisan Pose


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Mining Base Defense VR now supports Ultra Hard!
  • New ★15 Nova Series will drop.
  • New ★13 Leg Units [Leg / Miragecel] and [Leg / Novacel]
  • There's also the [*Randle] weapon camos consisting of Orbit, Mirage, and Nova.


PSO2 Vita Service Ending

  • Vita Service will be ending on August 19th.
  • They will be holding a Point Back Campaign that works sort of like a cashback rewards program. Essentially, half of the total AC & SG used during certain time periods will be given back to you as Star Gems, using a calculation of 5 AC to 1 SG. To qualify, you need to have logged into the PlayStation Vita version before March 24th @ 0:00 JST. You can get up to 1000 SG per period.  We'll talk more about this during maintenance.
  • Using 5000 AC would convert to 2,500AC, then dividing that by 5 would = 500 SG back!
  • Using 500 SG would convert to 250 SG that = 250 SG back


PSO2 Roadmap

PSO2 Roadmap 2020

May and June Update

  • EP 6 Chapter 5
  • New Complex PA for Bullet Bows
  • 8th Anniversary Event
  • 12 Player Limited Quest
  • New Bonus Quest
  • New Superior Pet

July Update

  • Episode 6 Final Chapter
  • New Raid Quest and New Raid Boss
  • Summer Event


  • PS Vita Service Ends (August 19th)
  • New Successor Class
  • New Spec Quest


  • Instead of a new episode, we'll have a Gigantic New Update!


New Bullet Bow Complex PA


New Superior Pet


New Successor Class


New Raid Boss




to be added…



PSO2 Episode Oracle Drama CD

  • Releasing March 26th, 2020
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 19
    • All Male Voice Ash
    • 591 "EP Oracle Communication"


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack CD Vol. 2

  • Releasing April 8th, 2020
  • Price: 2,700 Yen
  • Twenty Two Songs Included
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 20
    • Xion's Light
    • Theme of MATOI -Piano-
    • Luther Battle (Episode Oracle Version)
    • And Five others.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Character Song CD

  • Contains songs from Ash, Afin, Matoi, Quna, Klariskrays, Melphonsina, and Dark Falz Double!!
  • Item Codes
    • VO Performance 10 LA
    • CD Package Mat 21


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 6

  • Releasing April 15th, 2020
  • Contains Episodes 13, 14, 15.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 6

  • Ol Blink M and F [Ou & Ba]
  • Ol Blink F [In]
  • EP Oracle 3 LA
  • EP Oracle Mat E
  • EP Oracle Vol 6 Poster


PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Due to the novel Coronovirus (Covid-19) outbreak, some components in manufacturing have been delayed.
  • PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package has been postponed until May 21st, 2020.


PSO2 Station! Plus #4 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • The Chocolate Way
    • +250% Rare Drop Boost / +100% EXP Boost
    • Attend the Quna Concert for a +25% Live Boost.
    • In addition to the +100% (Anime) & +150% (Web Panel) Boost
    • Feb 18th @ 23:00 JST (Concert First)


PSO2 Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below to receive several prizes.
  • EP6デラックスパッケージ発売決定
  • Prizes include "Bitten Macaron" in three flavors, and Chocoloate 2020 Trigger
  • You have until Feb 26th's Maintenance to complete this task.


Premium Set Campaign

  • The current Premium Set Campaign is giving out that Clock Lobby Action.
  • You need to purchase the 90 Day Premium Set to receive it.


PSO2 Pachislot Game

  • PSO2 finally has a Pachislot game!
  • Releasing Feb 25th And Onward


PSO2 Early March Update

  • White Day Lobby, Lovey Rappies, and Lovey Empe Rappy (~3/25)
  • Kyokuya wears his White Day Outfit in the Lobby!
  • You can do his COs and receive his White Day Partner Card
  • New Evo Device and Camo


PSO2 Early March Update

  • Slightly Sugar AC Scratch
  • Two variation of Kyokuya's White Day Outfit
  • Cardigan and Gothic Maid Outfits


PSO2 Early March Update

  • Slightly Sugar AC Scratch
  • A Female Outfit with Pants!! and a Sexy Nurse outfit.
  • Backpack Outerwear
  • LA: Wired Lance Pose and Office Chair


PSO2 Early March Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • White Day 20 Weapon and Egg Collection


PSO2 Early March Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • Ultralized Boss: Dragon Ignissimo!
    • Folgore Weben 15★ Weapon
    • Pot: Deploys a field that raises your strength after performing a specific PA.
    • The PAs are Nova Strike (Hu) and Brightness End (Hr)


PSO2 Mid March Update

  • Arks Battlewear Selection (SG Scratch)
  • A Revival SG Scratch


Late March Update

  • Spring Lobby, Sakura Nyau, (~4/8)
  • Khorshid and Gene appear in the lobby. They both have client orders.
  • Khorshid's Exchange Shop (~5/13)
    • Khorshid's Panel, Poster, and Body Pillow
    • Gram Weapon Camos


Late March Update

  • Earnest Desire (AC Scatch)
  • Gene Bunny, Gene Chaos, and Khorshid outfits
  • Akhtar hairstyle and accessories
  • Darknix weapon camo
  • Khorshid and Akhtar Lobby Action
  • Gene Pose Lobby Action


Late March Update

  • Cowboy Outfits from Phantasy Star Nova
  • Body Pillow and Cowboy Gunslinger Lobby Actions


Various Improvements and Adjustments

  • Braver Adjustment
    • Adjusted Bravers so that their normal state is equal to the current released state.
    • During release, revised the gear accumulation and duration.
  • Fighter Adjustment
    • The disadvantages of Limit Break Insurance was too heavy.
    • After you finish Limit Break, it will now reset the recast time that was extended from [LB Insurance]
  • Hero Adjustment
    • Hero Boost will be initially maxed at the start of the quest.
  • Drink Effects
    • Improved the effects of Shifta / Guts drink
  • Zieg Crest Update
    • You can obtain limited items with Crests, like the Liberate Unlocker
    • Added more weapons in Sage Crest exchange, like Dyne Hespera, Serpen Plenzer, Clarte Dolce, Hard Cross Bullet and more!


Two New Complex PAs

  • Complex Knuckles PA: Fatal Knockout (Stock Consumed: 3)
    • If you guard an enemy's attack while you're in stance, it will immediately attack right back.
  • Complex Twin Machine Gun PA: Calamity Bullet (Stock Consumed: 2)
    • Plus 50 Chain with All Bullets Hitting


Late March Update

  • Battle Arena Update
    • Added new rewards after Ranked Matches
    • Removed Emblem Fevers
    • Revamped the appearing weapons on all maps.
    • Revised the behavior and adjusted the balance of all weapons.
    • Increased the minimum ATK of weapons.
    • Adjusted the usage count and effect contents of three kinds of skills.
    • Improved the Matchmaking of Ranked Matches.
    • Added the [*Warrior] series weapon camos to Ranked Match rewards.
    • Added 6 [*Battle] series weapon camos to Battle Coin shop


Late March Update

  • New Quest: Divide Quest
  • Divide Quest: Adverse Training: Photoner Assault
    • This is a VR Quest hypothesizing what if the Photoners attacked each planet.
  • Each quest consists of [Five Steps]
  • Steps 1 ~ 4 have different objectives.
    • Appearing at Random:
    • Extermination / Subjugation / Replenishment / Construction
  • You can choose which route you want to follow.
  • The quest fails when the Life count reaches zero!
    • So choose whether you want Points or Lives!


Late March Update

  • Divide Medal Exchange Shop
    • Trade in Divide Medals (along with a plethora of other items if it's a weapon).
    • Shop consists of Weapons, S5 Capsules, Cobalt Medal, Gold Prize Medal
      • 1 Gráinne Crystal = 500 Divide Medals
      • 1 Emer Fragment = 10 Divide Medals
  • Zieg Exchange Shop
    • Added the ★15 [Puras] weapon series. Supports S1, S2, S3, and S5
    • Gen Puras (Example)
      • Oblisana Wuft +35
      • Dyne Hespera +35
      • Dim Sword +35
      • Gráinne Crystal x2
      • Emer Fragment x200
      • Pure Photon x200
      • Ultimate Booster x20
    • With a Puras Weapon you can upgrade to the [Stil] series.
    • Gen Stil (Example)
      • Gen Puras +35
      • Emer Fragment x500
      • Gráinne Crystal x6
      • Module / Varuna x25
      • Module / Mitra x25
      • Module / Execour x50
  • Back to the Divide Medal Exchange Shop
    • Megalis Glaive (Example)
      • Gráinne Crystal x3
      • Emer Fragment x100
      • Module / Execour x100
      • Module / Varuna x100
      • Module / Mitra x100
      • Divide Medal x100
    • Megalis Rod
    • Bonds Hachette
    • And the Vortex Series


The [Vortex] Series (Katana, Twin Machine Gun, Rifle)

    • Potential: Has support weapons that attack automatically every 7 seconds.




Late March Update

  • Divide Quest: Adverse Training: Photoner Assault
  • At Step 5 is Luminmech Grav Execour.
  • Grav can execute a gravity field which lowers your altitude.
  • Megalis Glaive and Megalis Rod can drop from Grave.


Megalis Glaive


Players Survey

Update Content Evaluation

  • ▨ Very Good | ▨ Good | ▨ OK | ▨ Bad | ▨ Very Bad | ▨ Don't Know or Didn't Play
    • ★13 Unit Implementation
    • Crimson Castle Crusher (UH)
    • Warship Infiltration Ultimate Quest
    • Free Field Shironia and Kuron (UH)
    • Time Attack Traces of Darkness (UH)
    • Evangelion Collab
    • The 6th Angel EQ
    • Etoile Class
    • Utterly Profound

It seems not many people are interested in playing Ultra Hard Free Field.


Level 90 Main Class Ratio

  • ▨ May 1st ~ May 7th 2019 | ▨ Jan 22nd ~ Jan 28th 2020
  • Hu / Fi / Bo / Ra / Gu / Br / Fo / Te / Su / Hr / Ph / Et


Class Battle Ability Satisfaction Rating

  • ▨ Very Satisfied | ▨ Satisfied | ▨ OK | ▨ Unsatisfied | ▨ Very Unsatisfied
  • Hu / Ra / Fo / Br / Bo / Su / Fi / Gu / Te / Hr / Ph / Et

It seems Force is the most disliked.


Etoile Battle Ability Satisfaction (Deeper Look)

  • Etoile got praise for its high defense, and how easy it is to survive without having to worry too much about HP. They also liked that when using it as a subclass the defense was still good. They thought the Guard Actions of the three weapons were interesting, and that Full Connect and Protect Release were exhilarating.
  • Players were not fond of Overdrive's recast time being too long. They didn't like how the floaty movement makes it difficult to get the right timing. They also felt the travel PAs are sluggish, making it difficult to use.

The development team plans to make adjustments to Overdrive in the future.


TOP 15 Requests for Future Updates

  1. New PAs and Technics
  2. Class Balance Adjustments
  3. Improved Drop Rates
  4. New Emergency Quests
  5. New Class Skills
  6. New Raid Bosses
  7. Story Update
  8. New Successor Class
  9. Improved Premium Bonuses
  10. New Field
  11. More Customized PA/Technics
  12. New Weapons
  13. New Standard Class
  14. New Limited Emergency Quests / Adjustments
  15. Other

Player Requests

  • Add New Defense Quests and UH difficulty
  • Hold something like a Team Vs event.
  • Add Storage exclusively for Costumes / Furnishing
  • Add Something like a Unit Form Pass (like the Weapon Form Pass)
  • Add Cool Male Outfits
  • Add New Kinds of Weapons
  • Add Dark Blast [Persona]
  • Make Past Emergency Quests permanent.




PSO2es New Chips

  • Pandora Extreme (3/4)
  • More [White Day] (3/4)


New Side Stories

  • Twin Agito: "Reason To Kill" (2/26)
  • Twin Orochi: "Undying Orochi" (3/4)
  • More [White Day]: "White Day Miracle" (3/11)


PSO2es Event Info

  • "ARKS Patrol Service" Quest starts 3/4 and ends 3/24
  • 13* Chip "rtfgyuhkl [gyu]" makes a return
  • Various 14* Weapons from PSO2 and Yellow Hunting Stones can drop
  • "The Curse of Agito" Chapter 9 releases 2/19
  • Chapter 10 still pending a release date


PSO2es Event Info

  • New Emergency Quest: "Carnage of The Corrupt Spear" (2/27 – 3/3)
  • Battle against the "Nove Ringhadal"
  • May drop the 14* Launcher "Aletheia Sitio"
  • Tower Quest Event (3/4 – 3/18)
  • 13* Chip "Pandora Extreme" can drop
  • Nightmare Tower can drop the new PSO2es exclusive 14* weapons "Aculd Halube" (Gunslash) and "Aculd Esvia" (Bullet Bow)


~Written By Crypt ~

IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • New Main Protagonists.
  • You can enter their names and choose their appearance.



IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • Episode 2's New Heroine; Giselle
  • Giselle will utilize a new class called "Striker" which uses Boots!


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • Stella is back of course with a new look.


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • New Character: Lockingham
  • The Crown Prince of Canceed and Commander of its Army
  • The Zodiart of Cancer


Episode 2 of IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

  • Begins April 2020!


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga: Settings Material Collection

  • This will contain never before seen concept art of all characters as well art of some of the new characters for Episode 2. The price and release date will be announced at a later time.


Visit Idola Blog For More News


Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Sales Date: April 23rd
  • General Edition (PS4. PC): 4,990 Yen / (Switch) 4,490 Yen
  • Limited Edition (PS4, PC): 5,990 Yen / (Switch) 5,490 Yen
  • The Switch version doesn't include a Game Card
  • Item Codes
    • Arks Badge Red (x12)
      • Trade these in for the new Monochrome Series outfits.
    • PSO2 Main Theme Ver 7
    • EP6 Package Poster
    • Et&Ph (Lobby Action)
    • Material Storage 15 Days (x2)
    • Premium Set 15 Days (x2)
    • 1 Million EXP Ticket (x10)
    • EX Tri Boost +200%
    • Grace Special Ability Set
    • Salon Item Set
  • Limited Edition  (In addition to the above item codes)
    • Etoile Class Pin (Physical Item)
    • Illustrated BOX


Puso Ni Comic Vol #3

  • On Sale: March 27th
  • Pre Order: Amazon (2.19)
  • Price: 980 Yen
  • Item Code: Zecht & Mitarashi LA + Puso Ni Comi Memory 3 (x4)
    • You need to purchase the physical copy for the item codes.


Puso ni Comic Vol #3

  • Trade in those Puso Ni Comi Memories for the following items
  • Cost: 1 Puso Comi Memory 3
    • Puso Ni Comic Wall Seal 1, 2, or 3  (each)
  • Cost: 2 Puso Comi Memory 3
    • Zecht, Bokuya, Dolce, or Neko no Kyuu Voice (each)
  • Cost: 3 Puso Comi Memory 3
    • Dolce Hair


PSO2 Anime Drama CD

  • Sales Date: March 26th
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Code:
    • CD Package Mat 19
    • Ash Voice
    • Oracle Transmission LA


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack Vol.1

  • Sales Date: Feb 19th
  • Price: 2,700 Yen
  • Contains 24 Songs.
  • Item Codes:
    • CD Package Mat 18, Theme of ASH, Brave Soldier, P&T!!, plus more songs!


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack Vol.2

  • Sales Date: April 8th
  • Price: 2,700 Yen



PSO2 Episode Oracle Character Song CD

  • Songs from Ash, Matoi, Afin, Quna, Klariskrays and Double.
  • More details will be revealed in the next stream.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Music

  • You can listen to PSO2 Episode Oracle music on both streaming sites and music download sites, like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 4

  • Sales Date: Feb 19th
  • Blu-Ray: 7,500 Yen / DVD: 6,500 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Easy Cluster M & F
    • Easy Thigh Highs M & F
    • Liberty Twin Loop (Hair)
    • 566 Episode Oracle LA
    • Episode Oracle Mat A & B
    • Episode Oracle Vol 4 Poster

PSO2 Station! Plus #3 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

PSO2 Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase below in chat to receive prizes.
  • 2年PSO2よろしく
  • Prizes received:
    • Waist Sake Bottle
    • Weapons Badge 2020 x22


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 2019
  • +200% Rare Drop Rate and +250% EXP Rate
  • January 14th @ 23:00 JST


Project Sakura Wars x PSO2 Collaboration

  • A collaboration with the Project Sakura Wars will be released this spring.


PSO2 Early February Update

  • Class Level 95! From Level 91+, each level up increases your max PP.
  • You can now see the effect details of [S Class / Special Ability] Capsules in the item details window
  • Added an On/Off option and expanded the qualifying items for the [Automatic Material Storage] option.
  • Added a menu where you can open your storagebox from the Support Partner Terminal
  • You can now sell 13 star or lower candy in the player shop.
  • Added a Stationary Mode for the Rockbear training quest.
  • Arks Battle Tournament 2019 Designed Items



PSO2 Early February Update

  • Lucott, Kyokuya, Stratos Substory


PSO2 Early February Update

  • Stratos and Io Valentine Outfits


PSO2 Early February Update

  • Aprons Outfits for Men and Women.
  • Dual Blade Pose & Fanservice LA
  • New Accessories and Camos


PSO2 Early February Update

  • Valentine Event 2020
  • Stratos Valentine Client Orders
  • Stratos Valentine Costumes
  • Client Order Reward: Evo Device / Chotori


PSO2 Early February Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2020
  • Chocolate 2020 Collection
  • New ★15 Weapon: Fraulein Rose


PSO2 Early February Update

  • Ebolion Dragon will appear in the EQ.
  • New ★15: Ridder Order


Emergency Quest Changes

  • Similar to pre-scheduled EQs, if a random emergency quest occurs, it will be the same quest for all ships.



Mid-February Update

  • Oracle Collection 2 (Revival Scratch)
  • Costumes, Parts,, Hairstyles and accessories from Oracle storyline.
  • 2nd Gen KlarisKrays Costume
  • Zeno and Ulc's Trainee Uniforms will be Scratch Bonuses.


Late February Update

  • Spirial Armament (AC Scratch)
  • Stylish Sci-Fi Costumes and Accessories.


Late February Update

  • Gothic themed Costume
  • Outfits from days of yore and a tight-fitting skirt
  • Lobby Actions: Ride and Launcher Pose


Late February Update

  • New Limited Quest (~3/4)
  • Travel across five planets in a boss rush quest.
  • After the event ends, it will be placed into Level-Up Quest rotation.
  • Quest Drops: Three Coat Series Weapon Camos
    • *Coat Stick
    • *Coat Saber
    • *Coat Assault


Late February Update

  • Limited Quest (~3/4)
  • At the very end is Lizeth Ghidour!
    • New ★15 Weapon: Aqua Ripple



  • February 2nd, 2020 is SUPER PSO2 DAY
  • +200% FUN / EXP / Rare Drop Rate / Meseta / Bonus Quest EXP / Gathering Fever
  • +2 Login Stamp Bonus
  • 22 SG Ticket x4 / Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] x2 / 1 Mil EXP Ticket x2 / PSO2 Day Donuts x1
  • Premium Players will also have a Super PSO2 Day on Feb 22nd!


SG Support Item Selection Scratch

  • Feb 1st ~ Feb 29th @ 23:59 JST
  • Items such as Special Ability (Divine Transfer), Ability Success Rate +55%, Special Ability (Spirita VI), etc, will appear in this scratch lineup.
  • Scratch Bonuses include Ability Success Rate +60% and Special Ability (Mark Transfer).
  • You can buy PSO2 Day Donuts at the SG Shop during Super PSO2 Day
    • (60m) S/R/T+220 & TriBoost +220%


Will we be able to upgrade Xion / Austere units to 13 star?

  • Yes, buuut…'s gonna be a while.


Divide Quest


The God of Death
~ Grave Execour ~


~ Choose A Path ~
~ Divide Quest ~

~ Arriving March 2020 ~




Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Lisa (Harriet)
  • Lisa will appear as the new class [Ranger]


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Erwin, the prince of Leoria, will finally be available.

PSO2es Gene Bunny Version Figure

  • Gene Bunny Version
  • Price: 25,000 Yen
  • Overall Height: 360mm
  • Scale: 1/4


PSO2es Gene Stella Memories Version Figure

  • Gene Stella Memories Ver
  • Price: 15,000 Yen
  • Sales Date: May 2020


Zoids Wild x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Zoids Wild ZW01 Liger Ash Model Customized
  • Price: 3000 Yen
  • Sales Date: March 5th 2020
  • Included Items: Wild Liger Helm A and Helm B


PSO2 Episode Oracle Anime Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 3

  • Release Date: January 22nd
  • Item Codes
    • Heretic Lord [Ba] and [Ou]
    • Candy Crown [Ba] and {ou]
    • Candy Headgear B and Candy Spats Body Paint
    • PSO2 Anime Eyes E / Eyebrows E Black
    • EP Oracle Poster
    • 修羅の闇間に Music Disc


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack CD Vol. 1

  • Release Date: Feb 19th
  • Price: 2,700 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 18
    • Theme of Ash
    • Brave Soldier
    • P&T!!
    • And More!


PSO2 Episode Oracle Theme Song CD Vol 2

  • Opening Theme: UniVerse
  • Ending Theme: Soliel -Dear Destiny-
  • Date: March 4th
  • Price: 1,300 Yen