PSO2 Station #3 Recap

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January 7th Tidbits

New Limited Quest

  • Tagami and Empe Rappy have a low chance to appear.

Neo-Japanese Style Weapon Series

  • A ★13 Takt will make its debut and will also come with a potential.
  • In February, Neo-Japanese weapons will have a potential that will be helpful for the Solo EQ.

Turret Improvements

  • The turret improvements apply to Magatsu and Defense related quests.

Skill Rings

  • L/Just Reversal B will also apply to Air Reversal.

Collection Sheet SG Slots

  • You can purchase an SG Collection Sheet Slot for 700 Star Gems.

Recycle Shop Update

  • The No Sticker option costs 2 AC Scratch Items
  • The Stealth Evo Device costs 10 AC Scratch Items.

4 Person Multi-Quest

  • It's like a Boss Rush with Ultimate Quest enemies.
  • You could solo it if you want to, but it's 4 players max in the multi-party.

Solo Emergency Quest

  • It's basically Perennial Apocalypse with only 1 player.
  • You'll need to be Lv 75/75 to access the quest.
  • It might be difficult for players to clear though.
  • You'll get better rewards for doing it solo, compared to the regular Perennial Apocalypse.

EX Boosters

  • EX Boosters from the SG Scratch can be used along with regular boost items.

Scratch Bonus Lobby Actions

  • You'll have another shot at getting those Lobby Actions, but it's going to take a while.

Union Series

  • The general flow goes like this: Ray → Union
  • Ray Collection Sheets will come back for a limited time.
  • You'll need to do the Solo Emergency Quest to get "certain materials" for the Union Series. You must take these materials along with a Ray series weapon to acquire the Union weapons.
  • This upgrade process maintains your grind, element, special abilities, etc.

Class Lv 80 Unlocking

  • Make sure to do all the Skill Point Client Orders for your class.
  • There's also going to be some condition relating to Weapon Grinds.


  • The reason for Gene's costume design change is explained in the story.

Ep4 Soundtrack

  • It's not yet determined as to when we'd see the Soundtrack.

Status Effects

  • Repeatedly stepping or jumping will help to quickly recover from Burns.

More to Come…






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PSO2 Station #2 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

December 10th Tidbits

Some context may have been lost so please bear with us.

*Corrupted Blade Requiem supports 8 weapon categories

  • Sword, Partizan, Double Saber, Twin Dagger,
  • Katana, Dual Blades, Rod, and Wand

ESCA Falz Mother

  • In the first half, you'll either need to shave off Mother's HP or wait until a certain amount of time has passed to get access to the second part. It doesn't really matter whether you're fast or slow.
  • ESCA Falz Mother is considered a Phantom-type enemy.

★14 Weapons

  • Their drop rate is worse than Austere. Good luck finding one.
  • Hypothetically it should drop around once a week per ship.
  • The katana supports Bravers and Hunters
  • The rifle supports Rangers and Gunners
  • The rod supports Forces and Techers

★13 Astra Series

  • They were created with the concept of being stronger than Austere.

Phaleg's Initial Concept

  • Initially she was planned to be a male character.


  • They plan to make some improvements to Turrets.

Gathering: Fishing

  • Picking up an item while missing the JA ring will put you under a different drop table.


  • Henri's speech changes as you progress through Episode 4.

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PSO2 Station #1 Recap

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November 5th Tidbits

Please bear with us as some of the information is not exhaustive.

Advanced Appraisals

  • Untekked weapons can have an initial grind value of up to +9.
  • The lowest elemental value for appraisal is 30%.
  • Untekked weapons obtained before the update can also use advanced appraisals.

Necky Emergency Quest

  • A 6 wave Invasion style quest with no AIS.
  • No orbit gunslash in the Necky Collection, however it will drop instead.

Skill Ring

  • You'll be invincible during the rising portion of Jumping Dodge.

Special Ability Factors

  • A special ability factor can show up on ★1 ~ ★13 weapons at +35 grind
  • Special ability factors from ★13 weapons could be quite strong.

Solo Extreme Quest

  • A total of 10 stages will be included.

Ultimate Amduscia

  • Items themed after the bosses Deadleon, Duvals, and Gruzoras, will only drop if you destroy their parts.

Other Tidbits

  • Your AIS will gradually change colors to match the outfit you've switched to.
  • Scenery Passes are technically a VR thing.
  • Corruption Cores are actually weak to all elements.


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