Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Ancients Costumes DLC

See it came true! We present the Ancients costumes/weapons, and Phantasy Star Portable series costumes/posters. The bonus costumes and posters themselves are free. These release on 10/20/2011.


Wynarl Suit
Ancients uniform worn by Men (or parts)
300 Yen


Mika Dress
Ancients uniform worn by women (or parts)
300 Yen


エクスティオン Extion
The two blades lure a soul into darkness.
50% Light/Dark Double Saber (2 weapons)
200 Yen


バレンティア Valentia
A longbow of courage that emits the radiance of hope.
50% Light and Dark Longbow (2 weapons in a pack)
200 Yen


フィラントロピア Philanthropia
The rod of love, it leads the world into peace!
50% Light and Dark Rod (2 weapons in a pack)
200 Yen


イルミナルアウラ Illuminal Aura
Clad in the Holy Light.
 Visual Unit
100 Yen


6 Costume Extend Pack
Fleshies wear Parts
Casts wear Clothes
Free of Charge


Phantasy Star Visual Album
Relive the memories of many adventures! (Spoiler Warning!)
20 Posters in one pack!
Free of charge.


Mission codes on 10/20/2011 feature Dark Falz Dios, Dulk Fakis, Dark Falz Final, and Orga Dyran. They will be available at the Japanese Playstation Store.


PSP2i DLC: Fate/Stay Night Archer

You've been waiting long enough and now Gilgamesh, an "Archer" of Fate/Stay Zero, outfit is here. In addition  Rin Tohsaka outfit can be download as well. These items release October 13th, 2011.


英雄王の鎧 King of Heroes Armor
Male Clothes or [Parts]
300 Yen


アブソリュートレイヤー Absolute Layer
Female Clothes or [Parts]
300 Yen


乖離剣エア Ea: Sword of Rupture
50% Lightning Sword
200 Yen


Jeweled Sword of Zelretch 宝石剣ゼルレッチ
50% Light Saber
200 Yen


  • Name: Tunnel Cruise
  • Date: Oct 9th, 2011
  • Boss: De Rol Le
  • Monster: Moatoob and Neudaiz
  • Effects: Fire Weapons Drop 80%、Fire shields drop 80%、Attribute +5、Drop Rate+30%


  • Name: Little Resort
  • Date: 10/9/2011
  • Boss: Gil Zohg
  • Monster: Parum / Humanoid
  • Ice Weapon Drop 80%、Ice Shields Drop 80%、Attribute +5、Drop Rate+30%


PSP2i October 2011 GBR

Each and every GBR mission has

  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Type Point
  • 3x Item Drop Rate
  • 0.6x Enemy HP

However Maximum Attack Infinity has

  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Type Point
  • 3x Item Drop Rate
  • 0.5x Enemy Hp
  • HP of Boss Excluded


9/28/2011 ~ 10/5/2011

  • 雷雪降る侵食孔 Thunder and Ice. (Moatoob Free Mission)
  • 幽谷に祀られし守り神 Valley Guardian (Moatoob Free Mission)

10/5/2011 ~ 10/12/2011

  • マキシマムアタッククロスⅠMaximum Attack Cross I  (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタッククロスII Maximum Attack Cross II (Extra Mission)

10/12/2011 ~ 10/19/2011

  • マキシマムアタッククロスIII Maximum Attack Cross III (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタッククロスIV Maximum Attack Cross IV (Extra Mission)

10/19/2011 ~

  • マキシマムアタック∞I Maximum Attack Infinity I (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタック∞II Maximum Attack Infinity II (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタック∞III Maximum Attack Infinity III (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタック∞IV Maximum Attack Infinity IV (Extra Mission)

Please note for some reason these last four missions have no end date listed at the site. Hmm..

Ticket/Badge reward for each difficulty. MAI gives Tickets, and MAX gives badges.


So about that Infinity Soundtrack?

As you know, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity doesn't have an official soundtrack, (aside from those mini albums given with pre-orders.) But what is Hideaki Kobayashi's say in all this? The man who composed Naked Sky (Clad 6 Resort), and Aire Iglesia (Ark Crowley) and the untitled Forest music from Phantasy Star Online 2? Well..

In response to a tweet where someone commended him on his musical works, he states he currently doesn't have plans for a soundtrack, but thinks that someday he hopes he can do it.

Oh well…