PSP2i DLC: Fate/Stay Night Archer

You've been waiting long enough and now Gilgamesh, an "Archer" of Fate/Stay Zero, outfit is here. In addition  Rin Tohsaka outfit can be download as well. These items release October 13th, 2011.


英雄王の鎧 King of Heroes Armor
Male Clothes or [Parts]
300 Yen


アブソリュートレイヤー Absolute Layer
Female Clothes or [Parts]
300 Yen


乖離剣エア Ea: Sword of Rupture
50% Lightning Sword
200 Yen


Jeweled Sword of Zelretch 宝石剣ゼルレッチ
50% Light Saber
200 Yen


  • Name: Tunnel Cruise
  • Date: Oct 9th, 2011
  • Boss: De Rol Le
  • Monster: Moatoob and Neudaiz
  • Effects: Fire Weapons Drop 80%、Fire shields drop 80%、Attribute +5、Drop Rate+30%


  • Name: Little Resort
  • Date: 10/9/2011
  • Boss: Gil Zohg
  • Monster: Parum / Humanoid
  • Ice Weapon Drop 80%、Ice Shields Drop 80%、Attribute +5、Drop Rate+30%


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