PSP2i October 2011 GBR

Each and every GBR mission has

  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Type Point
  • 3x Item Drop Rate
  • 0.6x Enemy HP

However Maximum Attack Infinity has

  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Type Point
  • 3x Item Drop Rate
  • 0.5x Enemy Hp
  • HP of Boss Excluded


9/28/2011 ~ 10/5/2011

  • 雷雪降る侵食孔 Thunder and Ice. (Moatoob Free Mission)
  • 幽谷に祀られし守り神 Valley Guardian (Moatoob Free Mission)

10/5/2011 ~ 10/12/2011

  • マキシマムアタッククロスⅠMaximum Attack Cross I  (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタッククロスII Maximum Attack Cross II (Extra Mission)

10/12/2011 ~ 10/19/2011

  • マキシマムアタッククロスIII Maximum Attack Cross III (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタッククロスIV Maximum Attack Cross IV (Extra Mission)

10/19/2011 ~

  • マキシマムアタック∞I Maximum Attack Infinity I (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタック∞II Maximum Attack Infinity II (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタック∞III Maximum Attack Infinity III (Extra Mission)
  • マキシマムアタック∞IV Maximum Attack Infinity IV (Extra Mission)

Please note for some reason these last four missions have no end date listed at the site. Hmm..

Ticket/Badge reward for each difficulty. MAI gives Tickets, and MAX gives badges.


So about that Infinity Soundtrack?

As you know, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity doesn't have an official soundtrack, (aside from those mini albums given with pre-orders.) But what is Hideaki Kobayashi's say in all this? The man who composed Naked Sky (Clad 6 Resort), and Aire Iglesia (Ark Crowley) and the untitled Forest music from Phantasy Star Online 2? Well..

In response to a tweet where someone commended him on his musical works, he states he currently doesn't have plans for a soundtrack, but thinks that someday he hopes he can do it.

Oh well…


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