Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Ancients Costumes DLC

See it came true! We present the Ancients costumes/weapons, and Phantasy Star Portable series costumes/posters. The bonus costumes and posters themselves are free. These release on 10/20/2011.


Wynarl Suit
Ancients uniform worn by Men (or parts)
300 Yen


Mika Dress
Ancients uniform worn by women (or parts)
300 Yen


エクスティオン Extion
The two blades lure a soul into darkness.
50% Light/Dark Double Saber (2 weapons)
200 Yen


バレンティア Valentia
A longbow of courage that emits the radiance of hope.
50% Light and Dark Longbow (2 weapons in a pack)
200 Yen


フィラントロピア Philanthropia
The rod of love, it leads the world into peace!
50% Light and Dark Rod (2 weapons in a pack)
200 Yen


イルミナルアウラ Illuminal Aura
Clad in the Holy Light.
 Visual Unit
100 Yen


6 Costume Extend Pack
Fleshies wear Parts
Casts wear Clothes
Free of Charge


Phantasy Star Visual Album
Relive the memories of many adventures! (Spoiler Warning!)
20 Posters in one pack!
Free of charge.


Mission codes on 10/20/2011 feature Dark Falz Dios, Dulk Fakis, Dark Falz Final, and Orga Dyran. They will be available at the Japanese Playstation Store.


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