Phantasy Star Eternal Planets Launches and More

Yesterday marked the launch of Phantasy Star Eternal Planets which is currently running on the Yahoo Mobage site. 

Phantasy Star Eternal Planets is a social game that can be played on the web browser. The player is a member of Little Wing who is tasked with searching planets, finding items, and leveling up characters. Though you will see familiar things in past games like the monsters, items, and characters, this game is not an action rpg, the battles are run automatically. It is meant to be enjoyed in a short amount of time.

Battles are in front view perspective and you can set them to battle automatically or manually.



A new feature since the Closed Open Beta, is the "VR Battle Arena" which allows one to compete against a CPU of the other player's party. You can enter the Battle Arena after level 10. 



 Sakai at Korea Interview

Sakai was interviewed by THIS IS GAME, a Korean gaming news site, and commented about Phantasy Star and the future of the series. However, these ideas are concepts that he may or may not go through with.

Shougai had the interview in Japanese which I guess they translated from Korean.

  • They plan to start Alpha Test 2 in early 2012, PSO2 was originally supposed to release in 2011, but during the first alpha test, they had some trouble with the game servers. They decided to push back the release of the game to spend more time fixing it.
  • They know that PvP is important to Korean players, but in Japan, the demand for PvP is not as high. In the Japanese version, PvP won't be added initially after the game starts. But when they officially decide on doing a Korean version, then they may think about adding PvP in.
  • Interrupt Events, where they appear, when they occur, and the chances they may occur are all completely random, even the developers can't predict when they happen. 
  • He can't say yet what the game's official specs are, he's still investigating about widening the range (of the graphical capabilities) as much as possible, and certainly, DirectX 9 is supported.

And for the most interesting part, THIS IS GAME asked what will become of the console games for the series?

  • There's no need for you to worry, the Phantasy Star Series will continue to develop.

It sounds like we may be getting new games in the Phantasy Star Series aimed at console gamers.

  • PC Gamers: Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Handheld Gamers: Phantasy Star Victory [Tentative Title]
  • Casual Gamers: Phantasy Star Eternal Planets
  • Console Gamers: Phantasy Star [Title Unknown?]



Phantasy Star Universe has a brand new song. This song is for Seabed Relics, an area that was released in Phantasy Star Portable 2, but at the time it used an older pre-existing song. On twitter EspioKaos asked the name of the song, but Hideaki Kobayashi didn't finish deciding on a title yet, but thinks he'd could use the word DEEP in there.

This of course is really leading Shougai to speculate a new album like "Songs of Gurhal Oddysey" might be in the works, but in a previous twitter post Hideaki Kobayashi said they haven't decided on making an album yet.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Camp Ship and Project CUTE

Sakai explains why it is called Phantasy Star Online 2.

  • To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online
  • Because it's a completely new game.
  • Because it's a fully online game
  • Because it's a title that carries on the idea of an Online RPG that's spread to even more people from those Phantasy Star Online had already captured.

You should view "PSO2" as not a direct sequel to PSO, but rather the successor to Phantasy Star Online.


And here's an area most people who played the Alpha test are familiar with already. This is the camp ship area where after you receive a quest, players enter this small Arcs space ship that travels to the planet that corresponds with the quest.

It is the point between the lobby and the field where players can make preparations before diving in.

This camp ship area is shown in that TGS promo movie you saw earlier.


Did you ever notice there's a small aircraft stored beneath the Camp Ship? Yes, though it may look small, the camp ship is actually quite large. It is covered in camouflage paint since it's not only used for space travel (warping), but can enter within range of the atmosphere.


Mystery Weapon Category?

In Famitsu Connect-On, Sakai dropped some hints on what that weapon was in the Tokyo Game Show Trailer. The hints said since PSO, it's not the first time this weapon category has appeared, and out of the 3 classes, Forces can not equip it.

Given these clues, we know generally Partisans can only be equipped by Hunters (except if it's a rare partisan, then even forces could equip it.). But what other weapon category could it be?

Also for Alpha Test 2, Sakai thinks he could have 10,000 simultaneous connections. The first Alpha test managed to get 6,000 people simultaneously connected. (So I guess that's a hint as to how many more people would be added?) Also the second alpha test you don't have to buy something to participate like last time.

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Oracle Mother Ship

In the same interview, Sakai dropped some hints about that ship tailing behind the Oracle fleet as you saw in the TGS trailer. It is the Oracle's "Mother Ship", though the existance of this ship is a mystery, we know this isn't a place where there are people. This place is described as a "sacred area." 

 (So is this ship used for sealing dark falz? This sounds like a final area to me.)

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Project Cute

Project Cute is actually for Phantasy Star Universe, the concept behind it is to make original clothing with a "CUTE" theme. So Marie Wind マリー ウィンド is coming up next on October 27, 2011 within the GC Gachan.


Various colors are available too!

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November Wallpaper

 A Message from Bonko

Bonkohara wrote a little message to the Facebook page, we've cleaned up her English translation to make it more coherent. 

Good evening everyone. Here in Japan it is around 11:00PM. 😀 I am at my desk and working hard even though I'm feeling cold. Producer Sakai has a long meeting today. All of the PHANTASY STAR staff are doing thier best for PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2! 🙂 We would like to see our fans smile. ♥ We sent a email newsletter yesterday. Please check it out .

Maximum Attack Infinity: Overview

Maximum Attack Infinity

The Past and Future fight in the same four fields!


Sega is kicking off a new event called Maximum Attack Infinity for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and Phantasy Star Universe. The event starts 4/25/11 until 5/23/11. Participants are tasked with stopping the warship, "Clad Zero", from heading towards the sun.  If  it explodes, the whole galaxy will turn into a sea of death! It was discovered that something from a "mysterious space" in the colony's city is causing the ship to head towards its destruction.  The fate of the galaxy depends on Little Wing's most elite members!


Divine Staff Amaterasu 100% Element

Each game respectively will have the chance to receive four event weapons with an extremely high attribute percentage of 100%. To do this, players of both games will accumulate points through killing enemies. If players surpass the total points needed, they will receive the weapon's attribute percentage that is displayed at the event site. However, if the goal is not reached, the attribute percentage will be lower than what is displayed.

During the event period, participants will receive double the EXP, Type Points and Drop Rate. When the total amount of points for PSP2i players passes a certain score for that particular mission,  a bonus block will unlock.


Rappy Guraki (Rappy Go Lucky)

Hidden throughout each mission you will collect "Rapico's Feathers of Fortune."

After the event is over, you will receive a Super Amusement Coupon 超楽しみ引換券 if you played at least one Maximum Attack Infinity mission. Use the Super Amusement Coupon to trade for your favorite element of one of the four event weapons. If you gather a lot of tickets from each mission you can trade them for an Amusement Coupon.

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  • Name: Maximum Attack Infinity I
  • Date: April 25th, 2011
  • Access: Internet Multimode Only
  • Description: A past and future battle! Little Wing's most elite members are tasked with destroying the hidden power from this "mysterious space".


  • Name: Maximum Attack Infinity II
  • Date: April 25th, 2011
  • Access: Internet Multimode Only
  • Description: Travel across the galaxy to Ragol to investigate. Shred the darkness from Olga Flow's despair. The Little Wing Elites will fight an old formidable opponent.


  • Name: Maximum Attack Infinity Exchange
  • Date: April 25th, 2011
  • Access: Story Mode
  • Description: The various tickets that you obtained in Maximum Attack Infinity can be exchanged here for rare items.

Each of the four Maximum Attack Infinity missions have different tickets available within them for you to exchange here. This mission will also update with new items for trading as the event progresses.


Mission Code

  • Mission Code:  Red Angel
  • Date: April 21st, 2011
  • Boss: Orga Anastasis
  • Area: Unexplored region
  • Monster: Humanoid / SEED
  • Effects: EXP x 1.50. Enemy Boost x 3.00. Drop Rate + 10%

You can download mission codes only at the Japanese Playstation Store!


Terada's Corner

Ichiro Ogami outfit from Sakura Wars

Terada showed off a sneak peak of some new clothes and weapons. The sword is called Shintou-Mekkyaku and Kouto-Mukei.

Phantasy Star Goodies

As we head to the final Infinity Grand Prix, Sakai is collecting goodies to be handed out to those that win a drawing. Among the prizes,  there's a script for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and an orange PSO T-shirt that's said to be rare of rares!  

Rare Orange T Shirt

As for Terada, he was rushed to the hospital again since he felt a sharp intense pain in his stomach. He did several tests including an endoscopy. The next thing he saw was the ceiling which he then quickly changes subject to talk about a mission code. For 5/19, he mistook the mission code's name as "Guardians of the Ceiling" instead of "Guardians of the Sky". Now naturally this mistake won't make much sense in English, but let's take a look at the Kanji. 天井 = Tenjou = Ceiling  / 天上 = Tenjou = Sky. The spelling of those words are exactly the same, but represented by different Kanji. So with this random sidetrack, now we know the name for the 5/19 mission code. The doctor said he has gallstones and they will have to operate! But his condition isn't as bad at the moment, so he can just get medicine in the mean time. When the doctor said he was going to write a referral, Terada said that it wouldn't be necessary. Terada wants to be able to drink alcohol in the future. Which then the doctor senses Terada is feeling anxious and tells him to calm down.

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PSU Images

PSP2 fields in higher quality


Double Waber


iPhone4 Cases

Mirage Blast iPhone 4 Case


Little Wing iPhone4 Case


Rappy iPhone 4 Case

AmiAmi is taking pre-orders for iPhone4 cases featuring designs from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. They run about $21 after the discount. AmiAmi also takes international orders so we aren't locked out of this one.