Christmas '09 DLC in Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Universe!

Christmas has come to the Gurhal Solar System, in all three servers respectively. Phantasy Star Universe Japan and Phantasy Star Portable 2 will receive exclusive Christmas related content. In addition to this, PSUJP will also start a new event with GRM, Yohmei, and Tenora.

Of course, outside of Japan we don't get all this cool stuff, but at least we have an incredibly hard story mission to S rank. Unfortunately for you, Karen needs to stay alive, making you wish the PSP2 AI system could be ported over…


Ghost of Christmas Cash!

Amy practicing her pedobear stance.

Do you have money to spend? Wanna join in on the holiday spirit? Now you can with 4 brand new Christmas related items and outfits for both Phantasy Star Portable 2, and Phantasy Star Universe Japan! Each game has a different method of obtaining these items which will be discussed below.


Santa Dress, (Female Clothes and Parts) 300 Yen
Show them you're the real Mrs. Claus with this new Santa Dress.


Reindeer Costume (Male Clothes and Parts) 300 Yen
Feel and warm and fuzzy inside as you carry Mrs. Claus on her sleigh.


Merry Christmas (Grenade) 200 Yen
Show your enemies the true meaning of Christmas with this festive grenade.


Christmas Tree (Spear) 200 Yen
Show the kids who's boss with this Christmas Tree spear!

  • PSP: To obtain these items in PSP2 head to the Playstation Store!
  • PSP: Purchasing these items do not add to your collection rate for weapons and costumes.
  • PSP: Only those who download the items can see them within the game. 
  • PSP: Cash Items will be used to maintain servers so that they remain free.
  • PSUJP: To obtain these items enter the Guardians Cash Mission,
    (Legacy of Light)  星霊たちの遺産!


How to Download Items from PlayStation Store

Before you actually see any download items in the game, you must first import them from the Title screen. After you purchase and downloaded the item from the PlayStation store, start up your game and select 'Import"

Select the third option, "ダウンロードアイテムインポート" Download Item Import, to start the process.


Select the first option, "インポートアイテムの選択" Import Item Selection.


Select the items you want to import. The first page will list weapons, the second page will list clothing. When you select an item, its name will grey out.


After selecting the items you want to import, Select the second option "インポートの実行"  to start importing. It will pop up another screen which will say that the save data needs to be updated, select はい to start.


New Vision Phone Code

6590 0864 ポリタン Politan (TCSM)

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