Even More PSO2:NGS Gameplay Footage

Planet Halpha: Central City

New gameplay footage was shown during the Phantasy Star Online 20th Anniversary stream! Comedy duo, Nasu Nakanishi, explored Central City during an Emergency Quest notification. Within Central City, you can explore a variety of facilities and conference areas. Utilizing double jump, you can reach on top of the buildings, and see the city from new heights. You can even run atop the castle walls surrounding the city.


The Adventure Area

From the city, you can simply run out into the adventure area with no loading screens at all.  Here you can fight enemies, such as the "Alters," who resemble the natives from PSO2. In fact, one such native, the monkey-like " Oodan" makes an appearance under its new title, "Oodan Roa." There's also enemies reminiscent of the dragonkin known as "Lizard Feurei" and "Lizard Ice," who appear to release elemental attacks. 


If a fellow player becomes incapacitated, you have the ability to revive them with a Moon Atomizer.


Eventually, Nasu Nakanishi made their way to the "Dolls" where they fought a Shifta buffed "Gororon."  These rotund enemies can release long-distant shockwaves from their bellies as well as perform spindash attacks.


We also got a brief glimpse of an Emergency Quest area which can randomly spawn on the map.


The Tutorial Cocoon

Scattered across the field are "Cocoons," that hold instance quests. One such quest, known as "First Steps," gives players a tutorial on some of the features they may use on the field. You can perform the Photon Dash by holding [RT] while moving. If you wish to perform a Photon Glide, simply hold or press A during a double jump.


The Phantasy Star series iconic, "Photon Blast," will also make a comeback. Just as in past games, you must fill the blast gauge during battle until it begins to glow. From here you can activate the attack by either selecting it within the sub-palette or by pressing its shortcut key.


Shigeki Nakanishi also demoed some more of the character creation aspects of PSO2: New Genesis.

36 thoughts to “Even More PSO2:NGS Gameplay Footage”

  1. Gives me flashbacks of how I was running around city in Xenoblade X trying to find NPCs I want and to do quests I need.
    These are not happy memories.
    I hope you can access important things through menu or quick travel.

    1. Xenoblade in general's always had that problem, I'm unsure of how it was in 2 but 1 it was REALLY bad (hi Alcamoth & Frontier Village). Most of the filler sidequests in X were via a simple quest board but the more actual sidequests were at specific spots like before.

      I'd prefer if they do it at a specific location at least have it posted in some signboard for quests, at the very least if you want to still have it via a roaming NPC to indicate on the map where they are and at what time(s) (if they do appear only at specific times like some NPCs in Xenoblade do).

  2. Lobby's like Xenoblade towns, field is like every Open World game from the past 5 years… can't say I'm very excited.

  3. So, anyone have any idea if the lower player model quality in the video is caused by pso2 graphic engine not being fully updated yet in the test, lower graphic settings or disabled RTX feature?

    It's also obvious that, the clothes quality has the same problem. At the very least in any case, I hope they will update the pso2 clothes model quality.

    1. All and any PSO2 cosmetics will remain the same as they are now visually.
      If you want to not have old graphics in your NGS you'll have to forfeit using legacy costumes and cast parts.
      Old accessories will contrast unfavorably with new ones too I imagine.

    2. Thanks for the info on PSO2 cosmetics. Now I just need to know the difference in the player model shader between 20th anniversary and prologue character creator is caused by lower graphic settings or what. The skin and hair lighting absolutely looks different to me.

    1. Remember when people were saying Genshin Impact looked like BotW and then it wound up playing like BotW? It's almost as though you can judge a game just by looking at previews or something.

      I mean you can't always POSITIVELY judge anything just by previews (Cyberpunk 2077 being a relevant example) but negative and neutral judgements are usually right.

      I mean, unless it's negative judgements based on a specific art style like Wind Waker or other super-deformed stuff like RWBY Chibi (which in spite of being a comedic spin-off has become better than the actual show) or SD Gundam Gaiden or when people use the problematic "cal-arts style" criticism to negatively judge actually good shows.

      But that's irrelevant, people based on a type of gameplay that's been seen a million times before and while I don't personally view "open world" as an inherently bad thing myself, I've heard that the Yakuza series has more stuff you can do on a smaller scale than most of these "open world" games. I mean how many of these "open world" games have karaoke bars? [Bakamitai intensifies]

    2. @Mattwo the problem is.. because of your mindset people tend to dramatizing everything and make creating lot bs to sounds negative.. for the sake of making them sounds right..

    3. "because of your mindset"

      MY mindset…. How dense are you exactly to be lumping me in with the people you described in the rest of your comment?

      "people tend to dramatizing everything and make creating lot bs to sounds negative"

      None of it is BS or dramatization though and the graphical quality issue was questioned by the one who brought it up in the first place. You're complaining about a problem that doesn't even exist in this comment section.

      "for the sake of making them sounds righ"t

      No, that's not why. I'm autistic and I know what you described because of the negative side effects of hype culture more than anything else but right now people are mostly just getting worried for perfectly legitimate reasons. The fact you can't even figure that out…

    4. People can judge what they see but in this case they should wait for a high quality video because so far the videos that are taken from Japanese streams have trash quality and they looks very compressed.

    5. You judge others because they think it's bad how things are? How about no one is saying anything and leave things as they are? Good solution right

    1. Look at these shadows etc. every gddr5 2gb dedicated graphics card should be fine. . i3 processor is enough as well. Do they even test their own games? Okay the loading screen is more like 16 gb RAM. F*ck where is the system recommendation?

    2. "To be fair, Sega's streams almost always look like complete garbage."
      To be fair, player's not argued affirmations always look like complete garbage.

    1. Since it's gonna be on PS4 as well, I can assume that it will be the PS Vita problem all over again except that this time the PS4 will be the console holding the game back, does this sound, right?

    2. PS4 POV? What is bad about it? I think you get lost in the bad things. Even PS3 visuals are not bad at all man. You trying getting everyone on the same track because you don't like anything or what? You sound like a paid ~whatever

    3. First and for most, I'm not saying PS4 is bad or anything nor am I paid because I know my trolling is S|-|1T , it was just an assumption. What I'm trying to say is sega can do much better by going for next gen instead of consoles that are about to be left behind at least until "everybody" has one but, oh well. Also forgot to mention that there's also the switch which imo might also hold the game back or already is, if NGS is also released for the switch. In the end, we still don't know how everything will look but we can get an idea on Feb.

    4. The Switch version is cloud based, it doesn't even use hardware rendering. We're also not getting over here because the only reason it even exists is Japan's government subsidzed the fiber-optic framework while our internet is shit due to miserly cable companies who would rather push wired/WiFi 4G networks like they're somehow superior and I'm sure there's plenty of other regions they could release the Switch version where that's also true.

    5. I meant 5G. It's a buzzword to trick people into thinking it's as good as Cell Phone 5G. It's actually inferior to Fiber Optic yet they hike up the prices as though it was better.

  4. Guys anything is better than current Pso2. The whole jigsaw grid pattern random dungeons which are really just tunnels connected leading to one exit. Open world means you have the entire environment to play in and its seemless. This is a huge step up guys. Give it a chance. Besides you can always stay in pso2 normal and also bring your digital waifu into ngs with all cosmetics you collected for 8 years.

    1. This is just a provocation. Anything is better than PSO2? So, even the community is better. Right.

    2. " The whole jigsaw grid pattern random dungeons which are really just tunnels connected leading to one exit." I hope it's not a grid pattern on long term to write to each other. Ohterwise I'll skip this kinda bullshit.

    1. "i bet most of u calling this trash"

      Let me know when you find these people. I sure can't. Getting sick of people complaining about complaints that don't even exist. As though complaining about complaining wasn't dumb enough already… Though I'm not really one to talk, what with me adding a third iteration of that redundancy.

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